How to Listen to Audible with Apple Books / iTunes

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Annoyed with the buggy Audible app on your iOS device iPhone/iPad/iPod? Have you ever noticed that the Apple Books (called iBooks previously) can not only be used to read ebooks, but also listen to audiobooks? Better still, have you ever imagined that you can even transfer & listen to Audible audiobooks with the Apple Books app? If you are a big fan of the Audible audiobooks but not of the Audible app, and looking for an alternative player to listen to Audible, then playing Audible with Apple Books on iOS devices can be an excellent choice. Here is a detailed guide for you. The whole process can be divided into 4 easy steps.

Step 1. Convert Audible AAX/AA Books to M4B Format

Apple Books can play audiobooks only when the audiobooks are in .m4b format. However, the Audible audiobooks are in a special format AAX or AA which is not supported by Apple Books. Therefore, the first step you should take to listen to Audible with Apple Books in an iOS device is to convert Audible AAX/AA to M4B.

In this step, it's a must to use Epubor Audible Converter to help you do the job, which is the best Audible AAX/AA to M4B Converter. With only one click, you're able to convert Audible books to M4B.

Download Epubor Audible Converter:

convert audible books to m4b

Tips: If you are using Mac Catalina 10.15, the M4B files can be directly opened with the Apple Books.

open m4b with apple book

Step 2. Import Audible Books to iTunes

Once you have converted Audible books to M4B in Step 1, now you need to import the M4B Audible books to iTunes.

Notice: If you are using Mac Catalina 10.15, there is no iTunes. Please use Finder to transfer your M4B audiobooks to your iOS devices.

transfer audiobooks on mac catalina

1 Open iTunes on your computer. If you haven't installed yet, please download iTunes from the official site.

2 Click File in the upper left corner, and select Add File to Library (or Add Folder to Library) from the drop-down menu.

Tips: If you have split your Audible books with chapters in Step 1, the chapters are saved in a folder. On this occasion, you can choose to add the folder to the iTunes library.

add files to iTunes library

3 Navigate the folder which stores the converted Audible (.m4b) books, select the m4b files and then click Open to add them to iTunes.

4 Change the tag to Audiobooks, then you will see the added Audible audiobooks in the library.

add m4b files to iTunes library

Step 3. Transfer Audible Books to iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) Device

By following the steps mentioned above, you have successfully added the Audible (m4b) audiobooks to your iTunes library. Now you need to transfer those Audible audiobooks to your iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPad).

1 Connect your iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod) to the computer with the USB cable. Then authorize the connection on your iOS device. When iTunes has detected it, please click the device icon.

device icon on iTunes

2 On the upper left column, find the Audiobooks session and click it. Then you will be asked to choose the audiobooks to sync to your iOS device. You can sync all the audiobooks, or you can sync selected audiobooks. After you've selected the audiobooks, just click the blue button Apply.

sync audiobooks to device

Immediately, a window would pop up asking you whether you'd like to apply the changes. Just choose Apply.

apply changes

Then in the top banner, you will see the syncing process starts. Please don't manipulate iTunes and your iOS device until the syncing is finished.

syncing process

When the syncing process has been completed, click Audiobooks under the menu On My Device. You will find that the Audible audiobooks are in your device now.

check audiobooks in device

When the whole process is finished, now you can eject your iOS device from the computer.

Step 4. Listen to Audible Books with Apple Books

The Audible books are in your iOS device now. All that's left is to just open the app Apple Books on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Click Library at the bottom menu. In the Collections, choose Audiobooks. You will see all the Audible audiobooks are in the library of Apple Books.

listen to Audible in Apple Books

Now you are able to listen to Audible audiobooks with Apple Books. Congratulations!

Can I directly download audible and open AAX via Apple Books?

Yes, we can directly download audible titles via website online, and then open the downloaded aax audiobooks with the Apple Books. But please note that if this is your first time downloading an audiobook to your Mac, you'll be prompted to authorize your account when you play the audiobook. Further more, in fact, you can only download titles you’ve purchased with an Audible credit or a credit card to your computer, this causes you are not able to access all of your audible contents within the apple books library. And another fact is that only audible.com audiobooks are allowed to downloaded online, it means only audible.com customers can directly play audible aax via Apple Books. Converting audible to m4b with this audible converter is the easiest solution. It helps get rid of audible drm limiation without audio quality lose. And for those audible japan or audible uk customers, there is no other solution than converting aax.

authorize audible mac


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