How to Export Kindle Books with New Microsoft Edge

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Important Notice

Amazon has just removed downloading feature for kindle cloud reader for security reasons. So KCR Converter can't convert kindle books from now on. Here we offer some alternative workaround for you to convert Kindle books.

For Windows users, we suggest you follow this guide to use epubor ultimate to convert kindle books.

For Mac users:

1. If you have a Kindle e ink device, then you can use epubor ultimate to convert kindle books with the help of Kindle e ink device.

2. If you don't have a Kindle e ink device, and your macOS is below than 10.15 Catalina, you can still use epubor ultimate to convert kindle books by downgrading Kindle for Mac to an older version(below version 1.23). However, if you don't have a Kindle e ink device, and your macOS is 10.15 Catalina or higher, you can use the command line to remove Kindle DRM instead.

Microsoft Edge browser is now available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS systems. The new Edge browser is based on Chromium which is a free and open source project developed by Google. Edge Chromium has been completely rewritten and features vast improvements from its predecessor. Now it has greatly improved performance and security while browsing online. Since users can export Kindle books with Google Chrome, so is it possible to export Kindle books with Microsoft Edge? Let’s figure it out in this post.

new edge browser

Top Features of the New Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s latest Edge browser was officially released on January 15, 2020. The new Edge browser has been completely rewritten. Rebuilt from the ground up to bring users world-class compatibility and performance, top security and privacy protection, and new features that will convince you to use it right away. Here are the top features of Microsoft Edge Browser.

1. New Interface

The interface of new Edge browser has been completely redesigned. Now you have three page layout options: Focused, Inspirational and Informational. You can select a layout best for you or customize the layout however you like.

new edge ui

2. Faster

New Edge Browser is super fast to load web sites. Although it is based on Chromium, an open source development platform from Google, now Edge runs much faster than Chrome. Besides, Chrome has a tendency to slow down the longer you use the browser, especially when you have multiple tabs open. However, Edge doesn’t suffer from this Chrome problem.

3. Security and Privacy Protection

The new Edge browser has added a privacy setting to prevent tracking and sharing of sites you visit. Go to settings >> Privacy and services, you have options for Basic, Balanced and Strict tracking prevention. Balanced is the recommend setting, which gives you more control over how you are tracked and helps you stay safe.

edge privacy

4. Immersive Reader

Sometimes, it’s difficult to concentrate on the content with all the ads around the page. Microsoft Edge comes with an immersive reader providing a clutter-free experience to read content online. Just navigate to any article you want to read on new Microsoft Edge, click Enter Immersive Reading on the address bar to customize your reading, such as read aloud and use grammar tools to help improve text comprehension.

edge immersive reader

5. Dark Theme

Microsoft’s Chromium-powered Edge has a Dark Mode, from the Menu >> Settings >> Appearance to change the Light theme to Dark. Now you have entered Dark theme mode. To change it back just reselect the Light theme.

edge dark mode

6. Install PWAs on Microsoft Edge

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) allows you to turn websites into applications on your computer. It’s a great new feature of Edge Chromium. They work like applications and work independently from the browser. When you wish to use a website as a native application, just select the Menu >> Apps >> Install this site >> Install . That website will now be installed as a Progressive Web App.

add pwa to edge

7. Access to Extensions from Microsoft Store and Chrome Web Store

You can add Extensions to Edge by clicking on Extensions in the menu. Select Get Extensions from the Microsoft Store. Click any Extension you want to install to Edge. Then an icon will show you on the address bar. Since Edge is based on Chromium, you can also install extensions to Edge from the Chrome Web Store. Clicking Allow extensions from other stores to enable access, which makes new Edge browser even more powerful.

add google chrome edge

How to Export Kindle Books with New Microsoft Edge?

Step 1Install the latest Microsoft Edge browser to your computer.

Step 2Download Kindle Books from Kindle Cloud Reader website on Microsoft Edge browser.

Go to Kindle Cloud Reader site using Microsoft Edge browser and log in to your Kindle account. Just open any Kindle book, and it will start downloading automatically. Remember not to exit the current page until this book has been downloaded completely.

download kindle book on kindle cloud reader

Step 3Convert Kindle books to DRM free AZW3/Mobi/ePub/PDF files.

Now you need to use Epubor KCR Converter to export your downloaded Kindle books from Kindle Cloud Reader. So first of all, download and install Epubor KCR Converter to your computer.

Download Epubor KCR Converter for Free

After you launch Epubor KCR Converter, all of your downloaded Kindle books are displayed on the main interface of the software. Next you just need to choose an output format, select the books you want to convert and hit the Convert button to start the conversion.

convert kindle cloud reader to mobi

Within minutes, all of your encrypted Kindle books will be decrypted. Isn’t that amazing? Now you can take full control of your purchased books and back them up to your local disk or share them with loved ones.

Pro TipsYour Kindle books can appear on KCR Converter only when they are downloaded successfully. And remember to restart KCR Converter to upload newly downloaded Kindle books.


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