How to Remove Nook DRM

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Barnes & Noble is a prestigious brick-and-mortal book store in the US. With the popularity of eBooks, many people purchase eBooks from Barnes & Noble. Because of Nook DRM protection, many people are unable to convert Nook books for reading on iPad, Kindle / Paperwhite, Kobo and other reading devices. Currently it becomes even more complicated for Nook has changed its encryption key. But as long as you follow the steps below, you'll be able to remove DRM from Nook eBook and even convert Nook to Kindle. Now this guide will tell you how to remove Nook DRM in 2 ways.

Remove Nook DRM with Epubor Nook DRM Removal

Remove DRM from Nook books with Calibre Plugin freeware

Method 1: Remove Nook DRM with Epubor Nook DRM Removal

Epubor Nook DRM Removal enables users to remove Nook eBook DRM protection from Nook Color, Nook Simple Touch, Nook Glow and other Nook readers in a simple way without any extra steps. As long as you sync Nook books with Nook for PC/Mac app, you can easily remove DRM protection from Nook EPUB books.

Step 1. Launch Nook for PC on your computer.

Register Nook app with your B&N account.

After the registration, all your purchased Nook EPUB books as well as magazines and newspapers will be displayed under "my library" category immediately.

Download Nook for PC Download Nook for Mac

Nook for PC register

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Failed to remove Nook DRM on Windows 10.

A: Some people send bug report to us to complain that they failed to remove nook drm on their Windows 8 or Win10 computer. This is because the Nook for PC they downloaded is from Microsoft store. Please don't download Nook desktop from Microsoft store! Use Nook for PC instead of Nook reader app.

Q: Remove DRM from Nook books on Mac.

A: Nook will not open in Mac OS Sierra. In fact Nook has removed the Nook for Mac option a long time ago. You can only keep using Nook for PC or Nook Study. So we can't directly remove DRM from Nook books on our Mac OS computer unless we use a Windows computer or installing virtual environment.

Step 2. Click on the cover of each title to download Nook books to your computer.

Default Nook content path for Windows desktop software: C:\...\Documents\My Barnes & Noble eBooks\Your email address

Default Nook content path for Mac: Documents\My Barnes & Noble eBooks\Your email address

nook books sync

Step 3. Launch Epubor Nook DRM Removal (Epubor Ultimate).


All your Nook books under the default Nook content path will be imported automatically and displayed in the right column. You can also click "Add" button to load them.

fill in nook account information

Step 4. Fill in Nook Account Information.

When you run Epubor Ultimate, you have to fill in your Nook account information at first. At the top right corner, you will see a gear icon, just click on this icon to open Epubor Ultimate settings window. Then click on "settings"-->>"Nook", and fill in your Nook account email and passwords. Then click on "OK" button.

fill in nook account information

Step 5. Remove DRM from Nook books.

Now you can just drag your Nook book to the right column of the main interface. As you can see in the following picture, the Nook book has been decrypted successfully.

remove nook drm

Note: We will never collect your Nook account information, it's just for one-time use, after that we will generate a key upon your account information, all the following decryptings will only use the key file.

epubor ultimate nook books solutions

Method 2: Remove DRM with Nook DRM Removal Calibre Plugin

Notice: The Calibre method is not guaranteed to work with new Nook DRM.

If you want to remove Nook DRM with freeware application, you can try to add a Nook DRM Removal Plugin to Calibre. The defect is that it maybe a bit cumbersome for those who are not familiar with computer operations. Besides, since Nook has changed their DRM method, the second method may not work any longer. Therefore I would recommend the first method if you prefer to remove Nook eBook DRM in a simpler way.

Step 1. Launch Calibre.

Click on more icon, then select "Preferences" -> "Change Calibre behavior".

Calibre Nook plugin - preference

Step 2. Click "Plugins" icon under "Advanced" label.

Calibre Nook plugin - plugin

Step 3. Select "Load plugin from file".

Download Calibre Nook DRM Removal plugin

Calibre Nook plugin - load plugin

Step 4. Click "Yes" on the "Are you sure" window. Then there will be a "Success" window.


Calibre Nook plugin - are you sure

Step 5. Click "OK" on the "Success" Window and Nook DRM Removal will be added to Calibre successfully.


Calibre Nook plugin - success

Step 6. Click to select the plugin. Click "Customize plugin" button below.


Calibre Nook plugin - customize plugin

Step 7. Make sure whether have any exsiting key files.

When the "Import existing key files" window pops, select "No" if you are using the plugin for the first time. Otherwise select "Yes" to migrate previous key files into the plugin.

Calibre Nook plugin - import key warning

Step 8. Add and input account info.

As a new user, click the "Add" icon on the right hand and input your account info. Then click "OK".

Calibre Nook plugin - edit nook key

Unique Key Name: This is a unique key name used to identify the key you created.

Your Name: This is the same as the billing name mentioned in method 1 (Step 4).

Credit Card #: This is the same as the credit card No. mentioned in method 1 (Step 4).

