How to Make Mobi files Display as Books on Kindle Fire

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MOBI is a well-known e-book format. The popular Amazon AZW e-book is just based on MOBI. You can find many MOBI ebooks on the www.mobipocket.com. But one problem I ever met when reading MOBI e-book on Kindle Fire is that some MOBI ebooks don't display in the "Books" category but "Docs" instead. This situation causes some inconvenience of managing a larger number of ebooks as you have to browse in two different categories. Or just think about the scene that your favorite ebooks are mixed with some uncorrelated documents. It's totally a mess! So it's better to make MOBI files display as books on Kindle Fire, not docs.

Before we start we should figure out why the MOBI books display in "Docs". We know that the Docs category is used for storing personal documents like PDF, HTML, TXT or other documents sent by Amazon "Send to Kindle" service. Some MOBI ebooks are added personal document tag when generated so that the Kindle Fire will recognize them as documents but not ebooks.

Reading this you may have realized removing this personal document tag. Yes, this is exactly we need to do. Calibre is the right tool for doing this job. It can convert MOBI to MOBI without quality loss and remove the personal document tag at the same time.

First, install the latest Calibre on your PC. Click here for downloading. Open Calibre and choose "Add book" to add MOBI ebooks. You can add more books at a time.


Select all books in the list and choose "Convert books". Set the Output format as "MOBI". Click "MOBI Output" at the left menu and find "Kindle Options" at right side. Delete the default "[PDOC]" and keep the Personal Doc Tag blank. Then click "OK" to start conversion.

Added by Chad Cloman: Amazon has changed things. It is no longer sufficient to just delete the [PDOC] tag. You must also add the [EBOK] tag (exactly as shown, with brackets).


You can see the conversion progress at the bottom right corner. When the number turns into "0", the conversion job finishes. Click "Path : Click to open" to find the new MOBI e-book.


Connect your Kindle Fire to computer with USB cable. Transfer the MOBI file to the "Books" folder. Reject Kindle Fire and choose "Books", you can find the MOBI book shows here. It's no longer stay in "Docs".




1. In our test we find that some MOBI ebooks can still display in "Books" even you don't delete the "[PDOC]" but convert them with Calibre only. But I still suggest you keep the Personal Doc Tag blank as this is more reliable.

2. You can also transfer the MOBI books to "Documents" folder of Kindle Fire and they can still display at "Books" (not Docs) as long as you've followed the tutorial. But for a better management, I suggest you put the MOBI books in the "Books" folder.


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12/1/2013 00:24:22
Amazon has changed things. It is no longer sufficient to just delete the [PDOC] tag. You must also add the [EBOK] tag (exactly as shown, with brackets).
12/2/2013 19:11:07
Hi Chad,
Thank you very much for pointing this out, I am going to add this into the article and with your credit!
01/6/2014 23:59:20
i just tried this to have my sideloaded books filed under Books instead of Docs (on my iOS device) using [EBOK] instead of [PDOC] but it still shows under Docs :(
10/19/2015 13:34:29

I have the same problem and no matter what convertion I do, I ended up with the books on the doc folder (IOS devices). I don't transfer the books via cable, I just upload them via Amazon.


01/26/2015 14:41:06

One problem I found is that if you add ebooks to calibre which are already in mobi format you cannot just convert them to mobi format again as it then adds them as original_mobi files. These then dont show up on the kindle. The only way I could get them to load as books on the kindle was this:

*convert the mobi files to epub format
*delete all the mobi files from the calibre library folder
*go to library maintenance and check library
*fix all the missing files
*convert all epub files to mobi files

This as you may well understand was a complete ball ache given my library is in excess of 4000 books!!!

10/21/2015 13:20:22
Trying to send to 5th Gen Fire. Converted mob to epub, deleted mobi, converted epub to mobi with [EBOK] tag. email to Kindle, still shows up in docs folder. I'm stuck.
02/24/2016 19:37:26
Having similar issues. Thinking of rooting the damn thing and paying for Moon+ to get TTS support.
05/9/2016 19:30:42

I just spent a couple hours on this, and I want to thank you for providing the resource that finally got me a solution. One update, though...for the new Fire tablet (5th gen) it seems that it is necessary to actually convert the file from MOBI to AZW3. I tried loading to the Books folder (directly and using Calibre) and tried converting the MOBIs to [EBOK], but neither of those things worked (could only read through docs, and could not save progress). Changing the format to AZW3 allowed me to load to the Books folder (through Calibre) and have the books show up in the Fire's Kindle app.

Thanks for your help...hope this helps others as well!

07/30/2016 10:44:53
I can confirm what Tim said here - converting to AZW3 did the trick! Showed up in Books right away!
10/19/2017 05:27:21

what if you already have the ebook in the AZW3 format? and the book still shows up as a doc?

do you delete the AZW3 in Calibre, re-convert the MOBI format to AZW3, and then send it to Kindle?

08/18/2016 09:14:20
I've been sideloading books to a Kindle for over a year.  I started using a 5th gen in January, with no problems with Calibre.  All of a sudden about 2 weeks ago, all books go to my documents folder on the Kindle.  I always convert epubs to both MOBI and AZW3, just to be sure they show up in my kindle.  Now nothing works.  Anyone have any help?
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