How to Edit eBook Metadata Easily with Ultimate Converter

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the best ebook metadata editor Ultimate ConverterOnce you are an eBook reading lover, you must have collected many books on your computer or eReaders. And you may also face these questions below.

-The tile and the author's name are incomplete or incorrect?

-couldn't remember it when you found a title among lots of collections?

-The cover image of the book isn't what you like?

-Want to manage these books as the degree of your favorite in order?

-And more...

If you had the experience one of them above, the tutorial how to edit ebook metadata easily can be helpful for you. And this is also the reason why I write it for you.

Why We Should Edit eBook Metadata and Why We Choose the Ultimate Converter

As we known, all the eBooks we purchased from different ebook stores come in all shapes and sizes, and more than often they are with the wrong/misspelled authors name or book title, or even no cover.

So it's necessary to edit these matadata with a good tool. Here I strongly recommend the Epubor Ultimate Converter.

You may feel familiar with the name because I have said many times before for its best DRM Removal + eBook Converter functions, but now the new release has upgraded and contained the function of editing ebook metadata (things like titles, authors, publishers, covers and more information). What's more, it can not only support DRMed books but also support the DRM free books, including ePub books, PDF books, and Kindle eBooks, etc.

Firstly please download and install the software, and then follow the guide step by step.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Step1: Adding Books

To get the tool started, you will see many books are listed on the left side, just drop and drag them all you want to edit to the right main window.

add books to the Ultiamte Converter

Step2: Editing metadata infomation

click the "pencil icon" button as the image shows above, it will pop up a window allowing you to edit all the aspects of the metadata.

You can edit all the useful mata info including the title, author, date, identifiers, language, publishers, the rating star you like and even the introduction of the book.

edit ebook metadata

In short, you can edit your eBooks metadata infomation as whatever you like.

Step3: Apply the metadata editing

After you have edited all the information you want, just click the button "Finished" to complete the editing.

Then you can transfer these books to your computer or your reader to have a good reading.

The article is not only written for eBook lovers but also for those people who have collected many books to get a clear management. Just believe me the Epubor Ultimate is a perfect ebooks metadata editor. Hope the article can help you.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download



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