How to Download Wattpad Stories

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As the world’s most-loved social storytelling website, Wattpad connect with a global community of 94M readers and writers. It is a place where every voice matters and anyone can belong and where writers and readers can connect across borders through the singular power of stories. There are tons of stories to be read and shared. However, stories on Wattpad can’t be downloaded. For users who need to download their favorite stories or read them offline, here are 4 solutions to help you to download Wattpad stories easily.

download wattpad stories

1. Wattpad Features

Wattpad is the most popular storytelling platform due to their powerful as well as useful features, which enable users to connect with the stories they love and make Wattpad community stronger and bigger.

1. Unlimited stories

Wattpad is where stories live. It connects with a global community of 94M readers and writers. Anyone can write and upload their own stories. And stories on Wattpad always update frequently.

2. Powerful community

Wattpad is the world’s most-loved social storytelling platform, where new voices write and share, and readers connect with the stories they love. Now Wattpad is a vibrant community of millions who spend a collective 23 billion minutes on Wattpad every month.

3. Tag stories

Tags are very important on Wattpad. Writers who publish on Wattpad can add tags to their story that work similarly to hashtags on social media. A tag is a descriptive keyword that may help a reader find your story by searching for the tags. So writers should try to add tags that best describe your story.

4. Rank stories

A story ranking system is a way to give stories the recognition they deserve by showing them on multiple hot lists. Writers can see their most impressive ranking at the very top of their story list. There is a maximum of 25 tags per story. You can rank in some of them to get your stories to the top lists, so choose your tags wisely.

5. Story notifications

Wattpad notifications will update about what is happening to you and your stories. If you follow a story or author, you can receive push notifications to your associated email address when content is updated. So users can read the story as it’s created rather than waiting until the whole work is complete.

6. Write your original stories

Wattpad build a platform where every voice matters and anyone can belong and where anyone can write their own stories that reflect their own reality. Besides, users can utilize this feature and earn money from their writing.

7. Reading list

All the stories listed on Wattpad can be added to your library. Users can save stories they enjoy to their reading lists for easy access. These are publicly displayed on user profiles, which make it easy for you to pick up any part of the story you left last time.

2. How to Download Wattpad Stories?

Downloading Wattpad stories is a good way for you to back up your favorite books and read them offline. You are also allowed to edit the content, such as copy and paste the content or highlight the content in the way you like, etc. What's more, you can convert the files that have already been downloaded to your computer, so you can read them anywhere you like. In order to cater to such demand, we have found 5 ways to help you easily download Wattpad stories.

1Best Solution Ever: Professional Paid Wattpad Downloader

There’s one professional Wattpad Downloader that is custom designed for downloading Wattpad stories from your library with one click. You can refer to the following video guide to download your Wattpad stories effortlessly.

Most importantly, it is super easy to use and supports batch conversion with the fastest downloading speed. After launching Epubor Wattpad Downloader, sign in to your Wattpad library and click Get Wattpad Library to sync all your books from your Wattpad library. Then click the Download button to back up all your Wattpad stories on your computer. Honestly, there’s no Wattpad Downloader tool that can rival it. You can try for yourself and decide.

Download Epubor Wattpad Downloader for Free


batch download wattpad stories to epub

2Solution 2. Disable JaveScript on Your Browser

Wattpad.com will not allow you to save your story as html unless you disable JavaScript on your browser. Open Wattpad official website with Chrome, login to your account and access your library. Open a story you want to save. Right-click >> select Inspect to open the Developer Tools, then press Control+Shift+P (Windows) or Command+Shift+P (Mac) to open the Command menu. Start typing JavaScript, then click the Debugger button to disable JavaScript.

disable javascript to save your wattpad story

However, this method can only allow you to download one page at a time. It is really laborsome and inconvenient for users.

save wattpad story as

3Solution 3. Download Wattpad Stories with Wattpad App

Wattpad app for iOS and Android offers offline reading, which makes it possible to take your favorite Wattpad stories without being connected to the Internet. Open Wattpad app and login into your account, find the story you want to add to the offline list and tap the icon, then your story will be displayed in the offline list.

wattpad app


If you’ve reached the offline story limit(2 stories), then you will be prevented from adding a new story to the offline list.

If you have reached your offline limit, you have two options to solve this:

1. You can add another story by removing a story from your offline list.

2. Upgrade to Premium to add unlimited stories for offline reading.

4Solution 4. Online Free Wattpad Downloader

Wattpad Downloader is a web app that actually runs in the browser. It can save it as an HTML file. This tool can even download a Wattpad story in EPUB format as well. And the downloading speed is very fast. So you will have a good user experience by using this software. We think this tool is the best free online Wattpad downloader you can find in the market. Open a book in your library on Wattpad, copy the URL for the book and change the .com of the book URL to .cc, for example, https://www.wattpad.cc/story/ID-book-title.

online wattpad downloader

5Solution 5. Download Wattpad Stories with Calibre Plugin

FanFicFare plugin can download stories from almost popular fanfiction sites, including the best fanfiction website -- Wattpad. It is a terrific tool for downloading fanfiction and original stories from various sites into ebook form. Your favorite fanfiction stories can be saved to your local computer in epub, txt, html, mobi format.

In order to use FanFicFare plugin, you need to use it with calibre. Here is the guide on how to download fanfiction stories into eBooks using the FanFicFare plugin.

download from urls

Download Epubor Story Downloader for Free



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