How to Read eBooks on Windows 8

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It seems that more and more people use Windows 8 operating system on their computers. Then when new to it, some people may not be so sure how to read ebooks on Windows 8. And some users said that certain softwares they used to read books before cannot be used now on Windows 8. So here I would be glad to share some information about reading ebooks on Windows 8 with you. Hope this article can help you enjoy your ebooks better.

Read Kindle eBooks on Windows 8

kindle for windows 8

Let's start with the Kindle books. Reading Kindle books on Windows 8 seems to be much more simple than epub/pdf books. The program needed is just the Kindle for Windows 8 App.

1Get the needed program ready.

Download and install Kindle App for Windows 8 on your Windows 8.

2Run it and register.

Get the Kindle app running on windows 8. Using your Amazon Account to register Kindle App for Windows 8.

3 Sync books.

After you register the Kindle app, all the Kindle books you purchased under your account will be synced automatically. The kindle books will be listed for you.

Read EPUB & PDF eBooks on Windows 8

You can get specific software to read epub and pdf ebooks correspondingly which may offer you much nicer reading experience. However, the integrated way is more convenient.

1. Metro Reader to Read DRM-Free EPUB on Windows 8

read ebooks on windows 8

The epub books here have to be DRM-free ones. For reading epub ebooks on Windows 8, Metro Reader is the first off-line ebook reader for it. Metro Reader supports epub and txt formats. There are two reading modes provided: the day mode & the night mode. You can choose it as you need. And the snap mode is of course indispensable. The Table of Contents is supported (only for epub books). Besides, CoverFlow and GridView are supported in it. The font size of the content is customizable, so you can change it as you like. When reading your epub books with it, you can set it as the one-page mode or the two-page mode. Very flexible, right? It sells $2.99 now and free trial is available.

2. Adobe Reader to Read DRM-Free PDF on Windows 8

read pdf on win 8

For reading pdf ebooks on Windows 8, a nice choice would be Adobe Reader. It's free in Windows app store, so this can be an advantage of it. There is nothing better than freebies. This software works perfectly with Windows 8 operating system. It opens your pdf files quickly (including password-protected but non-DRM pdfs). This software offers many functions to help users get a better reading experience. For example, you can take notes when you are reading.

3. Read DRM EPUB & PDF on Windows 8

In this part, we mainly discuss about the DRM epub and pdf books. The softwares below of course can read non-DRM epub and pdf as well.

Method 1. Use different softwares to read ebooks in different DRM.

Use Adobe Digital Editions to read Adobe DRM epub and pdf books. The latest version of Adobe Digital Editions are not available for Windows 8 and the ADE 2.0 requires .Net 3.5 on your computer. However, it's said a previous Adobe Digital Editions 1.7 can be installed on Windows 8. You can click here to download ADE 1.7. If successfully install it, you can use it to read Adobe DRM books.

Use Nook for win 8 to read Nook DRM ebooks.

The method 2 below can help you enjoy your ebooks better.

Method 2. Remove ebook DRM and then read them on any software you like.

Most of the ebooks we purchased are locked by DRM. Here I recommend to use a DRM removal for Windows 8—Epubor Ultimate. It has DRM removing as well as format converting function. You can use it to remove four types of DRM, Adobe DRM, Nook DRM, Kobo DRM and Kindle DRM. After removing DRM, you can read the ebooks freely. If converting formats is needed, it will be easily done with Epubor Ultimate. This is the best way to read ebooks on Windows 8. Download and install ultimate on your computer.

Download Ultimate for free

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Before removing their DRM, you should make sure the epub and pdf books can be opened through ADE successfully (The decryption key is generated in this process. If they cannot be opened, the correct decryption key is not going to be generated. Thus removing DRM later would fail).

Run Epubor Ultimate, it will load your books automatically. Just drag and drop the books to the right column of the program, the books' DRM will be removed at once. If you need to convert formats, just continue to set the output format as you need, and click the big "Convert" button.

Then you can read the ebooks on Windows 8 with your favorite reading software on it. ( By the way, now you can also read your ebooks freely on your e-readers if you have one.)

Friendly message for you: Don't forget that you can also use this tool to remove Kindle DRM, convert Kindle formats to others such as epub and pdf etc. to read.



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