How to Remove DRM from Mobipocket eBooks

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In this article, I'll show you two methods about how to remove drm from mobipocket ebooks so you can enjoy them however you want. Mobi and prc are the default ebook formats used by the popular Mobipocket. In 2005, the company was acquired by Amazon, so yes, the celebrated Amazon Kindle now works with these files. When you buy an ebook online from one of the major retailers, usually you're getting a mobi ebook. However, most of the ebooks are encrypted with DRM, these files are real pain if you want to throw them on different devices or use other softwares. When you remove drm from mobipocket ebooks successfully, you'll be able to read them on any system or device, convert those mobi ebooks to any other format as you like.

Method 1. Remove Mobipocket DRM with Kindle DRM Removal

Here I will introduce you the best way ever to remove drm from mobipocket ebook files. Remove drm from mobipocket ebooks, you need a mobipocket drm removal. And I strongly recommend Epubor Ultimate. The steps to remove mobi drm with this program are especially simple. It's extremely convenient to to be used. Now follow me.

1 Get the program ready.

Download the program for free and then install it in your computer. This program supports both Windows and Mac systems.

2 Add mobipocket ebooks to it and remove drm.

Run the programn, in general, the Epubor Ultimate will automatically find your DRMed mobi ebooks.

You just need to drag and drop mobi books from the left side to right right column. All books will be decrypted automatically and instantly. All is done. You can get the drm-free mobipocket ebooks now. Is it surprising?

But, if the program doesn't find your mobipocket ebooks automatically (though it's really rare to have this happen, I still need to tell you how to add ebooks manually in case you meet this situation), you need to add the ebooks to it by yourself. Click the "Add" button at the top left corner to add your mobipocket books to the program. Any way, it's very convenient.

As soon as you add books to the program, the DRM has been removed. Then the decrypted books will be displayed like this:

remove drm from mobipocket ebooks successfully

So you can see that the whole process of removing drm from mobipocket ebooks can be finished within seconds. So easy, so fast, and so convenient. Remove mobipocket drm in this way is the best as far as I am concerned.

Method 2. Remove Mobipocket DRM with Calibre Plugin

There is another way to remove drm from mobipocket ebooks. But this way is rather complex. Here you need to use Calibre. Now continue to follow my steps.

1: Download Calibre.

If you don't have Calibre installed in your computer, you need to download it now. After you download it, install it in your computer.

2: Download plugin file K4MobiDeDRM_v03.5_plugin.zip.

3: Install the plugin in Calibre.

Run Calibre, click "Preferences" on the top right corner of Calibre's interface.

preferences option

Then a new window pops up, click "Plugin" under "Advanced" option.

choose plugin

Again a new window will pop up, click "Load plugin from file" button and select your Calibre plugin file's K4MobiDeDRM... plugin zip.

plugin zip

Then it will come up a window that asks you "Are you sure ?", just click "Yes". There will be a noticing window to tell you that the installation is successful.

install plugin

Now close Calibre and re-run it, at this time, just add your DRMed mobi ebooks to it. The ebooks will be decrypted automatically.

As what I have put in this article, you can find that it's easier to remove drm from mobipocket ebooks using Kindle DRM Removal than Calibre. You don't need to do anything except clicking your mouse once or twice. Besides, it can remove drm from kindle ebooks in any format, so I believe it's the best kindle drm removal for you.

Download kindle drm removal for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download


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