How to Read Kindle Books on New Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft officially released its new Edge browser on January, 2020. Though it is based on Chromium - an open source development platform from Google, new Microsoft Edge browser has completely rewritten Chromium and greatly improved performance and security. Now the new Edge browser only supports PDF files. Like Google Chrome browser, the new Edge browser is also compatible with Kindle Cloud Reader which is a web app that allows you to read Kindle ebooks instantly. So now there are two great solutions for users to read Kindle books on new Microsoft Edge browser. One is to use Kindle Cloud Reader to read Kindle books directly, the other is to convert Kindle books to PDF, then open the PDF files with new Edge. Below are detailed steps regarding how to read Kindle books on new Edge browser.

read kindle books on new edge

Method 1 -- Read Kindle Books on New Edge with Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud Reader is a free and useful tool to access your Kindle cloud library via all the compatible web browsers. All the earlier Edge browse are not compatible with Kindle Cloud Reader. Until the new Edge is based on Google’s open source project – Chromium, it allows you to read Kindle books online with Kindle Cloud Reader as well. Besides this new feature, here are other top 7 features of the new Microsoft Edge browser that you should check out. If you want to read Kindle books on new Edge, just follow below steps.

Step 1Run the new Microsoft Edge browser, visit Kindle Cloud Reader.

Step 2Log in Kindle Cloud Reader with your Amazon account.

Step 3Open your Kindle books directly.

All of your Kindle books will appear under Cloud column. Right click any book cover and select Open Book to read your Kindle book instantly.

open kindle book via kcr

Method 2 -- Convert Kindle Books to PDF in Order to Read Them on New Edge

1. Convert Kindle Books to PDF

Fortunately, there’s a powerful Kindle Cloud Reader Converter which can export your Kindle books from Kindle Cloud Reader as DRM free ePub/PDF/Mobi/TXT/AZW3 files. Since new Microsoft Edge browser supports PDF files, you just need to export your encrypted Kindle books as PDF files. Then DRM free PDF files can be opened with New Microsoft Edge with no problem. Below are the steps about how to export Kindle books from Kindle Cloud Reader as DRM free PDF files.

Step 1Go to new Microsoft Edge product page to install the latest version Edge browser to your computer.

You can jump to step 2 if you already install the new Edge browser to your computer.


Epubor KCR Converter can export your Kindle books successfully only when you use the new Microsoft Edge. So make sure you install the new Edge from its official website.

Step 2Download & Pin Kindle books from Kindle Cloud Reader.

Log in your Kindle Cloud Reader on new Microsoft Edge browser, right click any book cover >> select Download & Pin Book to start the downloading.

download and pin book 1


If you are not able to Pin & Download Kindle books (Pin & Download Book option is greyed out), you need to click Downloaded first, then click Get Started Now to set up Kindle Cloud Reader for offline Reading.

set up for offline reading

Step 3Install Epubor KCR Converter to your computer.

Download Epubor KCR Converter for Free

Step 4Export Kindle Books as PDF files.

Launch Epubor KCR Converter, all of your pinned books will appear on the interface. If your pinned books don’t show up, you need to restart the KCR Converter software. Next navigate to the bottom of the software, select PDF as the output format and click the Convert to PDF button to start the conversion.

convert kindle book pdf via kcr converter

2. Read PDF Files with New Microsoft Edge

Navigate to your PDF file >> Right click the file >> Open with >> Microsoft Edge

read kindle book on microsoft edge


Both methods are quite easy to operate. But if you prefer to use PDF files or read Kindle books offline, then exporting Kindle books from Kindle Cloud Reader as PDF files can better suit your needs.


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