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In recent years, ebooks have become a trend in the publishing industry. Compared with their paper counterparts, ebooks are usually less expensive and more accessible. While there are still many people who like to read paper books, printing ebooks becomes an increasing demand. Therefore, here I write this post with the purpose of telling you how to print an ebook step by step. You will get the easiest method here and will even know how to print a Kindle, Kobo, Google Play, Nook ebook with ease.

Note: Please turn your ebook into printed book only for personal use in consideration of copyright.

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how to print an ebook

Step 1. Convert eBook to PDF

In order to print an eBook successfully, converting eBook to PDF is absolutely a prerequisite. If you are an ebook lover, you must have come across several kinds of ebook formats, like epub, txt, or Kindle format mobi/azw/kfx/azw3/prc. However, PDF is the best file format for printing since it has the best print-out quality. To convert eBook to PDF, you need an eBook Converter to help you.

Here I would like to recommend Epubor Ultimate to you. It supports converting KFX/EPUB/AZW/AZW3/Mobi/PRC/TPZ/TXT/HTML files to PDF, and even supports converting DRM-protected Kindle/Kobo/Google Play books to PDF. I would say Epubor Ultimate is the best assistant for you if you want to print ebooks.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

For DRM-free ebooks, just simply drag and drop your ebook files to Epubor Ultimate, and click the "Convert to PDF" button. All done!

Tips: You can find all your converted PDF books just by clicking the blue Folder icon at the bottom-right.

convert drm-free ebook to pdf

But for DRM-protected ebooks like Kindle/Kobo/Google Play/Nook books, you should take another step before converting them to PDF, that is, remove eBook DRM. So here in the following parts, I will show you the easiest ways to remove eBook DRM and convert Kindle/Kobo/Google Play Books/Nook to PDF. You can just pick a certain needed part to read.

(1) Convert Kindle eBook to PDF

1Download Kindle Books to the computer via an older version Kindle for PC/Mac V1.17.

Kindle for PC V1.17 Download Kindle for Mac V1.17 Download

Important Notice

Usually, if you download Kindle books via Kindle for PC/MAC higher than V1.17, you'll fail to decrypt Kindle books. Therefore, to convert Kindle books successfully, you have to download Kindle books via the older version of Kindle for PC/MAC V1.17. (If you have already installed a higher latest version of Kindle desktop, you can automatically downgrade Kindle for PC/Mac to an older version.)

If you don't want to downgrade or the downgrade does not work for you, e.g (1) you are using the macOS Catalina or maOS Big Sur, (2) your Kindle desktop forced update to the latest version, you can try the following two methods. The do work for both Windows and Mac users (macOS Catalina and Big Sur included).

1Disable KFX support in Kindle for PC/Mac. (You should download and use the latest version of Kindle for PC/Mac.)

2Download &Transfer Kindle Books via USB. (If you have a Kindle e-ink device.)

2Run Epubor Ultimate.

3Remove Kindle DRM and Convert Kindle Books to PDF.

The Kindle books downloaded via Kindle for PC/Mac will be automatically displayed and diplayed at the left column under the "Kindle" tab. Just drag and drop the Kindle books from the left to the right. Select the output format as "PDF" and click the button "Convert to PDF".

convert Kindle ebook to PDF

(2) Convert Kobo eBook to PDF

1Download Kobo Books via Kobo desktop for PC/Mac.

2Run Epubor Ultimate.

3Remove Kobo DRM and Convert Kobo Books to PDF with Epubor Ultimate.

The Kobo books downloaded via Kobo for PC/Mac will be automatically detected and shown under the "Kobo" tab. Simply drag the Kobo books from the left to the right to convert Kobo books to PDF.

convert kobo ebook to PDF

  • Pro Tips: You can also download your Kobo books from Kobo online webstite. But you will get an acsm file in this case, you can just check the next part "convert ACSM to PDF" as a reference.

(3) Convert Google Play Books (ACSM) to PDF

(*) This guide also works for some other ACSM ebooks besides Google Play Books.

1Download Google Play Books to the computer from the Google Play Store.

download google play books

  • Case 1: If you get the Google Play books in PDF format, no need to go further. Just print the PDF Google Play books now.
  • Case 2: If you get the Google Play books in .epub format, please drag the EPUB file to Epubor Ultimate to convert to PDF.
  • Case 2: If you got an .acsm file, you must first convert ACSM to PDF. Please follow the next steps to handle this issue.

2Open Google Play Books (.acsm) with Adobe Digital Editions.

3Run Epubor Ultimate.

4Remove Google Play Books DRM and Convert Google Play Books to PDF with Epubor Ultimate.

convert Google Play Books to PDF

(4) Convert Nook eBook to PDF

1Download Nook books via Nook Windows App.

2Download Epubor Ultimate for Windows. (You can only remove Nook DRM on Windows 8/10 computer).

Download Epubor Ultimate Windows for Free

3Run Epubor Ultimate to convert Nook ebook to PDF.

Just drag and drop the Nook books from the left column to the right main windows, and then click the blue "Convert to PDF" button. Soon, the Nook ebooks have been converted successfully.

drm nook to pdf

Step 2. Print eBook Pages

Once you have converted your ebooks to PDF, all that's left to do is to print the eBook to pages. There are many PDF readers that support the print function. Here I just take Adobe Acrobat Reader DC as an example to show you how to print the PDF ebook file.

1Open the PDF eBook file with Adobe Reader. On the menu bar, click on "File" and find "Print".

print an ebook

2Select a Printer, choose the pages to print, and specify other options like Page Sizing/Comments & Forms as per your requirements.

If you want to print only selected pages instead of the whole book, you can enter individual page numbers, a range, or a combination on the "Page" option. For example: 1, 8-20, 89, 288.

If necessary, click Page Setup to change the paper size, paper source or orientation.

select pages to print

Now you have successfully printed an ebook to a paper book. These are all the guides and tools I'd like to share with you for printing ebooks. If you meet any questions during the process of removing ebook DRM and converting ebook to PDF, you can read the following detailed tutorial.


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