How to Install Custom Fonts in Kindle without Jailbreak

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As one of the largest eBook retailers on the market, Amazon also provides us various Kindle devices for reading. In order to get better reading experience, we can adjust the text display style when reading an eBook. For example, Kindle eReaders offer us a few simple custom options, we can change the font size, margin or line space, etc. Just as the image below shows. But one of the things that annoyed us is that we cannot change the font to our favorite type. The publisher for every eBook only provides us limited font. What if we don't like the provided font type? Can we install font in Kindle?

install fonts in kindle

Of course, the answer is YES. Do we need to jailbreak or hack our Kindle eReader to add fonts to Kindle Paperwhite? I guess some people may have such doubt. In fact, there is an easy way for us to install fonts in Kindle without Jailbreaking or hacking.

Convert Kindle to AZW3 with Calibre and then add font

We can convert Kindle file to AZW3 with Calibre and embed the font to the books ourselves. Calibre makes it easier, everyone can handle it.

PS: This works with the current Kindle eReaders and the older ones that support KF8 format eBooks.

To install font in Kindle, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove DRM from Kindle files and make them convertable
  2. Convert Kindle eBooks to AZW3 file with Calibre and embed the font to Kindle file
  3. Transfer converted files to Kindle eReader

Below is the step-by-step guide with detailed pictures.

Step 1: Remove DRM from your Kindle books

First of all, we'd better decrypt our Kindle books, as DRMed files are not able to be converted format. Only then, it will be easy to change the font. Here we need a powerful eBook DRM removal tool--All DRM Removal to help us. I guess you may have used Calibre for a long time, but as far as I'm concerned, compared with Calibre, this tool is easier to use. Calibre itself cannot remove DRM, we need to install a DeDRM plugin for Calibre to enhance it. This may be a little difficult for those who are not so good at computer.

While as for All DRM Removal, there is no need to install any third-party programs or plugins. Once we launch the software, it will automatically detect and upload our Kindle files, what we need to do is only to drag Kindle files under "Kindle" icon on the right side to the left main interface, then books will be decrypted soon. You can download it for free trial!

Download the tool for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

How to remove DRM from Kindle books with this tool? Here are the detailed steps.

  1. Sync your Kindle books via Kindle for PC/Mac.
  2. Open All DRM Removal.
  3. Drag Kindle books from left side under "Kindle" icon to right main interface.
  4. Books added, drm removed quickly.
  5. Click "Decrypted" under the book title, then output folder opened.

remove drm from kindle books

Step 2: Convert files to AZW3 with Calibre

Please pay attention, this step is the key to add Kindle custom fonts. First of all, please launch Calibre, then drag decrypted Kindle books to it. Click "Convert books" button on the top navigation bar, then select "AZW3" as output format on the upper right corner of following window.

Next, tap "Look & Feel" tab on the left side, you can see "Embed font family" item.

install custom font in kindle

Click the button next to "Embed font family" to select the font type you like. Then click "OK" to confirm. If you cannot find any font you like, you can also click "Add fonts" to add your favorite font. For downloading font online, I recommend following 2 font website: DaFont.com and FontSquirrel. You may find Amazon font for Kindle files such as hindi fonts, malayalam font, bookerly font or marathi font online, simply choose the one you like.

add custom font to kindle

After setting these related parameter, click "OK" to start conversion. After it has been finished, it shows we also install font in Kindle successfully.

Step 3: Transfer Kindle files to Kindle eReader

After the file has been converted to AZW3 successfully, now what we have to do is to transfer Kindle eBooks to Kindle eReader.

  1. Connect Kindle eReader to computer via USB.
  2. Open "Kindle" drive on your computer.
  3. Drag and drop converted AZW3 file to "document" folder of your Kindle.
  4. Eject Kindle eReader.

You can also transfer Kindle file via Calibre or Kindle Transfer. Open the newly transferred file, click top area of screen, tap "Aa", then you will find there is a new font--"Publisher Font". This means we add fonts to Kindle successfully! It's exactly the font we just embed. Select it to change the font type. Enjoy!

install font in kindle

Upgrade Kindle Software to 5.9.6 and Add Custom Font to Kindle

Kindle released new software 5.9.6, which allowed us to add custom font to Kindle. This new feature is available on Kindle eReaders (from Kindle Paperwhite 2 to current Kindles), includes 6th generation through 9th generation models.

Step 1: Update Kindle's software to 5.9.6

Before adding font types to your Kindle with this method, firstly you must make sure that your Kindle's software is already updated to 5.9.6 (or newer when future versions get released).

To check the Kindle's firmware version, go to Settings > Device > Options > Device Info.

check kindle firmware

If it's older than 5.9.6, visit Amazon's Kindle software update page please.

Step 2: Download Kindle font (font sources)

Search online we can get lots of free font type or buy some font files in TTF (TrueType) and OTF (OpenType) formats. Here I will recommend you visit Github to download, for example, Google fonts.

Step 3: Copy TTF or OTF file to Kindle font folder

Plug your Kindle into your computer via USB cable please.

Copy the .ttf or .otf file to Kindle's "Font" folder.

If the file you downloaded from other sites is zip file, please unzip it first and then just copy the font file please (ignore the readme file, license agreement file, etc.).

Please note: If one font type has different versions, it’s best to add all the font versions for each font type.

For example:


use kindle new custom font feature

Eject your Kindle, open one book file and select Aa, soon you will find a new custom option, from where you could choose the font type you like or you want to use for the selected Kindle eBook.

new font added to kindle

There is also another way to add fonts to Kindle Paperwhite 1, if you are interested, you can have a try.

Please note: Some people will convert their purchased eBooks or personal documents to Kindle KF8 format so that they can enjoy this custom font feature (because Kindle only allows it's used for KF8). But after they send the new KF8 mobi books to their Kindle, those mobi files don't show cover. In this situation I will recommend you use Epubor software to help you edit metadata for your books.


Download the tool for free:

Make your Kindle files convertable

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download


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02/22/2016 07:49:39
Did you know that Kindle eReaders do not support AZW3? Any other ideas?
(Only computers and Fire-tablet has thatr support)
02/22/2016 18:37:28


This works with the current Kindle eReaders and the older ones that support KF8 format eBooks.

You can find out that Kindle eReaders do support AZW3 format on Amazon official web site.

06/1/2016 10:40:59
Awesome Dude! its working great Thank you thank you so much.
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