How to Read DRM EPUB on Android Tablet / Phone

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When talking about eReaders, most people would say that I like Kindle or I like iPad. Yes they are well-known among ebook lovers. But, we can't deny that there are a part of people who are using android tablets or smart phones to read eBooks.

So as a writer about eBooks, in today's article let me write some good tips for those android lovers please. Here what I deal with is how to read drm epub on android tablet.

Go straight to the topic, I will introduce you 2 ways available. Just choose the method you like.

Method 1: Install ePub reader apps which support to read DRM.

Method 2: Removing DRM from EPUB books.

Method 1: Install DRM supported ePub reader apps

Here I want to settle this problem with 2 sorts: "special apps" and "general apps".

Official apps:

Here I mean those apps released from official ebook stores, such as Kobo, Nook, Sony, etc. These apps are special because they are only provided for their own books. For example, if we use Kobo app, we can only read books bought from Kobo store. And if we want to read other books bought from public websites, we have to install extra apps.

General apps:

This kind of epub reading apps are widely used on our devices because they are not dedicated to the store. Whether can we read one book is not depended on where this book purchased from, but depended on what format this book is, and what DRM this book is protected by. For example, the Aldiko, it can read all books if they are in epub or pdf format with Adobe drm.

The biggest benefit of these apps is that there is no need for us to install additional apps. We can even say that just with these apps we can read books from all over the stores.

Here is a simple list for epub reading apps on android.

  epub reader for android supported DRM Price
Official apps
Adobe DRM
Kobo for Android to Kobo & Sony
Adobe DRM
Adobe DRM; Nook DRM
Only support books purchased from their own stores (*1)

General apps


Adobe DRM
$2.99 (Premium) / Free
Adobe DRM
$6.99 (Premium) / Free
Adobe DRM
DRM Free
DRM Free
DRM Free
$4.99 (pro) / Free
Must make sure the DRM kind when deciding which app to use (*2)

*1: In March 2014, Sony abandoned all the US and Canada market, so those Sony eReader users have to transfer Sony to Kobo.

*2: There are many other general apps that you can use and install from google play stores.

From this list you know there are so many epub reading apps for android tablet. So you may feel a little difficult to select one. Here is my own advice:

If you just read books from only one store, choose the stores own android app from special apps. Here I take Kobo Android App for example.

Step 1. Download Kobo Books - Reading app for Android. You can download it from website or through Google Play on your android devices.

Step 2. Register with your Kobo account in Kobo for Android app .

Step 3. Sync Kobo books to your tablets or smartphones via wifi.

If you read books purchased from many bookstores, choose a suitable epub reader app from general apps.

Method 2: Removing DRM from EPUB

You may only want to install one reading app to read all ebooks on phones or tablets, but the books were bought or download from different eBook store, in this case, remove the drm from epub books is the best choice.

From the form above you may have found that after we got drm epub files, they may be with 2 kinds of DRM: Adobe DRM and Nook DRM.

So if we got a tool that helps us remove the two drm limitation, our epub books will be free to read.

Here I recommend you this All DRM Removal tool. It can strip both adobe and nook drm protection fast and perfect.

At first get the tool downloaded and installed for free.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

First, you need to know that we can't strip the DRM protection directly from anroid device, then the books should be downloaded and handled on computer.

1Remove Adobe DRM from ePub books

Great majority of epub books are protected by Adobe DRM, including Kobo, Google play books, some Nook books, and many small book store.

Step 1: Install Adobe Digital Editions, and then authorize it with the same Adobe ID (Normally, it's the same email address as your eBook store's account).

authorize with adobe ID

Step 2: Download the title from ebooks store, make sure you can read epub files on computer ADE.

download books from ebook store with ADE

Step 3: Install All drm removal and add epub books (below the ADE icon at right side) to the drm removal tool.

The rest of work is very simple, just drag the books to main interface and click "Remove DRM" button, wait about a seconds, you will get a drm free books to read on any devices.

remove adobe drm from epub to read epub on android

2Remove Nook DRM from Nook ePub books

Few epub books purchased from B&N store are protected with Nook DRM.

Step 1: Sync the Nook epub books from Barnes & Noble offical website to local computer via Download Nook for PC or Download Nook for Mac.

Step 2: Download nook books to computer and find them. The default download folder is "My Barnes & Noble eBooks" in library.

Step 3: Install and launch All DRM Removal tool. The tool will automatically detect Nook books on your computer and upload them. Then just drag the books to the main interface of this program and click "Remove DRM" button to open output folder.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

remove nook drm from epub

Note: In order to succeed at removing Nook DRM, please input your Nook account email and password. The tool will not collect your Nook account information, it's just for one-time use, after that it will generate a key upon your account information, all the following decryptings will only use the key file.

After DRM was removed, you can get the free epub books from the pop-up window. Then what you need to do is just to transfer them to your android tablet or smartphones, and select a reading app as you like to open them.

read drm epub on android tablet

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01/23/2016 11:39:52
Your article says "So here is another way for you to read drm epub on android tablet." but only gives downloads for Windows or Apple. Is there, in fact, a version for Android?
02/24/2016 20:40:20
If you want to read the DRM-protected books on android, you can install a epub reader app for android which support drm books.This is method 1 suggested.
But please understand that you can't remove the books DRM directly on your android device.You need to do it on your computer and then you can transfer the drm free epub books to android devices for reading with any ePub apps. That's why the download tool is only for windows or mac version.
09/21/2016 23:10:28
And removing DRM unless it is your own content is illegal
04/6/2019 19:48:49
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