How to Remove Ads from Kindle eReaders, Kindle Fire

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Have you ever noticed that the different prices of the same Kindle with or without special offer when you purchased the Kindle devices, no matter Kindle eReaders or Kindle Fire tablets? The Kindle device with special offer is about $20 cheaper than the one without special offer but includes the sponsored screensaver and special offers which are also called advertisements. I have to admit that some screensavers are pretty and it is easy to find some new authors and books via these ads. Anyway, as a coin has two sides, these ads are not welcome by every Kindle user. Some users even think these ads are not their taste but another way to waste their time. Even more, you can not purchase the Kindle without special offer in some countries. If you are really sick of seeing these ads on your Kindle, you come to the right place. I will share you guys four different methods to remove ads from Kindle. I am definitely sure you can find at least one way to remove ads from your Kindles or Kindle fire tablets after go through this article.

Method 1. Amazon Official Method to Remove ads from Kindle

Amazon offers Kindle device with special offer at $20 cheaper price, but they allow users to remove ads from Kindle at price which covers the price differences between the device with and without special offers. So you will never take any advantage of Amazon. Below is the detailed steps to use the offical method to remove ads from Kindle eReaders and Kindle Fire.


Log in your Amazon account and then go to Manage Your Content and Devices.

go to amazon manage your content and devices


Find the device you want to remove the ads, and click the action button at the left of the device name. The Kindle device information will pop up. As you can see from the picture below that my Kindle is purchased with Special offer.

save as pdf mac


Just click on " Edit" next to Subscribed under Special Offers, you will go to the next page to unsubscribe from special offer. If you have set up the 1-click payment, you will be charged to unsubscribe the ads directly. Otherwise, you will be requested to set up the 1-click payment at first. Anyway, you will be notified the amount you need to pay.

unsubscribe from special offer

The above is the Amazon official method to cancel Kindle Special offers.

Method 2. Contact Amazon Customer Service to remove Kindle ads for free

Since the above method will cost about $20, is there any way to remove ads from Kindle for free? If you want to remove ads from Kindle for free, you should try this workaround. Why I call this method as workaround? Because some of you may be failed to remove ads from Kindle for free via this way in the end.

Just contact Amazon Customer service center and ask if they can remove the ads. It will take about a few minutes to do this, but the ads will be removed forever.

Let's see what those people who succeed in removing ads from Kindle via this methods tell the Amazon customer service.

Situation 1: Tell them the Kindle is for a child and you don't want them to see ads due to inappropriate things etc. They're more than happy to do it.--nebula08

Situation 2: I simply told the Amazon Customer Care that I live far away from US, so I can't claim what's in the ads and it's meaningless to me. Boom, ads removed.--mainasus

Situation 3: Just asked how do I go about getting them turned off. When asked why I wanted, just told them that in the time I have had my Kindle, there has not been a useful as to me that I have seen. Few minutes later, they were removed for free.--Weavingknitter

Here comes to the conclusion, Amazon customer service staff will remove Kindle ads for free if you express these ads are either useless to you or will cause the negative effect to you. I know some of you may think this workaround is a little bit shame and even a kind of abuse Kindness because Amazon customer service offers to remove ads when Kindle users request them to do so. Some people also argue that because removing ads is a negotiable thing for Amazon end, so that's why they can do it for free. Anyway, you are the boss, it depends on your own decision to contact them about this issue or not.

It is said that this request only can be fulfilled once so if you have many Kindles, you can only remove ads from one Kindle device. For other Kindle devices, try other methods in this article.

Method 3. Ultimate Way to Remove ads from Kindle Paperwhite free

If you want to either spend any penny on removing ads from Kindle devices nor "take advantage" of Amazon, you should try this method.

1 Configure your computer to "Show hidden files, folders, and drives"

Before other steps, you should make sure your computer is configured to "Show hidden files, folders, and drives". Let me show you how to do this. It is much easier than you think.

Open any folder at your computer, select "View"-->>Options-->>Change Folder and search options.

configure computer folder option

The folder option window will pop up as below. Click "View" tab and then select "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" at the advanced settings. And uncheck "Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)". Then click "OK" to finish the setting.

folder option on windows

2 Open system folder at your Kindle drive on computer

Connect your Kindle to your computer with USB cable. Open your Kindle drive on your computer and you will see there is a System foder. This folder is hidden foder which can not be seen if you do not configure your computer to "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" in step 1.

3 Delete original .assets folder

Open the System folder, you can see there is a folder named .assets. Just delete this .assets folder which contains the advertisements.

