How to Read ACSM (Adobe Digital Editions) on Android

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My books are in acsm format. I want to read the ACSM files on my Android. Which ebook reader should I download for that?

If you often download ebooks online, it's probable for you to get files with .acsm extension. You may have tried to transfer them to your Android device but only to find they cannot be opened with any of your favorite ebook reading apps. So what is the right way to read ACSM files on Android? Which ebook reading app supports acsm file format? Don't worry, you will find the answer after reading this post.

read acsm on android

1. Read ACSM on Android with an ACSM Reader

There are very limited ACSM Readers that can directly open an ACSM file. Here are the only two effective ACSM Readers you can download from an app store to read ACSM on an Android device.

1. Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is the first and the official ebook reader that supports reading ACSM files. It's available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Step 1Download Adobe Digital Editions from Google Play Store and install it on your Android device.

Step 2Transfer ACSM files to your Android device. You can just send an email with the .acsm files attached. Navigate the email message and download the attached .acsm files to your downloads folder.

Step 3Open your File Manager app. There should be a search box. Just type "acsm" in the search box. All the downloaded acsm files should be listed.

Step 4Select the .acsm files. (There should now be a checkmark next to the file.) Then select the menu option indicator (e.g. "More") and choose "Open in another app". Next choose Adobe Digital Editions to open the .acsm files.

copy acsm to adobe digital editions

Step 5When the acsm files are transferred to Adobe Digital Editions, you would be asked to enter your Adobe ID and password to authorize your device. (Authorizing your device enables you to read Adobe DRM-protected items on Android devices.) After that, the acsm files will be uploaded to the library of Adobe Digital Editions. Please wait while fulfillment and download is in progress.

Adobe Digital Editions for Android


  • Read DRM-protected ACSM files.


  • Adobe account is needed.
  • Loads books very slow.
  • Often crashes and provides a terrible reading experience.

2. Aldiko

Besides Adobe Digital Editions, there exists another ACSM reader for Android to read DRM-protected ACSM files.

Step 1Download Aldiko from Google Play Store and install it on your Android device.

Step 2Log in Aldiko with your Adobe account. Tap the three dots button at the upper-left corner in the app >> "About" >> "DRM Accounts" >> "Add DRM account" >> Fill in your Adobe ID and password >> "Save".

add adobe account on Aldiko

Step 3Transfer your ACSM files to your Android device. After they have been transferred, you should manually import them to Aldiko library. Click "Files" in the three-dots menu and then find the storage path where your ACSM files are stored on your Android.

transfer acsm to Aldiko

Then on the library, you can see your uploaded ACSM files.

Aldiko library for Android


  • Read DRM-protected ACSM files.


  • Annoying ads.
  • Adobe account is needed.

2. Read ACSM on Android with Any eBook Reading App

Apart from Adobe Digital Editions and Aldiko, there are many other better ebook reading apps for Android (e.g. Moon + Reader, Google Play Books, Foxit Reader) which provides much better reading experiences. To read acsm files with any ebook readers on Android, there exists only one obstacle -- ACSM file is protected by Adobe DRM and the file format is not supported by other ebook readers.

Therefore, to let your ACSM file compatible with any ebook reader, here comes the ultimate solution: Remove ACSM DRM and Convert ACSM to PDF/EPUB with Epubor Ultimate. The tool is really easy-to-use and will help you read your ACSM files in any ebook readers without any limitations.

Detailed Guide:

remove Adobe ACSM DRM

After converting your ACSM files to real ePub/PDF books, all that's left to is transfer those converted ePub/PDF books to your Android device and then open them with your favorite eBook Reading apps. If you are still looking for that, here are our top picks you can have a check.

Common solutions and steps when ACSM files won't open on Android

1. Download the acsm file via email when receiving the downloading link of your purchased book.

2. Enter the correct Adobe ID, or ensure that you are using the same email address as your Adobe ID.

3. Check whether you've reached the download limits or device's limits of your acsm files.

4. Move the file from your downloads to somewhere in your internal storage and then download the file to ADE again.

5. Adobe digital editions can't be installed on modern android devices. You'd better install other acsm reader on your android, not the ADE.

6. In my own opinion, the best method to read acsm on android is to download acsm format files to computer, and then open them via ADE PC/Mac so that the Epubor Ultimate is able to remove the Adoe acsm drm limitation.


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