How to Print Nook eBooks in 2021

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“I am a student and sometimes like to print some pages out of my ebooks purchased from Barnes and Noble store, but there is no print button.”

“I am a doctor and sometimes like to give articles or book chapters to my patients for them to take home to read. I would like to print a chapter from a nook book that I purchased recently.”

From time to time, you may need to print some pages from some books, but if your books are purchased from Barnes & Noble, the print option is not available for you. Can I print Nook books?—Yes, you can print Nook books easily only when you follow my below instructions.

Step 1. Download Nook Books

Since Nook has discontinued its Nook for PC/MAC and Nook study, the only method for you is downloading Nook books via Nook app getting from Microsoft store.That means you can download Nook books on Windows 8 and 10 only.

download nook books

All Nook ebooks are encrypted with Nook DRM protection. If you just want to copy and paste from the Nook app for printing, you can only copy very limited content from Nook app. So the best way is converting Nook books to any printable format, like PDF. Therefore, to print Nook books, following steps are required: removing Nook DRM and then converting Nook books to PDF.

Step 2. Remove DRM from Nook Books

For removing Nook DRM, you will need the assistance of Nook DRM Removal—the unique and only effective Nook DRM Removal on the market.

Download Nook DRM Removal for Free Trial

Launch Nook DRM Removal, and you'll find your download Nook books listed under "Nook" tab in the left column. Just drag and drop the Nook books to the right main itnerface. Your Nook books are decrypted.

remove nook drm

For the detailed steps of removing nook drm, please read How to remove Nook DRM.

Step 3. Convert DRM-free Nook Books to PDF

PDF stands for "portable document format" and PDF format is considered as the printed format. That’s why we need to convert Nook epub to pdf.

Fortunately, you can also use Nook DRM Remova l(EPubor Ultimate) to convert Nook books to PDF.

convert nook to pdf for printing

Step 4. Print Nook Books

Now I am sure you have your Nook books converted to DRM-free PDF files successfully now. To print PDF files, you can just open your Nook PDF file at PDF supported software, such as Adobe Digital Editions or Web browser. I just open it with Windows 10 pre-installed browser –Microsoft Edge. Click on the “Printer” icon at the menu bar, the print option window will pop up. Just fill in the copies, choose the pages you intend to print and then hit the “Print” button. You can easily print your selected pages of your Nook eBooks.

print nook books

Do you have any better idea of printing Nook epub books? If yes, please share with us in the comments.

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