How to Read Manga on Kindle?

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As an Ebook reader, Kindle is accepted by more and more book lovers. Some manga fans may be curious that can they read manga on Kindle? The answer is definitely yes. How to read manga on Kindle? Don't worry. The following parts will show you how to read manga on Kindle.

Part 1: Reading Purchased Amazon Manga on Kindle

The easiest way is to purchase the manga from Amazon store. There are thousands of manga covering a broad range of taste. Marvel comics, Manga books and collections are all available for your choice.


Browsing the amazon store on your computer or just through your Kindle device, you can buy any manga you like. Once the manga has been purchased, it will be ready to download. What you have to do is to download it and read it.

As other Amazon eBooks, the manga books purchased from Amazon.com are protected by Kindle DRM, so you can not back up these books or share them with your friends or families. Here I recommend the best Kindle DRM Removal--Epubor Ultimate to you. With it, you can easily remove DRM from Kindle eBooks and convert Kindle to PDF/EPUB/mobi/AZW3.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

Part 2: Reading Downloaded Manga on Kindle

However, for real manga fans, purchasing from Amazon site can not fulfill their dedications to comics. They are looking for every chance to download the most popular manga from various sites. Why? Because they can get high-quality free manga there which can not only save their money but also allow they to read the updated manga.

Manga is basically pictures, not text. The downloaded manga is mostly in the format of JPEG/PNG/CBR/CBZ/PDF which is not supported by Kindle device. When the first time I tried to read Manga on my Kindle, I had no clue but just copied these kinds of files to it. They totally drived me crazy, and I even gave up. However, I can not pursuade myself to abandon manga and Kindle. So I am here to share these easy and good methods about reading manga on Kindle with you guys.

Method 1: Calibre

I would like to recommend Calibre. This is a must-be tool for every e-reader user.

Supported system:


Step 1: Download and Install it.

Step 2: Convert downloaded file to Mobi format

Add your renamed Zip or RAR manga to Calibre. If there are more than one files, you can add them to the Calibre at one time. Then right click the book to choose to “Convert Individually” or “Bulk Convert”. Choose “Mobi” as the output format, and click “OK” to finish the conversion.

calibre calibre

Step 3: Read Manga on Kindle

Then use the USB cable to connect your Kindle to PC. Copy the converted file to Documents folder of your Kindle device. Eject your Kindle device from your computer, you will find the converted mobi manga on your Kindle. Just click the book title to open it.

read manga on kindle

You can see the manga displays very well on my old Kindle Keyboard. I have to admit there are also some downsides, like image color is black and white. Anyway, Calibre was not designed to convert images, but to convert normal ebooks.

Method 2: Kindle Comic Converter

Kindle Comic Converter is designed to transform your PNG, JPG, GIF, CBZ, CBR and CB7 files into EPUB or MOBI format e-books. With it, reading comics and manga on your E-Ink Kindle is much easier.

Supported system: Windows, Linux, OSX

Step 1: Download and installation

Download here. Before installation, you have to download KindleGen. Once the KindleGen has been download, you have to unzip it and add it to the Kindle Comic Converter’s directory.

Kindle Comice Converter

Step 2: Convert downloaded manga to Mobi format

Double click the KKC icon at the desktop to open it. Click "Add file" button to put the download file into this software. Then choose the target device, including Kindle and Kobo series products. There are also other options for your choice, such as Manga mode, webtoon mode, Spread splitter and so on. You can select these options according to your device and your reading custom. Please select "MOBI" as ?the output format for your manga and click "Convert" to finish the converting process.

Kindle Comic Converter

Step 3: Reading Manga on Kindle

The converted manga will be in the same folder as the original file, but in Mobi format. Please just cope it to the “documents” folder of your Kindle device. It displays very well on my Kindle.

read manga on kindle

Now, you can read the latest manga on your Kindle, no matter it is Kindle Keyboard or Kindle PaperWhite. Although there are some drawbacks of reading manga on Kindle, such as manga color is only black and white, many people still choose to read manga on Kindle. Let's say they they make a goo decision because Kindle have long battery life and will not hurt their eyes.

If you have purchased managa or comics a lot from Amazon website, I high recommend you a good tool --Epubor Ultimate which can remove the DRM from your manga books purchased from Amazon, Kobo, Nook and GooglePlay. What's more, Epubor Ultimate also can convert the books to other formats quickly and lossless.

Download the Epubor Ultimate for free:

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03/17/2017 18:36:34
Also you can use kmanga.net to get the manga directly to the kindle. This site download and convert the chapter for you, and also is opensource
01/13/2018 15:07:35
why is the formatting so weird!
04/19/2019 23:38:45
Also you can use kmanga.net to get the manga directly to the kindle. This site download and convert the chapter for you, and also is opensource
12/30/2019 15:54:49
It shut down
11/30/2019 07:44:05

Is it just me or the KindlGen link is not working?

Thank you

01/1/2020 23:57:24
Thank you for these solutions! The KCC worked me well, now I have manga on my Paperwhite 3 that I can also zoom in!
01/2/2020 09:48:15
Thank you for your comments. Glad to know that. Happy New year!
02/2/2021 03:19:44
webs craping site
04/12/2021 23:19:31
You can send to your kindle email and it will automatically convert to kindle format
04/13/2021 08:50:06
That's also working.
07/16/2021 14:02:25
Could you elaborate?
08/31/2021 01:30:55
Well I did use it but the Kindlegen is no longer available on Amazon so it was I wasn't able to read manga on kindle but I found one website recently otakuskindlewordpresscom it has kindle supported manga In mobi format but it doesn't have that big of a collection still checkout if you are fellow kindle reader maybe you will find something to read to your liking
10/26/2022 02:18:02

its was really nice thanks for sharing read


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