How to Obtain EPUB/PDF Copies of OverDrive Magazines

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OverDrive Magazine loans last for 7 days and are automatically removed from your library afterward. To ensure convenience and accessibility, it's advisable to back up your OverDrive magazines. Given potential DRM restrictions, you can utilize third-party tools to download OverDrive magazines as DRM-free EPUB or PDF files. Keep reading to learn more.

overdrive magazine to epub

1. How do Users Enjoy OverDrive Magazines?

OverDrive offers a wide selection of OverDrive Magazines, featuring over 4,000 popular titles that are accessible through Libby. Some popular titles such as Us Weekly, National Geographic, Good Housekeeping, Vanity Fair, and Rolling Stone.

overdrive magazine collection

OverDrive Magazines provide unlimited simultaneous access, allowing readers to enjoy every issue of every magazine. Simply browse your favorite magazine and borrow it for 7 days.

borrow overdrive magazine

Key features of OverDrive magazines include:

One tap to read: Simply tap the cover to start reading any magazine.
Streamlined access: Access your borrowed magazines conveniently in the dedicated Magazine Rack section on the Shelf.
Simplified subscriptions: Subscribe to magazines and automatically receive new issues in your Magazine Rack.
Enhanced exploration: Navigate from your Magazine Rack to the Newsstand, where you can explore recently opened issues and popular magazine titles in your collection.

2. Download OverDrive Magazines to DRM-free EPUB/PDF

OverDrive Magazines are exclusively accessible through the Libby app, with no download option available. However, if you want to download an OverDrive magazine as an DRM-free EPUB or PDF file, you can use Calibre along with two compatible plugins. Here's a general guide on how to do it:

Step 1Download and Install Calibre on your computer.

Calibre is a free and open-source e-book management software crafted for organizing, converting, and viewing e-books. With a diverse range of purpose-built plugins, Calibre is augmented with additional features such as DeDRM, significantly enhancing its functionality.

Step 2Download and upload ACSM Input plugin to Calibre.

This ACSM Input plugin is a replacement for Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) which allows you to turn an ACSM file into an EPUB or PDF just like ADE would.

So we need this DeACSM plugin to convert the .acsm files of OverDrive Magazines into epubs. Launch calibre, then go to Preferences (in Calibre toolbar) > Plugins > Load plugin from file. After successful DeACSM plugin installation, you need to restart calibre for the plugin to take effect.

For preparing this plugin for use, we have a more detailed guide on setup DeACSM Plugin in calibre to Authorize ADE.

Step 3Download and upload OverDrive Libby Plugin to Calibre.

OverDrive Libby is a crucial plugin enabling direct import of your Libby loans into Calibre. Follow the same steps used for loading the ACSM Input plugin to add OverDrive Libby to Calibre.

Step 4Setting up Libby on another device.

To configure the OverDrive Libby plugin, simply right-click on the plugin name within the Calibre interface, then select the "Customize plugin" option from the context menu.

customize overdrive plugin

Then you will be prompted to enter a Libby setup code.

enter setup code

You can get a Libby setup code by watching the following short video about setting up Libby on another device.(You should only need to do this setup once)

Step 5Import your Libby library into Calibre.

After configuring Libby on another device, click the OverDrive Libby icon on the Calibre UI toolbar to initiate the synchronization process.

sync overdrive magazines

Troubleshooting: OverDrive Magazines Not Detected After Synchronization

If some or none of your OverDrive magazines are not detected after synchronization, try opening the magazine on your Libby app first, then click "Refresh" to sync again.

refresh overdrive library

Step 6Download Overdrive Magazine as an EPUB.

Choose the titles you wish to download, then click the "Download" button to initiate the process. As the DeACSM plugin converts the .acsm file to EPUB, you will receive EPUB files for your OverDrive magazines.

refresh overdrive library

The download process for magazines may take some time. Once completed, the magazine will be automatically added to your Calibre library.

Tips: How to convert DRM-free Overdrive Magazine to PDF

After removing DRM, if you require a PDF file, simply click "Convert books," then choose PDF as the output format. Click "OK" to start the conversion process.

If you need to convert OverDrive ebooks to DRM-free EPUBs or PDFs, you can follow this guide to utilize Epubor Ultimate to remove OverDrive DRM.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free



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