How to Read Nook Books on Kobo

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Barnes and Noble introduced Nook App to compete with Adobe Digital Editions. It can access your purchased books in your Nook library. But you cannot put all your Nook eBooks on other readers such as Kobo eReader because a part of Nook ebooks are protected with Nook DRM while ADE doesn't support the B&N DRM scheme.

Kobo Inc totally adopts Adobe Adept DRM. In other words, you can read Kobo books on Nook. However, If you load Nook eBooks (EPUB or PDF) to Kobo eReader, the Nook DRM must be removed at first in order that you can open and read the Nook ebooks on Kobo.

This guide will show you how to remove DRM directly from B&N EPUB files and read Nook eBooks on Kobo.

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Step 1. Remove DRM Protection from Nook EPUB Books

Epubor Nook Converter, a lightweight software, is designed to effortlessly remove DRM from Nook ebooks and audiobooks. With Barnes & Noble discontinuing the Nook Windows app service, having a reliable tool like Epubor Nook Converter becomes essential for Nook users who want to securely back up their purchased books for personal use.

To obtain Nook books and remove Nook DRM, both the Android Studio emulator and Epubor Nook Converter are required. You can follow this guide to remove Nook DRM.

Download Epubor Nook Converter for Free


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You can watch the video tutorial here:

Step 2. Transfer Nook EPUB/PDF to Kobo eReader

Now click on the "decrypted" (or "Succedeed") word at the end of each title or the blue folder icon at the bottom right of Epubor Ultimate to find the DRM-free Nook EPUB or converted PDF books.

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Plug the Kobo to your computer with the USB cable.

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In the Kobo reader, it will prompt "Reading" or "Manage Library" and select the latter. It will pop up a window to promptly open folder. Drag the DRM-free nook books to Kobo eReader. Calibre can also help you transfer epub files to eReader device or convert DRM-free books to your custom eBooks format. Wait for the Kobo to process the new content, and then start the reading journey.

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Download Epubor Nook Converter for Free

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