How to Remove Kindle DRM on Mac

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Electronic books have changed the public's reading habits, and millions worldwide now read books, magazines, and other content on handheld readers like Amazon's Kindle. A lot of work went into making Kindle as book-like as possible while still preserving the advantages of an electronic device, such as a customizable interface, variable type size, notes, data storage, and more. Though ebooks have so many amazing advantages, however, DRM protection is still the biggest obstacle of sharing books freely or just backing up purchased books for personal use. So in this post we are going to show you how to get rid of DRM on Mac with the best Kindle DRM Removal.

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1. Remove DRM from Kindle Books Downloaded from Kindle Cloud Reader

Epubor KCR Converter is a lightweight tool that helps you export Kindle books from Kindle Cloud Reader, removes Digital Rights Management copy protection and converts your Kindle books to PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT or AZW3 format with only one click. Just follow below steps to convert your Kindle books that are downloaded from Kindle Cloud Reader to DRM-free files.

Step 1Install Kindle Cloud Reader Chrome Extension to Chrome browser to Enable Offline Reader.

Tips: Epubor KCR Converter only works with Google Chrome and new Microsoft Edge browser. However, new Edge allows you to download and pin Kindle books without adding Kindle Cloud Reader Extension to Edge.

Step 2Sign in to your Kindle Cloud Reader account, right click the Kindle book and select Download & Pin Book.

download and pin book 1

Make sure the books you want to convert by Epubor KCR Converter have been downloaded and pinned. And all pinned Kindle books will be displayed under Downloaded tab, which can help you check which books have not been pinned yet.

download and pin book 2

Step 3Download Epubor KCR Converter to your Mac.

Download Epubor KCR Converter for Free


convert to mobi on kcr

All Kindle books downloaded & pinned from Kindle Cloud Reader will appear on the main interface of Epubor KCR Converter automatically.

Tips: Whenever you download & pin any new Kindle book from Kindle Cloud Reader, you need to relaunch Epubor KCR Converter in order to upload all of your pinned books to the main interface of KCR Converter, or the new pinned Kindle books won't be detected.

Step 4Convert Pinned Kindle books to EPUB/Mobi/AZW3/PDF.

First, check the box in the front of the book title that you want to convert. Then select epub/mobi/azw3/pdf as the output format. At last, click the convert button to start conversion.

convert to epub with kcr converter

When the conversion complete, a folder containing all the converted Kindle books will pop up immediately.

converted kindle books window

2. Remove DRM from Kindle Books Downloaded via Kindle for Mac

In addition to downloading Kindle books from Kindle Cloud Reader, you can also download Kindle book via Kindle for Mac. In this case, Epubor Ultimate is the best Kindle DRM Removal for you to decrypt your Kindle books that are downloaded via Kindle for Mac with no hassle. Besides, you can also install Calibre DeDRM Plugin to Calibre to remove Kindle DRM. But we don’t suggest you try this method if you are not a tech-savvy user.

VIP Tips:

1. Both calibre and Epubor Ultimate can’t remove KFX DRM if the Kindle books are downloaded from v1.25 or above Kindle desktop app. So we suggest you downgrade your Kindle app to an older version instead in order to decrypt Kindle books smoothly.

2. For macOS Catalina users, Epubor KCR Converter is the only solution for you to remove Kindle DRM because 32 bit old version Kindle for Mac is no longer available for MacOS Catalina.

Method 1 -- Remove Kindle DRM with Epubor Ultimate

Epubor Ultimate is the first DRM Removal to declare that it can successfully decrypt KFX books not long after Amazon adopts KFX as its main ebook format. Besides this, you can also convert eBook format with Epubor Ultimate. Honestly, Epubor Ultimate is the best DRM Removal and eBook Converter on the market. With this easy-to-use tool, it can meet all of your demands. Isn't that super amazing? Next, I am going to show you how to remove Kindle DRM with Epubor Ultimate.

Step 1Download Kindle Books via 1.23 Kindle for Mac.

Step 2Install Epubor Ultimate to your Mac and launch it.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

Step 3Remove Kindle DRM.

When you run Epubor Ultimate, you will see that your downloaded Kindle books have been displayed under Kindle Tab. Next add Kindle books to the right main window to remove DRM.

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You can find the DRM free books by clicking Decrypted.

By the way, after the successful decryption, you can convert the book format as you like based on your needs. Just choose a proper output format, then click the Convert button.

convert drm free books with epubor ultimate

And you can find the converted books by clicking Succeeded or the book folder icon in the lower right corner of the software.

Method 2 -- Remove Kindle DRM with Calibre DeDRM Plugin

The DeDRM Calibre plugin is intended to help anyone looking for free software to remove DRM from their purchased ebooks. But we have to admit that the biggest inconvenience about using Calibre to remove Kindle DRM is that you have to install De-DRM Plugin to Calibre fisrt. And this is also the most difficult and also indispensable part to use Calibre to decrypt DRM Kindle books.

Step 1download Calibre to your computer and launch it.

Step 2download DeDRM_tools to your computer.

After downloading DeDRM tools to your Mac, you need to unzip it.

Step 3load DeDRM Calibre Plugin to Calibre.

Open calibre's Preferences dialog by pressing Win + Comma at the same time on your keyboard. Click on the Plugins button. Next, click on the Load plugin from file button.

calibre plugin load dedrm tool

Navigate to the unzipped DeDRM_tools folder and, in the folder DeDRM_calibre_plugin, find the file DeDRM_plugin.zip. Click to select the file and select Open.

load dedrm plugin to calibre for mac

Click Yes in the "Are you sure?" dialog box. Click the OK button in the "Success" dialog box.

are you sure calibre for mac ok calibre for mac

Step 4drag and drop Kindle books that are downloaded via version 1.23 or below Kindle for Mac to Calibre to remove DRM.

converted epub file calibre


Although calibre is a powerful freeware, if you don't know some basic computer skills, it might be difficult for you to use calibre DeDRM plugin to remove Kindle DRM. However, both Epubor Ultimate and Epubor KCR Converter are easy to use software on the market with a clean and intuitive interface. Most importantly, you don't need to install any plugin to Epubor Ultimate and KCR Converter. Even if you are a newbie, you will also find it super easy for you to remove Kindle DRM with Epubor software.

Download Epubor KCR Converter for Free



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03/7/2019 19:15:52
I've followed the deDRM instructions (and I've used deDRM successfully in the past) but I'm still getting the 'this book is locked by DRM' message when I try to drag and drop a book into Calibre from Kindle (or if I try to convert a book which is already there).  Is there anything else I might be missing?  Thanks.
04/24/2019 13:57:51

I guess your Kindle version is Kindle for PC/Mac 1.25, or your Kindle device firmware is higher than 5.10.2. Amazon changes its DRM scheme which causes the drm removing failed.

Use older version to download your kindle files again to remove DRM please.


08/27/2019 10:12:20
If your macos is 10.15 catalina, please follow this guide to remove Kindle drm on macOS10.15: https://www.epubor.com/remove-kindle-drm-on-macos-1015-catalina.html
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