How to Read ACSM on Kobo

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read acsm on kobo

You may have this confusion: I purchase an interesting book online, but finally, I download .acsm file. That isn't what I want. So, what should I do? Can Kobo read ACSM files? How to read ACSM on my Kobo? Don't worry. This is exactly what I will talk about in this article. Now please follow me to learn the details about how to read ACSM on Kobo.

Step1: Convert ACSM to EPUB with ADE

What's an ACSM file? Before converting ACSM to EPUB, I believe you may have such doubt on it. In fact, an ACSM file is just a download link to your eBook. It even isn't a real eBook file like PDF or EPUB. As Adobe creates it, so you can only open an ACSM file with Adobe software Adobe Digital Editions.

Now, I'll teach you how to convert ACSM to EPUB.

convert acsm to epub

In order to convert ACSM to EPUB, you need to install ADE first and open (your ACSM) with ADE. When you open ACSM files with ADE, ADE will start downloading your file.

downloading acsm to epub with ADE

Once the dowloading finished, the ACSM file will be saved in your ADE library as ePub format automatically. Double-click on it you can open this book.

You may have a few problems when installing or opening ACSM files with ADE. You can follow How to Convert acsm to EPUB and Remove DRM to learn more details about converting ACSM to EPUB with ADE.

Now, you can transfer converted ACSM to your Kobo with ADE and read it.

Step2: Transfer EPUB to Kobo with ADE

1 Connect your Kobo to computer with the USB

You can see ADE automatically recognize your Kobo device like following picture.

connect kobo to ade

2 Transfer converted books to your Kobo

Just right-click books you need. Select " Copy to Computer/Device/KoBoeReader " to transfer your books.

transfer acsm to kobo

3 Wait for transferring finished

After the last step, you will see a window like this, just wait it finishes.


After you transfer ACSM to Kobo, you can read ACSM books on your Kobo freely.

Useful tips for you

1. Troubleshooting Adobe Digital Editions

If you have trouble opening a book on your eReader that you've added using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), you may have to reinstall an older version of ADE on your computer.

2. The location of your books in ADE

The default location:

For Windows: ...\My Documents (or Documents)\My Digital Editions\...

For Mac: Users/ ... (Your computer name)/Digital Editions/...

You can also right-click the books and select "Item Info" , then you can clearly see your books location like this.

books location in ade

3. Message "error check activation" in ADE

Try to de-authorize the device, go under Help and choose Erase Authorization option, then you can de-authorize your Adobe ID. If you can't find Erase Authorization option, you need to press Ctrl-Shift-D.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I downloaded an .acsm file that I can't open with ADE? What should I do?

A: Perhaps you have download your eBooks before installing ADE, or your ADE hasn't been installed correctly, or your Adobe ID doesn't match your computer. You can try to install ADE again and set your ADE to open your downloaded acsm files.

Q: I tried to download my eBook and all I got was .acsm file! That can’t be the entire text of a book? Why?

A: In fact, acsm file doesn't contain the entire content of a book. You can put it as a link to your eBook that allows a program like Adobe Digital Editions to download the actual book.

Q: How to convert .acsm to .pdf?

A: There is no need for you to do this. If you have Adobe Digital Editions installed, then, what you have to do is only to open your acsm files with ADE. Next, the program will download the PDF file automatically.

That's all I want to share with you in this article. Wish you could enjoy your reading experience with Kobo.

And, if there are some books you downloaded were not with ACSM format but the Kindle azw3, mobi, azw, etc, then if you want to read just with your Kobo device, maybe you need another tool Ultimate Converter to help you convert them to ePub, then transfer to Kobo vis USB.

Detailed Guide How to Read Kindle on Kobo

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