How to Highlight on Kindle eReader, Kindle Fire, Kindle App

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While you are reading on your Kindle device or Kindle app, you may want to highlight text to refer to later. How you highlight text on your Kindle depends on which model of the device you are using. Here on this page, you will learn how to highlight on almost all Kindle devices, including Kindle eReader, Kindle Fire, Kindle app and Kindle Cloud Reader.

how to highlight on Kindle

Part 1. How to Highlight on Kindle eReader

To highlight text on a Kindle eReader, just press the screen where you want to start the highlight and then move your finger to the end of the desired text. When you lift your finger off the screen, a pop-up menu will appear. Tap the "Highlight" button and the text will be highlighted. The text is highlighted in the book appearing as black text on a gray background.

At the beginning and end of the highlighted text, there's a pointer on each side which you can drag to adjust the highlight.

highlight on Kindle eReader

Part 2. How to Highlight on Kindle Fire

Highlighting on a Kindle Fire is almost the same as highlighting a Kindle eReader. Press and hold your finger on the text, and small pointers appear on either side. You can press one of these pointers to select additional adjacent text to be highlighted. When the paragraph you want to highlight is selected, tap "Highlight" in the pop-up menu.

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Part 3. How to Highlight in Kindle App for Android/iOS/PC/Mac

How to Highlight in Kindle App for Android/iOS

Highlight in the Kindle app is very similar to highlighting on Kindle eReader or Kindle Fire. Press and hold the text you wish to highlight. You can also drag the cursors at the beginning and end of the text to adjust the coverage of the highlight. When you lift your finger, a pop-up menu bar will appear. You can tap the first color dot to choose one from 4 colors of the highlight.

There is an "X" mark next to the color dot. You can simply click the cross to delete a selected highlight in the Kindle app.

highlight-in-kindle-app /

How to Highlight in Kindle App for PC/Mac

To highlight text on Kindle for PC/Mac, first select text as you would in any PC/Mac application. When you release the mouse, a menu pops up with 4 color dots at the top. Choose one of the color dots and it will convert your selected texts into a highlight of that color.

highlight on Kindle for PC

Part 4. How to Highlight in Kindle Cloud Reader

I guess not many of you know there exists another place where you read your Kindle books online without Kindle or Kindle App, that is, Kindle Cloud Reader. Besides reading books, of course, you can also make highlights in the Kindle Cloud Reader. Highlighting in Kindle Cloud Reader is so easy. Just select text as you would in any web page. The selected text would be in grey. Once you release your mouse, you will see "Highlight" and "Note". Click "Highlight" and then all the selected words turn to yellow.

highlight in Kindle Cloud Reader /

Part 5. FAQs about Highlighting Text on Kindle

Q1. How to Highlight Text Across Multiple Pages

If you want to highlight text across multiple pages, it would be a little bit different for different Kindle devices.

1 For Kindle eReader, Kindle Fire, Kindle app for Android/iOS:

Drag your finger to the bottom-right edge of the screen to advance to the next page. The highlighting would jump to the end of the following page (Don’t lift your finger). Move your finger back to the end of the section of the text you want to highlight. Lift your finger. Then, you are set.

2 For Kindle for PC/Mac, Kindle Cloud Reader:

The page won't advance when you select texts and go to the bottom-right edge in Kindle for PC/Mac and Kindle Cloud Reader. The correct solution is to start highlighting the beginning of the passage and scroll down on the wheel, then the page will turn and you will be highlighting the entire next page. You need to adjust the preferred highlight length.

Q2. How to View Kindle Highlight

Kindle offers a notebook for each of your Kindle books, including the highlights, notes, and bookmarks. Just find the "Notebook" icon in your Kindle device and tap it to open the notebook. Then you will be able to view the highlights you made in that book. Here I just simply take my Kindle Android app as an example, which is totally the same as in other platforms.

view highlight in kindle /

Bonus Tips: View All Your Highlights in One Place:

Amazon offers a website where you can view and manage all your Kindle highlights and notes online: https://read.amazon.com/notebook. No matter your highlights are made in Kindle eReader, Kindle Fire, Kindle app, or Kindle Cloud Reader, you will be able to see all your highlights in the Kindle notebook.

Kindle notebook

Q3. How to Delete a Kindle Highlight

To delete a highlight, select any of the highlighted words by touching and dragging across them or by using a long-tap. A "Delete" (or "Delete Highlight", "X" cross) button appears in a pop-up window; tap it to remove the highlight.

delete Kindle highlight /

Q4. How to View Other's Highlight

An interesting thing about Kindle highlight is that you can view popular highlights that other readers have added to Kindle books. As the name suggests, popular highlights display the passages that are most frequently highlighted by other Kindle users. It's a unique feature that's not available on other types of ebooks, just Amazon Kindle books. Also, you can see how many times each passage has been highlighted.

There are two ways to view popular highlighted in Kindle books. The first is that you come across them naturally while reading, the second is to view the full list of the popular highlights from the Notes section.

view popular highlights in kindle /

Notice: Popular highlights only show up when you have this setting enabled (or you can follow these steps to turn off the setting): Kindle Tips: How to Turn on/off Kindle Popular Highlight.


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