How to Find DRM Free eBooks to Read on Any Devices without Limitation

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If you are an eBook lover, I guess you may often purchase eBooks online. But the fact that books we purchased from the main eBook stores, such as Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble are always protected by DRM. If we only have a particular device such as a Kindle, we can only read downloaded Kindle books via it. However, if we download DRM free eBooks, even the formats are not supported, we can use the eBook converter to convert the formats without DRM limitation. But how to find DRM free eBooks? Where can we download or buy DRM free books? Don't worry. I have searched online, found some useful websites sell DRM free books and want to share them with you. Hope you can find the one you like.

1 Smashwords

Smashwords sells eBooks from independent authors and publishers. It provides us a massive library of DRM free eBooks in multiple formats, including PDF, EPUB, Mobi, etc for reading on any devices. Here we can find all kinds of categories books, including fiction or nonfiction.

purchase drm free books from smashwords

Another reason that I recommend this website is that it offers us a plenty of free eBooks, we can download our favorite books without any cost.

2 Baen Ebooks

Baen Ebooks is an eBook supplier operated by Baen Books. It sells eBooks from both Baen and other publishers, including Del Rey, Tor Books, Blindsided Books, etc. It also offers us some free eBooks in their "Free Library". All the books here don't use DRM and come in multiple formats support on any reading device. It also has a good selection of various categories, such as science fiction, fantasy, audio books, etc.

drm free ebooks

3 GirleBooks

GirleBooks is the source for classic and contemporary eBooks by female writers. GrilBooks books are professionally formatted into multiple formats to support most eReaders on the market. Besides, both the free books or the ones in the eBooks store don't have DRM limitation. Once you download or purchase them, you can own them 100% forever.

girl ebooks

4 LuLu

LuLu is a self-publishing and distribution platform. We can not only purchase books here, but also sell or create our own books. I guess sharing our favorite books or stories with others might be something different. Its category ranges from children, cooking to fiction and games. We always can find the ones we like here.


5 U.S. Government Bookstore

U.S. Government Bookstore offers both print and DRM free eBooks for us, ranging from art, travel to science, education, and business. eBooks here come in a variety of formats that support on most tablets, reading device and app.


6 Book View Café

Book View Café is a cooperative publisher. Here we can find books from a variety of categories, including romance, historical, fantasy, children, etc. Books here are always in common-used EPUB, PDF or Mobi format. It not only provides us eBook form, many eBooks are also available in print. Besides, it also offers us some free fictions.

book view cafe

7 Weightless Books

Weightless Books is an independent DRM free eBook site devoted to eBooks of all sorts. Books here are always in Mobi, PRC, EPUB or PDF formats. Free eBooks are also provided. You can purchase books at cost of ranging from $0.01 to $10+.

weightless books

Other online bookshops that sell DRM free eBooks, usually in multiple formats

OpenBooks --An independent eBook store that enables readers decide how much they want to paid based on what they feel a book is worth.

DriveThruFiction --Sells from various publishers, including Apex Book Company, Onyx Path Publishing, Wildside Press, etc.

Leanpub --Allows authors use online tools to write, publish and sell their books. You may find books cheaper there.

ANGRY ROBOT --DRM free eBook store. Only sells eBooks in EPUB format. It has a large selection from a variety of publishers, including science-fiction; fantasy; steampunk; alternative history.

StoryBundle --Offers DRM free eBooks bundles at fantastic prices.

Image Comics --Comics here are available in high quality PDF, CBR, CBZ and EPUB formats.

That's all I want to share with you. If you have found some better websites with DRM free books, don't forget to leave a moment below and share them with us. By the way, even if you have downloaded or purchased DRM protected books online, you need not to worry about it. You can use the DRM removal Ultimate eBook converter for removing DRM from eBooks. It has both DRM decryption and eBook conversion features. Like Calibre, it also supports the main DRM scheme on the market, including Kindle DRM, Adobe DRM and Nook DRM, but compare with Calibre, it's easier to use. If you need, you can download it for free trial.

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i have a question. i have different pdfs but there are a few that do not have 2 features.  a search key and a cop feauture. the other pdfs have these 2.  and i was wondering why this is?
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That's because some PDF have limitation. You may ned the passwords to open it or view the full features.
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