How to Read AZW3 Books on PC and Mac

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how to read azw3 books on pc and mac

If you are an eBook lover, you are probably familar with AZW3 format. It is a variation of AZW and also known as KF8 (Kindle Format 8). Compared with other Kindle formats, such as Mobi or AZW, it's more advanced because it supports more fonts, layouts and styles. Currently, most of the books purchased from Amazon are already in AZW3 format, while the previous mainstream MOBI format is becoming less and less. AZW3 is gradually replacing Mobi and becoming the mainstream Kindle format.

But the fact is that the AZW3 files are only associated with Amazon Kindle devices and eBook reading applications. So if we don't have a Kindle device, how can we open and read AZW3 files? How to read AZW3 books on PC and Mac? Don't worry. Here I will show you 3 different method to read azw3 on windows and Mac platform. /

1. Read AZW3 Files with Kindle for PC/Mac

Kindle for PC/Mac is the Amazon official reading app. It's obvious that we can open and read AZW3 files on PC and Mac with it.

If you have not installed Kindle for PC/Mac on your computer, please download it from Amazon official website and install it.

Here I will show you how to read azw3 on kindle for pc. The steps are the same for Mac users.

After installing Kindle for PC successfully, please launch it and log in with your Amazon account. Then all your purchased kindle books will show up in the main window of the application. Just double-click the book cover to download them to your computer. When the downloading completed, it will open automatically for reading. Or you can click the book title or cover to open it.

read azw3 files with kindle for pc

Note 1: Sometimes, when you double-click your AZW3 file, it can not be opened directly on your computer. A window will pop up letting you select a program to open this file. Just select the option "Select a program from a list of installed program" and click "OK" button to select Kindle for PC to open the file. Or you can just right-click your AZW3 book, select "Open with"-->"Kindle" to open it.

can not find program to open azw3 files

Note 2: As long as you log in Kindle for PC/Mac with your own Amazon ID which is associated with your purchased books, you can use the software to read AZW3 files without any restriction, no matter they are DRM-free or DRM protected.

2. Read AZW3 Files with Calibre

Calibre is a very popular, open-source digital publication library management program. It supports many kinds of eBook formats, including AZW3 format. You cannot only use it to convert eBooks format but also read eBooks.

To read your AZW3 files with Calibre, please download and install Calibre first.

Then add your downloaded books to Calibre, you can click "Add books" button to add books or just drag them to the tool. Then all your added books will appear in the main interface of the software.

add azw3 files to calibre

If your AZW3 files are DRM-free, after adding them to Calibre, you can directly double-click their title to open and read them.

read azw3 files with calibre

Notice:If you can't open and read DRM-free AZW3 books with Calibre, please try to click Preferences -> Behavior and add AZW3 format to view in Calibre. Or you can try to change their extension to .Mobi or .AZW, because AZW3 eBook file format also uses .AZW and .Mobi file extension.

As a free AZW3 reader for PC and Mac, Calibre can only read DRM-free ebooks. If your AZW3 books are DRM-protected, you can't open them unless you remove their DRM first.

can not read drmed azw3 files with calibre

If you want to successfully read the DRM-protected AZW3 files on Calibre, you need to install the Calibre DRM Removal Plugin.

3. Read AZW3 Files with Any Reading App

To install the Calibre DRM removal Plugin is much difficult for beginners. Here I'd like to recommend you a powerful software Epubor Ultimate. It is very easy to use eBook DRM Removal and eBook Converter. Its clean and friendly interface makes us deal with the DRM problem and ebook format smoothly. If we can convert the AZW3 to other common format like epub/pdf, we are able to read the AZW3 books with any third-party reading app. Now just follow me to learn how to remove DRM and convert the ebook fromats with the tool.

Please download and install it on your computer first.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

Launch Epubor Ultimate, it will auto detects your downloaded kindle books and display them under the corresponding tab. If you download them via Kindle for PC, they will appear at the left column under the tab "Kindle". If you download them via Kindle device and plug Kindle to the computer, the kindle books will show up under devices tab.

Next, drag the AZW3 books from the left to the right blank zone, then your books will be decrypted immediately.

convert kindle formats to epub

After the DRM is removed successfully, you can click the word “decrypted” to find where the DRM-free are stored. Then add the DRM-free AZW3 books to any azw3 reader and start your reading journey.

Tip: If you want to convert the Kindle AZW3 to pdf/epub/mobi, you can continue to set the output format as whatever you want and click the "convert to ..." button to start conversion.

epubor ultimate to convert books

Epubor Ultimate is super easy to use, right? Within a few seconds, the DRM is removed succssfully. Now you can transfer the DRM-free books to any other third-party reading app or share them with your friends freely. Hope you have a wonderful reading journey.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free


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