How to Install Apps on Kindle Paperwhite / Kindle Touch

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Many people love playing games and apps on tablet like Kindle Fire, but have you ever thought that you can also play games and apps on E-Ink device like Kindle Paperwhite?

For E-Ink device like Kindle Paperwhite, the apps and games are called "Active Content". In one sense, "Active Content" equals "apps" for Kindle.

install apps on kindle paperwhite

Where to Find the Active Contents (Apps & Games) for Kindle Device?

Just search "active content" on amazon.com where you can get them. Or you can also read a post on our blog, which collects top 5 free Kindle apps and games.

search active content

How to Install the Active Contents on Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Touch

1 Get Apps & Games to Kindle Paperwhite with 1-click purchase

The simplest way to get apps for Kindle just is like delivering purchased books to Kindle. On the right side of the product page, choose which device you want to deliver this app to, then click "Buy now with 1-Click". Then run your Kindle Paperwhite/Kindle Touch and connect it to internet , and the app will be pushed to your device.

buy active content with 1 click

2 Download Apps to Computer First and Then Transfer via USB

If you have problem in receiving the app on Kindle Paperwhite, you can also download the app to your computer first and then transfer it to your Kindle device via USB connection.

First please go to "Manage Your Kindle" page, and you will see the most recently purchased items, where the app should be displayed.

Then look at the right side, you will find that there is an "Action" button, click it and then choose "Download & transfer via USB".

download active content to computer

Choose the Kindle device which you would transfer this item to. At this list your non-e-ink Kindle will be not choosable. Then click "Download", you will get an ".azw2" file.

choose device to send item

Now plug your Kindle Paperwhite to computer, there will be a removable disk called "Kindle" showing up in your local computer. Open it and transfer those .azw2 files into the "Document" folder.

kindle document folder

Now eject Kindle from your computer, and choose "Active Content" (which equals to "app" for e-ink Kindle) in the list below the cart icon. In this collection you can see all the apps that are installed on your Kindle.

How does it look like when playing games on e-ink device? Here it is.

play games on kindle paperwhite

Why My Kindle Doesn't Accept the Active Content?

First you should make sure it is "active content", not an "app". If it is indeed an active content but you can't install it on Kindle, then you should check if this active content is supported by your Kindle.

In the active content information page, you can see "Available on these devices" below the price, click it you can get the list containing all the Kindles it supports.

check what device does the active content support


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08/13/2015 06:24:35
Great info. It seems I cannot download the Cleveland Plain Dealer to my new paperwhite without getting a second subscription through the amazon store. They apparently have no active content apps available for newspapers. It seems there is no easy way. Any ideas?
Thanks, Ron
04/2/2016 08:16:57
Looking to install Minecraft and other games on my sons kindle paper white - how do I do it step by step
04/5/2016 17:59:41
First of all, you'd better make sure whether the game is available on Kindle.
04/21/2016 19:36:28
You can't.
05/3/2019 14:38:42
You cannot download games like that on the Paperwhite. These games only work on Kindle Fire. However, you can download it on your computer, connect it to your kindle and transfer it via a USB cable. Hope that helps!
06/26/2021 21:31:33
Any games that requires a small amount of animation has trouble on a paperwhite. 3D is virtually impossible.
05/15/2016 23:03:53
wow man. derpy derp derp
12/27/2017 07:09:54
Just want a sign making app for the airport! Would buy a Kindles in bulk if they would make this ONE simple (and obviously needed?) app! The whole Premium sedan/Chauffeur industry would buy in bulk if SOMEONE would do this.
Is there a workaround or an app I'm not seeing that would enable this?
E.G. "XYZ Limousines Welcomes Mr. Smith"
04/3/2022 13:59:16
There are digital Notebooks that would be perfect for this use.
06/13/2022 10:42:47
this incrediby useful info! but how can you tell how old your kindle is ? just so i can know how much my kindle can take.
02/9/2018 10:21:56
I am trying to access the Chegg eReader so I can view my digital texbooks on my kindle... I am really struggling! Please Help
12/6/2018 02:41:04

Can I install APPS on kindle ereader/kindle 8th generation or kindle paperwhite???

Apps like "moon+reader". This is the best app for reading on android. I'm traying to read in my smartphone with the "amazon kindle app" but it doesn't have all the features "moon+reader app" has.

So, is it possible to install moon+reader app"  .apk  on kindle paperwhite/ereader???

12/6/2018 11:25:58
It seems like we can't install Moon+Reader on our Kindle paperwhite and Kindle fire. It's for android devices. Though we can download it from amazon app store, but I can't understand why amazon put it here!
09/13/2019 22:01:10
Now Amazon has stopped any active content or any hacking abilities so you cannot use amything except the original software from amazon, and no more active content available, this gave me an indicator that no more kindle and to demand open source e-ink tablet and deny any closed system ereader, because I "personally" dont like current kindle genuine software and being jailed from options :/
01/20/2020 03:33:10
Upset you cannot load any apps like Pinterest, solitar etc
05/12/2020 23:43:32
is there any free active content?
05/15/2020 09:35:57
so we can no longer download apps on kindle e-readers? and if we still can, is it possible to download wattpad on kindle paperwhite 4th generation? will there be any problems such as long loadings? thank you
01/13/2021 08:20:32
Does this work for kindle 10th gen???
10/29/2021 20:13:38
can the following games be played on kindle paperwhite? Solitaire, Yahtzee, Photo Hunt
05/27/2022 06:11:20
How do I dilver
05/27/2022 06:16:52
Which amozon are you using
11/2/2022 16:26:22
ive tried everything i still dont know how
12/13/2022 23:54:28
Guys I think the problem is he article! I don't think that works anymore1 If you had a first gen Kindle there where some games installed like Chess! But that's gone! You can download music tho!
02/21/2024 06:03:54
I wish minecraft was 0.00 and that I had a computer.
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