How to Print CFA eBooks or Curriculum

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Why we want to print the CFA eBooks? My own reason is, for better exam preparation and learning!

Yes, the eBook version reading with CFA app or vitalsource bookshelf is very convenient for us especially when we are in a packed rush-hour subway. Reading with the mobile app saves us much time, and we even don't need to carry 6 books in our bag.

But there must be some parts that are hard for us to understand well, or need to spend time studing, making notes, etc...Then printing some parts of the eBook is necessary. Following are 3 methods that teach you how to print CFA curriculum or eBooks with ease.

1. Order the Printed Version at $150

CFA Institute supports the printed version of CFA eBooks. The print version provides the curriculum as a set of six volumes.

print cfa curriculum

As the image shows above, either CFA Institute members or CFA Program Candidates can purchase the printed copy, price is $150.

This method is the easiest one when we want to buy cfa curriculum. Most of us has been familiar with the printed copy when we need to learn something. In my own opinion, the first reason I will choose this is because prefer physical highlights and stickies to online versions.  If you choose hard copy, not from the computer, you will thank your eyes!

Pros: Good to learn; real books.

Cons: Too heavy to carry; the price $150 is costly; No refunds.

2. Print the CFA eBook with Vitalsource Bookshelf

You should have aware of this app, Vitalsource Bookshelf, as CFA institute transfers all their eBooks to this platform. By default after you successfully registered a CFA exam, our CFA confirmation email will includes the eBook code and instructions for accessing the eBook via VitalSource.

No matter from online or with the app, after logging in with our account (input the ebook code of your cfa), you will see your library. It lists all your purchases. Choose one to open it please.

print cfa curriculum

Click on the print icon and you will see a print dialog box which lets you choose the page range.

print cfa curriculum

Click on the "Print" button. OK. With vitalsource bookshelf you can only print sections of the CFA eBook, not the entire curriculum.

print cfa ebook section

Please note that the "page" numbers as they appear in the lower left hand corner of your eBook are actually section numbers. DON'T equate to page numbers for the purpose of printing.

Pros: Can get the eBooks and read cross different platform; Pay nothing.

Cons: Can only print up to a chapter at a time, not the entire eBooks pages.

3. Download CFA eBook to PDF and Print It

You know we can easily download the cfa eBook via VitalSource bookshelf. But the fact is that what we downloaded are VBK files, not the common ePub or the printed format PDF.

Another bad point is that if we think the printed version $150 is a little expensive, so we should choose eBooks. But we can't print the entire eBook with vitalsource!

Then you will meet Epubor Vitalsource Downloader. It helps download vitalsource bookshelf eText books to PDF and ePub so that we can print all the pages at once.



Step 1: Accessing the eBook via Vitalsource.

Go your email to follow the instructions to activate your eBook. During this process you will be asked to create a vitalsource account. When you are logged into your VitalSource account as a registered candicate, you can access the curriculum eBook online or offline (with vitalsource ebook app).

Step 2: Download Vitalsource VBK to PDF.

Open epubor vitalsource Downloader software, the first time you use it you will be asked to input your licensed email or license code. If you bought it please do that, if not, don't worry you can click on "free trial".

Then you will be asked to input your vitalsource account (email address and password). Please note that this step is important. It's the key to access your vitalsource library so that epubor software can help you download your book to computer.

log in vitalsource account

When you can see your library, the left steps will be easy. Just click on the book cover, downloading will begin soon. Wait, wait, wait.

Each time you can only download one book. When completed, choose another one to download.

print cfa ebook entire

Since you have got the entire book, the printing is simple. Open the book and choose one offline printer. More info you can read this article convert vitalsource bookshelf to pdf.

Pros: Print the whole curriculum perfectly; Read CFA eBooks on multiple devices but without vitalsource app.

Cons: Full version need to pay $29.99.

Download Epubor Audible Converter for free:



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