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I use Adobe Digital Editions as my desktop reader to read and manage my eBooks. Now I receive an Amazon gift card and want to buy some books from Amazon kindle. I want to know can I read kindle books on Adobe Digital Editions.
Is there any way to read Adobe Digital Editions-protected .epub files on a Kindle?

Kindle and Adobe Digital Editions: one is the most popular ebook reader, while the other is the best Adobe PDF and EPUB ebook reading app. So, can we switch from one to the other? Like reading Kindle books on Adobe Digital Editions and transferring Adobe Digital Editions EPUB or PDF to Kindle?

Sure, we can definitely read Kindle books on Adobe if we convert Kindle to Adobe-supported formats. Conversely, we can also convert Adobe Digital Editions to kindle. In the following post, I will show you how to get ebooks from Kindle to Adobe Digital Editions and from Adobe Digital Editions to Kindle.

read kindle on adobe

Adobe Digital Editions Kindle Compatibility

No. Kindle Books /Kindle Device Adobe Digital Editions
FoeBook rmat azw, azw3, mobi, kfx, kcr, prc, AZW4(PDF) etc Epub and PDF
DRM Type Kindle DRM Only support Adobe Adept DRM ebooks and DRM-free eBooks

From the above information, it's evident that Kindle books are not compatible with Adobe Digital Editions due to differences in eBook format and DRM type. Similarly, for Kindle devices, you cannot directly transfer Adobe DRM-protected EPUB or PDF files because they cannot properly read these types of ebooks.

In the following parts, I will guide you through the process of converting Kindle books to Adobe Digital Editions supported formats, as well as converting Adobe Digital Editions ebooks to Kindle format.

Read Kindle on Adobe Digital Editions on Windows/Mac

Step 1 Download Kindle books to your computer via Kindle for PC /Mac.

download kindle books

Step 2 Remove DRM from Kindle books with Epubor Ultimate.

Please note that all kindle books are protected by kindle DRM which means they only can be open and read on Amazon kindle compatible devices/app, such as kindle eReader, kindle app and kindle fire. Therefore, before converting kindle to adobe supported format, we need to remove kindle DRM from Kindle books with Epubor Ultimate.

Tool: Epubor Ultimate—the best solution for ebooks, removes DRM from kindle, kobo, google play books and converts ebooks to any format.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

Launch Epubor Ultimate, find the kindle books at the left column by clicking “Kindle” tab. Then drag them from the left to the right main interface. Kindle DRM will be removed successfully.

remove kindle drm windows

Step 3 Convert drm-free Kindle books to Adobe Supported format (PDF/EPUB).

Then select epub or pdf as the output format, and click on “Convert to epub” or “Convert to pdf” to proceed the conversion. When the conversion finished, you’ll see “Succeeded”. To get the converted file, you can click the “Succeeded” or the output folder icon at the bottom right corner.

convert kindle to adobe

Step 4 Transfer Kindle books to Adobe Digital Editions.

You can just right click the converted kindle epub or kindle pdf and select Open with>>Adobe Digital Editions.

open kindle with adobe on windows

Now your kindle books are open in Adobe Digital Editions and you can read them on Adobe.

read kindle on adobe now

No matter you are on Windows or Mac, you can read kindle books on Adobe Digital Editions now.

Convert Adobe Digital Editions to Kindle Paperwhite

If you have a collection of Adobe Digital Editions books that you'd like to transfer to your Kindle device, you won't want to skip this section.

Step 1: Prepare your tool—Epubor Ultimate.

I'm pleased to share that Epubor Ultimate not only can convert and decrypt Kindle books but also can convert Adobe Digital Editions books to Kindle format.


Step 2: Download books to Adobe Digital Editions.

I assume you've already completed this step. If not, please refer to How to download ACSM to PDF for detailed instructions.

Step 3: Remove DRM from Adobe Digital Editions and convert to PDF.

Simply launch Epubor Ultimate and click on the "Adobe" tab to load your downloaded Adobe books. Then, drag them to the right side to remove Adobe DRM.

convert acsm drm to pdf

You can just click "convert to azw3" to convert Adobe EPUB or PDF to kindle format and then sideload them to Kindle device via USB. But you can also let it along with epub or pdf format, and then use the 'Send to kindle by web' to send the Adobe Digital Editions pdf/epub to kindle device.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why doesn't my Kindle show up in Adobe Digital Editions? When I connect my Kindle via USB and open Digital Editions, my device does not appear.

A: Adobe Digital Editions only recognizes devices that support Adobe DRM, such as Kobo, Sony, and Nook. That's why the Kindle doesn't appear in Adobe Digital Editions. To transfer books from Adobe Digital Editions to Kindle, you should remove Adobe DRM first and then send the Adobe files to the Kindle.

Q: Can I download library books via Adobe Digital Editions to Kindle?

A: It would be much easier if you could choose Kindle as the target device in your library app. However, you can still use the method mentioned above to download your library books via Adobe Digital Editions and then transfer them to a Kindle device.

Q: Can I simply send the Adobe DRM EPUB to my Kindle as if they were Kindle books?

A: You can send Adobe DRM EPUB or PDF files to your Kindle, but your Kindle will not recognize these ebooks. Therefore, it is meaningless to do so.

No matter if you're transferring Kindle books to Adobe Digital Editions, Epubor Ultimate is a super helpful tool that you cannot miss. Just download it now for a free trial.


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