4 Create new .assets folder

To stop the Kindle generate a new .assets folder, we need to create empty folder to block access. When I try to create a folder and rename it with ".assets", it keep pop up a new window to inform that “You must type a file name". It seems we can not create a .assets folder as usual.

fail to rename folder

Here is the right way to create a .assets folder. In the your Kindle System folder, press "Shift" and right click the mouse at the same time, a menu will pop up. Just select"Open PowerShell window here" and a new command window will pop up.

open powershell window

window powershell

In the pop up command window, just input "md .assets" and press "Enter". All things done, a new folder will created. Refresh the system folder, you will see the new .assets folder there.

create assets folder

5 Kindle paperwhite remove ads

When you eject your Kindle, you will see that the ads has been removed successfully. Below is the picture before and after the ads removed.

comparison with and without ads

By using this way, your Kindle maybe miss the future updates because the new .assets folder is empty and may give Kindle a wrong feeling that there is no connection.

New Method: Remove ads from Screen lock of Kindle Free

This way will not help you remove ads from the Kindle, but you can avoid seeing the lockscreen ad by this way. Just hold on the power button down for about 10 seconds and choose Screen Off from the prompt window.

screen off kindle

The screen of your kindle will be blank, no ads.

blank screenlock

But when you turn on the Kindle, you will go directly to reading without having to swipe the screen.


Method 4. Remove "Customers also bought" Recommendation from Kindle Fire

Besides special offer, you may also see "Customers also bought" recommendation on your Kindle Fire. These recommendations include books, apps, videos, etc below carousel.

customers also bought

In the following part, I will show you how to remove "Customers also bought" recommendations from Kindle Fire.


Slide down from the home screen and tap " Settings" button at the menu bar.

tap kindle fire settings


Tap "Applications".

kindle fire settings applications


Tap "Home Recommendations".

amazon home recommendations


Tap "Hide" to remove the recommendations.

hide recommendations

All done. It is easy, right?

For Kindle Fire released after 2015, you can find the "Home recommendations" options by following way: Go to "settings"-->>"Apps& Games"-->>"Amazon application settings"--"Home screen settings"-->>"Home Recommendations". Just tap it to turn off the "Home Recommendations".

Kindle fire 2016 home recommendations

If you are interesting in any other methods to remove Kindle fire ads, please read How to Remove Kindle Fire Ads.

If you are interested in changing the screensaver, you can read How to Change Kindle Paperwhite Screensaver.

I hope the above 4 methods can help you remove ads from your Kindle. If you have any better idea, please share them in the comments.

To be mentioned, if you want to read books purchased from online ebook store beyond Amazon kindle, it is impossible for you to read these books on Kindle eReaders because of the DRM restriction. To break the restriction and read eBook any devices as you like, I recommend you use the tool--Epubor Ultimate which can help you not only remove DRM from eBooks purchased from Amazon Kindle, google play, kobo and Noo but also convert eBook to any other formats. Do not hesitate, just download the free trial today to enjoy your books freely.


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12/16/2018 01:46:36
Interesting.  I had no problem paying $20 to Amazon to remove the ads.  But I wonder if there is a way to substitute monochrome tiffs or bmps or pngs as the "off" screen or screens?  I once saw a posting somewhere that suggested this might be possible by "rooting" the kindle, but it didn't seem worth the bother to do that.  But if you could do it by just transferring files to a hidden folder...
12/18/2018 16:49:03
Thank you for your advice. I will go to check if there is any other way to change the screensaver and update that article.
07/30/2019 21:12:20
Does method 3 still work?
07/31/2019 08:46:40
Yes, the method 3 is still working.
07/24/2020 14:20:22
Method 3, It still works! Great! Thank you!
12/28/2023 00:22:14
and it still works in Dec 2023
02/16/2020 22:45:30
For some reason no system folder is showing up even after choosing and applying show hidden folders.
03/11/2020 14:44:22

Works perfectly! Did Method 3 on my Mac. Shift+Command+Period to show files

Use OS X Terminal Window as a Powershell equivalent (Head into System Preferences and select Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services. Find "New Terminal at Folder" in the settings and click the box.)

