How to Find Kindle Serial Number (Video Guide)

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With Kindle Serial Number (KSN), you can confirm which Kindle model you have. Actually, Kindle Serial Number is useful in many other cases. If you are a Kindle newbie, you certainly don’t know how to find the KSN info, so today I will show you three easy methods to find Kindle Serial Number.

How to find kindle serial number

Part 1. What Can Kindle Serial Number Be Used for

Usage 1. To remove Kindle DRM or convert Kindle books to another ebook format

Kindle Serial Number is very important for removing Kindle DRM and converting Kindle books. If you have ever tried to use some free or online Kindle DRM removal and Kindle converter tool, like Calibre, to decrypt your Kindle books, you'll find that most of them require you to input the Kindle Serial Number since they need it to generate the decrypting keys, otherwise you will fail to remove the Kindle DRM.

Friendly Tips:
If you are looking for a much easier way to remove Kindle DRM or convert Kindle books without inputting Kindle Serial Number manually by yourself, you can simply plug your Kindle device to your computer and download your Kindle books from the Amazon website. Epubor Ultimate will automatically detect the Kindle Serial Number automatically and you don't need to input it manually. For more details, you can read the full guide on How to Remove Kindle DRM with a Kindle E-ink Devices.

If you don't have a Kindle e-ink device, you can also decrypt and convert Kindle Books downloaded via Kindle for PC/Mac with Epubor Ultimate.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

remove kindle kfx drm

Usage 2. To identify Kindle Model

Over the years, Amazon has released many Kindle devices and many of them look similar in design. Sometimes it'll be difficult for us to answer the question "which Kindle do I have". Actually, Kindle Serial Number can help you identify the Kindle model or specific generation with the first four characters. Use this list and match it to the first four or six characters of your Kindle serial number;

Usage 3. To find lost Kindle

It can be a severe headache if we lost our Kindle device. But if we know the Kindle Serial Number, we can contact Amazon Customer Service to mark our Kindle as lost and it's even possible for us to find the lost Kindle.

Usage 4. To downgrade Kindle firmware

I have heard that many people want to downgrade their Kindle firmware for all kinds of reasons. If you have this thought in mind, please make sure that your Kindle Serial Number is suited with the specific firmware before downgrading your Kindle device. If you install the wrong firmware, your Kindle device may turn into a brick. To keep this from happening, to find the Kindle Serial Number becomes a very essential part before you downgrade the Kindle firmware.

Usage 5. To jailbreak Kindle devices

Jailbreaking is the process of removing the limitations put in place by a device’s manufacturer. After jailbreaking, we can easily personalize our device and add some new features which the native system doesn't have. Besides the Android/iOS device, you can still jailbreak your Kindle e-ink device if the Kindle Serial Number of your device is included in this table that can be jailbroken. If you want to get more detailed information, you can read How to Jailbreak Kindle Paperwhite.

Part 2. Three Ways to Find Kindle Serial Number

There are three easy ways to find the Kindle Serial Number. You can watch the following video first.

Method 1. Find Kindle Serial Number on the Packing Box

If you still keep the packing box of your Kindle device, you can find the printed Kindle Serial Number (16 digital codes) on the outside of the box. On early models (Kindle 1, Kindle 2 & DX), it is also physically visible on the back of the device itself.

Find Kindle Serial Number on the packing box

Method 2. Find Kindle Serial Number on Your Kindle Device

Kindle eink Device

If you have the Kindle device on hand at the time, you can open your Kindle, go to the home screen and click Home>>Settings>>Device Options>>Device Info. Then you will see the Kindle Serial Number.

Find Kindle Serial Number on Kindle device

Kindle Fire

Swipe down from the top and then tap "Setting">>"Device Options">>"Serial Number".

Find Kindle fire Serial Number on Kindle device

Method 3. Find Kindle Serial Number on Amazon Website

When the packing box is missing, your Kindle won't turn on or the screen is broken, you cannot get the Kindle Serial Number through the above 2 methods. But you can still go to the Amazon website to find the serial number as long as you've registered your Kindle device with your Amazon account before.

Step 1 Go to the Amazon website "Manage your Content & Devices"page and log in with your Amazon account if necessary.

Step 2 Click the "Devices" tab in the top bar. And then scroll down to find your Kindle device. Click the device, a small window will pop up. Now click "[Your name]'s Kindle". It will turn to another page.

kindle device on amazon

Step 3 Under the "Device Summary", you will find the "Serial Number".

Find kindle serial number on amazon website


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So "it's even possible for us to find the lost kindle devices" means that you can hardly find it
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Thanks for your comments. So I'd like to change it to "it's even probable to find you lost Kindle" if you can take some efficient methods. If your Kindle is unfortunately lost, maybe you can take some steps to find it back:
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This set of instructions only is for if you have a physical device from Amazon - as in a Kindle.  What about directions for using the Kindle app on PCs and iPads etc....

How does that work?


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Can you please describe your problem clearly so that we can help you fix it?
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The question is this: we use the kindle app on other devices (i.e. on an iPad); so, how do I find the Serial Number of the iPad Kindle App?
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You cannot crack the kindle books downloaded to iphone. So it is useless to find kindle App on iphone.
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