How to Keep and Download Music from Deezer

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Deezer is one of the great streaming music services for people who prefer to enjoy music with high-quality sound. While it's easy to listen to plentiful music online on Deezer, you may still want to download your favorite music from Deezer, and downloaded music is much easier to listen to and manage.

Is it possible to download my favorite songs, playlists, and albums from Deezer? In this post, you can grab detailed answers and learn the methods that allow you to truly download and convert Deezer music.

Part 1: Download the songs, albums, playlists from Deezer

(1) Download music from Deezer in Deezer application (iOS/Android/Desktop)

As you know, Deezer offers an offline mode feature for its subscribers. No matter if you subscribe to Deezer Premium, Deezer Student, or Deezer Family, you are allowed to download their favorite content to listen to offline within the Deezer app. Offline mode is available for the Deezer desktop, iOS, and Android applications.

Step 1 Install the Deezer app on your computer, smart phone, or tablet, and then sign in to your premium account.

Step 2 Go to "Favorite", and search for tracks, playlists, albums, or artists.

deezer app favorites

Next, select the music you would like to download and turn on "Download" to start downloading it.

deezer app download album

Step 3 Once the music is downloaded, you can access it from the section of “Downloaded music”.

deezer downloaded music

(2) Download music via Epubor DzSave (The Most Recommended)

With Deezer offline mode, you can only listen to the downloaded music within the Deezer app. Don’t you want to download the Deezer music to your computer for offline listening as well as get out of the restrictions of the Deezer app? Epubor DzSave is a necessary tool you shouldn’t miss out on!

Download Epubor DzSave for free:

Step 1 Install Deezer desktop and Epubor DzSave program on your computer

Please don’t forget to install Deezer Desktop from its website if you want to use DzSave.

Step 2 Run DzSave program to download the music from Deezer

After you log into your Deezer account on the Deezer desktop and launch the DzSave software, all of your favorite tracks, including playlists, albums, and artists, will be automatically synced in Epubor DzSave.

deezer sync music

Now you can drag and drop the music you would like to download from the left panel to the right area, and select one audio format you want to convert, such as MP3, and click “Download to MP3”, the downloading process will start.

deezer select format

Step 3 Find the music you download from Deezer and enjoy it at your will

Once the downloading is finished, you can find the downloaded music in the output folder by clicking "Succeeded" or the blue folder icon on the right bottom.

deezer downloading statuspng

Finally, you can easily access the downloaded music from Deezer on your computer or transfer them to any other preferred device.

deezer converted music

(3) Copy and paste URL to Discord bots to download music from Deezer

Previously, you may never have thought this funny way could help you download your favorite music from Deezer. Discord is not only a communication app, you can also download music from Deezer and other streaming music services, such as Spotify, with the help of the Discord music bot by sending messages, commands, or other inline requests.

Step 1 First, make sure you have a Discord account, then join a Discord server with a music bot, here we use Slav Music Bot as an example.

Step 2 Go to the Deezer website and log into your Deezer account. Then find the songs, albums, or playlists you would like to download and copy the URL link to your clipboard.

copy deezer nusic url

Step 3 Type the special command and paste the URL into Discord to start downloading music from Deezer. For example, here you need to enter "?dl +URL".

paste deezer url to discord

Step 4 Just wait for several minutes, and you will receive a music download link, then open this link and click “Download” button to download the Deezer music in FLAC format to your computer.

discord download deezer link

final downloaded music discord

Note: On different Discord servers, the commands for downloading Deezer music are different.
You're not able to change the sound quality of downloaded songs or download them in different audio formats.
In this way, you also have to copy the page URL of each album or playlist every time you want to download the music, which will be rather time-consuming.

Part 2: Keep and listen to downloaded music from Deezer

After all my favorite songs are downloaded from Deezer, where do I find them? Can I keep them permanently and use them at will?

Where can I store and keep my downloaded Deezer music?

(1) If you download Deezer music via the Deezer app, you’re not able to directly access the music files downloaded from Deezer. Due to DRM, there are many restrictions on these downloaded songs from Deezer. You cannot download them as local files, the only way to listen to them offline is to find them in "Downloaded music" and play the music in the Deezer app. Once your subscription expires, they'll be grayed out, and you're not allowed to listen to them until you renew the subscription.

(2) If you want to keep and save the downloaded Deezer music permanently on your local devices, the best choice is to use the Epubor DzSave we mentioned above, which helps you break some limits from Deezer and allows you to download Deezer music as local files in common music folders on your computer. Therefore, you will never be annoyed by losing your favorite Deezer music. And it's so easy for you to keep them forever and transfer them to any preferred device for offline listening.

How to listen to downloaded music from Deezer offline?

In the Deezer app, it's easy to listen to downloaded music without wifi or data. Just go to "Settings", and turn on "Offline Mode" under "Preferences". Then you can listen to the downloaded music offline if there is no Internet.

deezer app offline mode

However, once the offline mode stops working, you may lose all downloaded files. The best way to avoid this situation is to download and save all of your favorite songs from Deezer to your local computer.

Can I change audio quality for downloading music from Deezer?

Yes, Deezer allows you to customize the audio quality settings when downloading music. Please find the "Audio" or "Sound Quality" option in the settings menu. This is where you can adjust the quality settings for downloads. However, the available options may vary depending on your subscription plan.

As you know, better audio quality means a larger file size. Especially when you use the iOS or Android Deezer app to download more and more playlists or albums from Deezer, your smartphones or tablets can fill up quickly. Actually, the mobile device is not a good place to back up your favorite Deezer music with high-quality sound. Why not use DzSave? It allows you to download the music from Deezer with the original audio quality. Unlike Deezer Desktop, you can easily access downloaded content on your local computer.

How to delete and update downloaded content in Deezer?

In the Deezer app, you will not be able to delete just one song from a playlist or album you have downloaded. If you want to delete downloaded content, simply select the whole playlist or album to delete it. You can also clear the cache in the app itself, but this will delete all your downloads.
On the other hand, if you add some new music to your playlist, these songs will be automatically updated and downloaded in the "Downloaded music" as long as you have Internet and turn on the download button.

How to fix issue with Deezer not downloading?

Sometimes you may experience issues with Deezer not downloading music. There are several troubleshooting solutions:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Restart the Deezer app
  • Update the Deezer app
  • Clear app cache (Android only)
  • Check storage space
  • Reinstall the Deezer app
  • Contact Deezer support

Of course, if you don't want to spend so much precious time on solving this issue, just use a simple but professional tool, Epubor DzSave to download your favorite music from Deezer, it's more convenient and easier!


No matter whether you prefer to enjoy your favorite Deezer music directly in the Deezer app, or download Deezer music as local files, here you can find the most appropriate solution for you! It is undeniable that Epubor DzSave is always the most recommended way to help you download your favorite songs, playlists, albums, and artists from Deezer. Why not give it a try? Just download and start a free trial!

Download Epubor DzSave for free:

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