How to Play Audible Books on Chromebook

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Recently, I replaced my old laptop with a Chromebook purchased from Acer. Usually, I prefer to listen to my Audible books via the Audible app. So is there a possibility for me to play my Audible books on Chromebook?

Chromebooks are lightweight laptops designed for people who spend most of their time online. They are fast, secure, relatively cheap, and support multiple users. Today you can buy Chromebooks from well-known computer manufacturers like Dell, HP, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, and more. And all Chromebooks released since late 2017 allow you to install all Android apps from Google Play Store. In this guide, we are going to show you how to play Audible books on Chromebook.

play audible on chromebook

1. What Kind of File Format does Chrome OS Support?

Chromebook is a laptop that runs the Chrome OS operating system. It is primarily used to perform a variety of tasks using the Google Chrome browser. Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system compared with Windows 10 and macOS. That's because the OS centers around the Chrome app and web-based processes.

what is chromebook

Not all third-party software can be installed on a Chromebook. But all Chromebooks released since late 2017 can also run Android apps that are available on Google Play Store. This gives Chromebooks access to more games, productivity options, and other apps to make these machines more versatile.

The built-in video and audio players in Chrome OS can play quite a few different file formats, here are some file formats that are supported on Chromebooks:

Microsoft Office files: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt (read-only), .pptx (read-only).

Media: .3gp, .avi, .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .m4a, .mp3, .mkv, .ogv, .ogm, .ogg, .oga, .webm, .wav

Images: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .webp

Compressed files: .zip, .rar

Other: .txt, .pdf (read-only; you won't be able to edit these files)

2. How to Play Audible Books on Chromebook?

We know that all Chromebooks support MP3 format, and all Chromebooks released since late 2017 can also run Android apps that are available on Google Play Store, therefore, we got three solutions to play Audible books on Chromebook, one is to listen to Audible books online, another soluton is access Audible books via Audible app, and the ultimate solution is to convert Audible book to mp3.

Solution one: Play Audible Books Online

The Audible Cloud Player allows you to play your audiobooks over an internet-connected computer by audio streaming, without needing to download any files or connect any devices!

You can listen to your audiobooks by going to your Library page on the Audible website and clicking Play under the cover art of the audiobook.

play auidble online

Solution two: Play Audible Books via Audible App

Android apps are available on all new Chromebooks and most of those on the market can access the Google Play store at this time, so does Audible app.

Step 1Download Audible App to your Chromebook from Google Play Store.

Step 2Once the app is installed, then open it and sign in to your account.

audible app on chromebook

Now you can enjoy Audible on your Chromebook laptop.

Solution three: Convert Audible Books to MP3

In view of the fact that some old Chromebook are not able to install Android apps, so converting Audible books to MP3 which is supported by Chromebook is the best solution for them to listen to Audible on Chromebook.

Audible books are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management), so removing DRM from Audible files is required to make it possible to play Audible files on Chromebook.

Luckily, Epubor Audible Converter is a professional lightweight tool that can help you remove DRM (Digital Rights Management) and convert your Audible files to MP3 with the fastest conversion speed.

Step 1Download Audible books to your computer.

For Mac users, you need to go to your Library page on the Audible.com website and click the Download button to start downloading the Audible book to your computer.

download audible books

For Windows 8/10 users, we suggest you use Audible for Windows App to download your Audible books to your computer effortlessly.

download via audible for windows

As for other Windows users, you can follow this guide to download Audible books with the help of Audible Download Manager.

Step 2 Download Epubor Audible Converter to your computer.

Download Epubor Audible Converter for Free

Step 3Convert Audible books to MP3.

Launch Epubor Audible Converter, drag and drop your Audible books to the blank area of the software, then choose MP3 as the output format in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the software. Next, click Convert to MP3 to start the conversion.


Bonus Tips

If you want to split your Audible books by chapters or edit metadata on your Audible files, you can click the Edit icon to the right of the title to make the changes.

split mp3 file into chapters 02

Step 4Transfer the converted Audible files to your Chromebook.

When the conversion complete, it will pop up a window that includes your MP3 files. Then you can move the converted Audible files from an external drive to your Chromebook.

Download Epubor Audible Converter for Free

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