How to Transfer and Play Audible on MP3 Player

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One reason I love audiobooks is that I can listen to the audiobook while doing other things, such as doing laundry or taking exercises. So I prefer to playing Audible on MP3 player rather than iPhone or Android device because the MP3 player is smaller and easy to carry.

However, audiobooks purchased from Audible.com are protected by DRM and only can be played on audible compatible mp3 player. There are many other great mp3 players over there so we should find a way to listen to audible books on any mp3 players, right? If you are looking for ways to play audible on MP3 players, keep reading to learn the details.

Check if your MP3 players are Audible Compatible MP3 Players or not?

Although Audible claims that Audible is compatible with hundreds of devices from mp3 players to the latest and greatest phones and tablets, the fact is that you will find a few audible ready mp3 players. Let's see the list of Audible compatible MP3 players at first.

List of Audible compatible mp3 players

    Audible Compatible MP3 Players

  • Sandisk MP3 Players
  • Creative MP3 Players
  • Garmin & Tom Tom GPS Devices


From above list, you will find that the most popular MP3 players such as sonos, Sandisk, Zen Player, Sony Walkman are not on this list. So if your MP3 players is not in the audible compatible MP3 player list, just skip to the Method 0: how to play Audible on any MP3 player.

Anyway, if you happen to have any of these Audible compatible MP3 player, please follow the Method 1 or Method 2 to transfer audible to audible compatible mp3 player.

Method 0. Transfer and Play Audible on MP3 Player without Limitation

Do you have Audible compatible mp3 player? What if I don't have any audible compatible mp3 player? In this case, you should convert your audible aax files to mp3 format which is supported by almost all mp3 players.

To do this, you will need Epubor Audible Converter which enables you to download Audible from Audible library to your computer, convert Audible books to DRM-free MP3 files so that you can listen Audible on any MP3 player.

Step 1 Download and install Epubor Audible Converter.

Download the Epubor Audible Converter for free:

Step 2 Download Audible to your computer and convert Audible to MP3.

Launch Epubor Audible Converter, click "Log in" button at the top-left corner, and then choose your Audible region and sign in with your Amazon account.

log in audible

Then your Audible library will be loaded into Epubor Audible converter.

Optional: if you've already downloaded audible to aax on your computer, you can skip the above steps, just drag and drop them into the main interface of Epubor Audible Converter to decrypt them.

Drag and drop the Audible books to the right side, and click on “Convert to mp3" button to initiate the downloading and converting process.

convert audible books to mp3

Click on the "Open" button located at the top area to open the folder where your converted audible MP3 files are stored.

Step 3 Transfer DRM free audible mp3 files to your MP3 player for playing.

Now connect your MP3 player to your computer, and then copy and paste your converted DRM-free Audible audiobook to your MP3 player. From now on, you can listen to your own Audible books freely and easily.

Method 1. Transfer and play Audible books to MP3 player with Audible Manager

Step 1 Install Audible Manager

Download and install Audible Manager.

Note: there is only Windows version for Audible manager. So if you are on Mac platform, this method will not work for you. So transferring drm-free mp3 audible file via USB will help you transfer your audible files from Mac to any mp3 player.

Step 2 Add MP3 player to Audible Manager

Plug your MP3 player into your computer at first. Open Audible Manager, you will see Devices at the top toolbar. Click on Device-->> Add New Device, Audible Manager Mobile Device Update window will pop up.

 add mp3 player to audible manager

In this new window, you will see all Audible Ready devices.

 add mp3 player to audible manager

Select your device and click on "ok" button. Now you will received a message asking that Audible Manager must be closed to install all the component files. Click on " OK" button to close the program. The Audible Manager will install a plug-in for the device you selected. When the component file has been installed successfully, the Audible Manager will close automatically. When you restart it, you will see your device under the Mobile Devices section located in the bottom left corner.

Step 3 Activate your MP3 Player

Find your device under the Mobile Devices section, right click it and select Activate. Then you have to enter your Audible account information to finish the activation.

 activate Mp3 Player

Step 4 Transfer Audible to MP3 player

When you have activated your MP3 player, you can transfer Audible audiobooks to your MP3 player. Ensure you have selected your MP3 player, and then the Audible book you want to play on MP3 player. Then click on "+Add to Device" in the upper right corner.

 transfer audible to mp3 player

A progress bar will show you the transferring status. Once finished, your Audible audiobook will be transferred to your MP3 player successfully. Now you can play Audible books on audible compatible MP3 player.

Method 2. Transfer Audible to MP3 player with Audible Windows 10 App(Not work anymore)

Updated 2022: The Audible app for Windows has been discontinued in 2022. If you still have not installed this software, this method will not work for you.

Beyond the above method, if you are on Windows 10 platform, here I want to share the easiest way to play audible books on audible compatible mp3 player.

Step 1 Download and Install Audible for Windows 10 app.

 download audible for windows 10 app

Step 2 Launch Audible for windows 10, and connect mp3 player to your computer.

Step 3 Once the mp3 player connected, audible app will recognize it.

Step 4 To transferring audible books, you can click on menu icon(...) to show all the options. Then click on " Add to ...". Or you can just drag the audible book over to the device icon on the screen.

 transfer audible to mp3 player

Step 5 A new window will pop up. Just click on "ok", then enter your audible account information, and finally click on "Activate" to your audible account for the mp3 player.

audible windows 10 activate

Then the transferring will start. Once finished, a prompted window will show the message.

transfer audible to mp3 windows 10

Note: The activation process only for the first time transferring. If you have activated your audible on this device before, you will skip this step when transferring audible books next time.

These above solutions will help you play Audible book on MP3 player.

If you have Audible compatible MP3 players, just download your books to your Windows computer and transfer audible to audible compatible mp3 player.

Or not, you can convert Audible to DRM-free MP3 format and listen audible on any MP3 player.

Now I am sure you can play audible books on any mp3 player!

Download Epubor Audible Converter

Watch the video tutorial on playing audible on any mp3 player


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