How to Print Secured PDF Files

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Is it possible to make a PDF unsecured and bypass password protected PDF applied by Acrobat? Generally speaking, there are two ways to set restrictions on PDF files. They are protected from password or certificate. This guide will show you how to print secured PDF files in Adobe Reader 8.1 with a disable option.

Print Secured PDF files

PDF Password Removal should be recommended because it can make a secured PDF printable. And it removes restrictions such as printing, editing, copying, etc with ease. Once make locked PDF documents unsecured on Mac OX and Window PC, they are printed out without any restrictions as usual.

How to Use Printing Restriction Removal

1Download and install PDF Password Remover

The following program is specially designed to deal with printing restricted PDF files.

Download Epubor Printing Restriction Removal:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Follow the prompts to install this light program and launch it.

2Remove secured PDF with password

1) After launch this light software, click "Add Files"button. And import the printing restricted PDF files. Or you drag these files directly into app. It supports for importing and removes the restriction from a user password and owner password in batch.

2) By click the icon next to the output path box, set your custom Output Folder.

3) As shown in the picture below, you will find a lock on the "Natashas Reading" PDF item bar. It displays that this PDF file is locked by the owner password. When you click "Start" button, it will prompt you to enter the correct authorized password (User Password). Compared with this "Google SEO Guide" PDF, there is an unlock icon. This file is just restriction from printing, modifying, cropping, etc by owner password. This kind of file is easy to remove by just only one click.

Remove PDF Security

3Print protected PDF files

Just click "Start" button and finish the process of removing PDF password. Navigate to the output folder by clicking the "Open" file icon. Now you can print these secured PDF documents with ease.

Remove PDF Password

By the way, how to merge secured PDF files into one? If you follow this guide step by step, it's so easy to merge secured PDF files with normal PDF files. Or split this secured files without any difficulty.

Windwos Version Download Mac Version Download

On the other hand, how to print secured PDF files which are protected from Certificate Based Encryption? Firstly, you have to create an encryption service client and get the secured PDF document. Then make sure this PDF file and the private key which are the same as the key which was used to encrypt the PDF file. More info, please refer to how to remove encryption from certificate secured PDF files in the Adobe website.


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