"mkdir" instead of "md" before the ".assets" as a Terminal command

03/11/2020 16:07:23
Thank you for your feedback and sharing.
08/10/2020 21:58:08
Hi, does this work for Japanese version too? Bought a Jap version by mistake and now I can't remove the ads.. Please help~
08/11/2020 09:42:01
I don't have a Japanese version to test. But the workaround should work for all version of Kindle.
10/15/2020 23:55:52
Hi Aly,
First, register your device to Amazon.com account. Add any US Address to your Amazon account and the "Special Offers" button will show connected to your device. You now have the option to unsubscribe to it by paying 20usd or talking to a CS and convincing them to remove it for free. Best of luck!
08/22/2020 06:28:11
Aug, 2020.
Still working. System folder was hidden, even after showing hidden files, but just had to browse to it
09/11/2020 13:02:35
Method 2 is quick and easy. Just tell them you are passing the Kindle on to your 12 year old niece. Most of the ads are for slutty romance novels. They're quick to agree. Takes about 10 minutes.
09/14/2020 08:55:42
Thank you for sharing your experience.
01/16/2021 03:02:57
I've got the ads removed just talking to Amazon UK. Great advice!
01/18/2021 10:41:03
Thank you for your feedback. Have a nice day.
06/8/2021 04:06:10
It still works today brand new paperwhite 10th up to date firmware
06/22/2021 08:17:05
Method 3 works well - no more tall & dark handsome strangers on my screen. If you are in the Kindle folder and only see a handful of folders starting with .active_content_sandbox, hit the navigation line above (box > Kindle (X:) ) and you should be able to write "system" giving you X:\system. Hit 'Enter' and off you go. This can be done from the command line if you are comfortable with files and folders.
07/2/2021 22:20:39

Hey - just done this and worked brilliantly, thanks!!

I noted in the article that it mentioned that kindle updates may be missed by doing this as it may be seen as offline - to maybe help with this I renamed the .assets folder rather than deleting it. If I do miss an update I'll try putting this back and see what happens, it's only a 2 minute job so no loss really.

06/27/2021 03:38:41

For method three there is something you are missing. I think with the new windows update you have to also UNSELECT the "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)". (also in the view tab under file explorer -> view -> options -> view)

Once I did that the system folder appeared. Please update your website so that other people can do this method without any issues!

06/28/2021 10:02:37
Thank you for your suggestion. And the article has been updated.
09/16/2021 16:23:21
It really works!! Thanks so much :)
09/27/2021 17:40:16
I am re-doing this today as, for some reason, the "customers also bought" screen is back...
10/5/2021 01:50:03

On a Mac, connect your Kindle to your Mac via USB:

1. Right-click on the mounted device
2. Select "New Terminal at Folder"
(Terminal opens)
3. Type: cd System
4. Type: rm -fr .assets — don't make a typo, rm -fr deletes everything recursively!
5. Type: mkdir .assets


10/7/2021 02:42:17
THIS IS AMAZING! Thank you so much. For my children I buy old kindle touches at garage sales so they usually have ads on them. Nasty ads. I had to read the comments in order to find a way to get it to work on my computer. And two of the 5 kindles say we need to connect to the internet to get ads on the locked page but anything is better than those ads! Thank you! Oh and I did call and they said it would be $20-50 each. I think I would have just tried calling several times if I hadn't found another way!
10/21/2021 06:01:39
I got lucky and just asked in the chat "How do I remove special offers from my Kindle?" The associate who came online just removed it for free.
10/24/2021 11:49:13
I have done this twice now, removed the assets file and re made it as you describe. Works beautifully but ads return after 24hrs. Any suggestions?
11/12/2021 16:25:50
Same for me.  
12/15/2021 14:13:53
I contacted tech support
Asked to remove the ads, without explaining the reason
Tech support asked serial number
I provided
Tech confirmed that ads are removed from my account
01/26/2022 07:19:57
I succeeded in removing the ads using the contact support option. I simply stated that I bought the device from Curry’s and was not happy that their are ads on the screen. They removed within seconds.
03/9/2022 03:00:30

hi thanks for your article, saved me £10!!!

only thing I had to add was to untick "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)



03/9/2022 10:06:24
Thanks for your feedback. Glad to know that.
04/24/2022 21:36:58

I wanted to get rid of “swipe to unlock the screen”

I tried "Method 2" before I found this page but they couldn’t do it because it wasn´t bought directly from amazon.uk (it was bought in Sweden).

Then I tried "Method 3" and it worked to get rid of ads but I still has to swipe to unlock the screen so no luck for me.

10/12/2022 15:51:08
me too, still has to swipe to unlock
05/20/2022 09:32:06
I didn't have the 'Under Special Offers, click Remove offers. A pop-up window then displays the price to remove ads. Select End Offers and Pay the Fee to proceed.'-button in my account so just chatted with customer service and they removed it manually in 1 min.
09/9/2023 06:08:07

The "New Method" worked until I closed the cover, when I opened it the recommendations were right back on the display. I have a Paperwhite.

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