How to Remove DRM from Kindle & ComiXology Books

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Amazon has acquired the biggest provider of digital comics - Comixology in 2014. There’s no doubt that Amazon will include Comixology into its ecosystem sooner or later. No surprise, in February 2022 Comixology did merge its store with Amazon.com. All previously purchased books are still available in your account. You may read them in the Comixology app, Kindle app, or on desktop with Kindle Cloud Reader. Therefore, you can remove DRM from your Comixology books just as you did with Kindle books.

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However, customers complained a lot about the rendering quality of the images on the Kindle app or Amazon cloud reader(even worse). The resolution is not high. In fact, Comixology is the company that revolutionized the digital comics reading experience with their immersive guided view technology and makes discovering and reading comic books easier and more fun than ever before. Well, tons of features that existed in the previous ComiXology app are gone after Amazon takes over Comixology. Though Amazon has recently updated Comixology, quite frankly, it is absolutely terrible. It is just a MESS! So backing up your Comixology books might be a good idea for you to customize your reading experience.

1. Get Your ComiXology Comics into Amazon Kindle Ecosystem

All purchases made in Comixology will also appear in Kindle Books after merging your comiXology and Amazon account. Here's the video guide to help you get your comiXology comics into Amazon Kindle ecosystem. Anyway, you will end up using an Amazon account to use comiXology at last.

After merging your comiXology and Amazon account, comiXology purchases will be readable on Kindle apps and devices. You'll have more flexibility to decide where and how you read your books.

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How to Remove DRM from Kindle & ComiXology Books?

Step 1Get your comiXology comics into your Amazon Kindle account.

Now you have the option to read comiXology books on Kindle apps. To see your comics on Kindle, you can follow the above video tutorial to get your comiXology comics into your Amazon Kindle account.

merge comixology into amazon

NoticeIf you purchase comiXology comics from the Amazon website or the built-in Kindle app store. You can jump to step 2.

Step 2Download your comiXology comics with Kindle for PC/Mac.

NoticeEpubor Ultimate does not work with version 1.35 and higher Kindle for PC. If you are using version 1.35 or higher Kindle for PC, please follow this new guide to remove Kindle DRM.

In order to calculate the decryption key for your comiXology comics, you need to use the Kindle for PC/Mac to download Kindle books. Your comiXology comics will be synced after signing in Kindle desktop app with your Amazon account. Your book will start downloading after you double-click its book cover.

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NoticeFor Mac users, unfortunately, you can only use the version 1.31 Kindle for Mac to download your ComiXology comics in order to remove DRM. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you decrypt ComiXology comics on Mac.

Step 3Install DRM Removal on your computer.

Epubor Ultimate is known for its powerful feature of removing Kindle DRM effortlessly. Similarly, Epubor Ultimate can remove DRM from your ComiXology comics with no hassle.

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Step 4Remove DRM from your comiXology comics.

Launch Epubor Ultimate, all your downloaded comiXology comics will show up under the Kindle column. Next just select your comiXology comics and drag & drop them to the right main window of the software. Boom! All your comiXology comics are decrypted in seconds! You can find the decrypted files by clicking the book folder on the lower right corner of the software.

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TipsConvert ComiXology comics to EPUB.

If you want to read your comiXology comics on other reading apps, you can convert DRM free ComiXology comics to EPUB with Epubor Ultimate as well. Anyway, reading converted comiXology comics on calibre is not a bad choice.

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