Step 9. Add books to Calibre

Restart Calibre and add your Nook books to Calibre (refer to Step 2, Method 1 to get Nook Content folder), Nook DRM protection will be removed when the books are adding.

Get the correct Barnes & Noble account info:

#1 Go to Barnes & Noble site and sign in.

#2 Select "Account Settings" on the top menu bar.

Nook account - account settings

#3 Scroll down to "Settings", click "Manage Account Settings" under the "Account Settings" section.

Nook account - manage account settings

#4 Go to "Other Account Settings" on the right hand side and click "Manage Credit Cards" to get the 16-digit card No. and full billing name.

Nook account - manage credit cards

Nook account - card info.

Compared to the method2, method1 is more easier to use. Right? No need to load plugin, based on the newest Nook DRM scheme. Now, after your Nook books are DRM free, you're now allowed to read them on multiple devices and share them freely.


works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

12/4/2014 19:15:29
Curious, how does the NOOK DRM system work when there is no credit card number involved?
I set up a B&N myNook account using just an email and password.  Then applied a gift code, to get a book into myNook libary.  So there is no credit card information anywhere in the accounts.
How is the DRM encoded on that book then?  It only has my email address.
12/9/2014 01:10:36
This case is interesting, I guess it's related to the credit card who bought this gift code.
03/15/2015 05:53:59
All of this is interesting but I already own Epubor All DRM Removal.  So just how does this apply to that?  I'm not going to download two more programs just to be able to remove the DRM.  Where is the update to the program that I already own that was promised to owners of your program back in January?
03/16/2015 00:08:49


We have also updated All DRM Removal and Ultimate Converter. So the latest version of All DRM Removal and Ultimate are also able to decrypt Nook books.

And we have contacted you via email about your problem.

03/16/2015 11:18:52

Will the method using Nook Study work with ANY nook book without having credit card info?

I tried the Calibre method and just can't seem to get it to work.

03/16/2015 18:44:41

Hi Dan,

In our tests, yes.

Just make sure you are using the latest version of our program, then simply follow this guide.

If have any problem, you can open a ticket at ticket.epubor.com, our customer service staff will help you get it done.

03/16/2015 15:10:45
I know there have been changes to B&B. I got the email to show how to remove the drm. It asks to download the nook drm remover. I already have the all drm remover. Is this not enough or do I need the nook one as well?  I've tried to use mine, but it freezes up when I try to remover the nook drm key.
03/16/2015 18:47:49

Hi Jenn,

All DRM Removal also works, but make sure you are using the latest version.

For how to upgrade, please refer to this page: www.epubor.com/software-upgrade-policy.html

03/16/2015 18:33:45

I already have AllDRMremoval (newest update according to 'update' button)and it works fine with removing Kindle DRM then I use calibre to convert to Epub format. I downloaded Nook Study and installed it then downloaded a book from the library as instructed. When I try to use alldrmremoval I get the 301 error message though it has my correct name and credit card #.

BUT there is no blue button for " Or browse key file by hand" next to what is this or anywhere else on the error message. When B&N changed their encryption key and I had this problem last fall, I had already used Alldremremoval to decrypt about 500 of my 600 or so Nook Books (worrying that B&N might fold or try some dumb trick like this) so I have bought and decrypted only Kindle books since then and as I said I have no problem removing the drm from them...but I'd like to finish the last 100 or so Nook books, again in case they go bankrupt--which they probably soon will as many serious buyers of ebooks like me will no longer buy books I can't decrypt and keep for my personal use.

Any idea why I don't see the button for downloading the key? I'd prefer not to clutter Calibre with the plug in, last time I tried to download a plugin, I got all kinds of junk I didn't want.

03/16/2015 18:51:20

Hi David,

As we might need some screenshots from you to solve the problem, one of our customer service staff has contacted you, his name is Jonny Greenwood, please check your email,

03/17/2015 08:48:15

As I read the comments, it seems the most recent version of "Epubor Ultimate" already can remove the latest "B&N" DRM scheme. Now, when I want to make sure I do have the latest version of my "Epubor Ultimate" ( mine being "", bought last mid January ), it says that I do.

Looks to me like "B&N" made their move recently and, "Epubor" reacted rapidly with a new product!
Does it mean that "Epubor" did know by then about the new "B&N" DRM scheme and already included it, in the January "Ultimate" version? We're in March.

Though I didn't buy a single "B&N" book "yet", when it happens will I be able to deDRM the book?
Till then, I'm just wondering!

Now thanks, for your software is a wonder to use!        

03/18/2015 00:35:19

Hi Jean,

We confirm the B&N changes DRM scheme in March, then we spend a week to update our product to make it able to handle the new DRM.

And the version is the latest version, your current version doesn't contain the feature to handle new DRM.

However, you can skip this update as you don't have Nook book yet, in our plan, next release will be a major update, including some important improvements.

After all, thank you for the kind words, inspire us a lot.

03/19/2015 14:35:52

I have used Calibre for a long time, but suddenly it is no longer working.

Question, your directions for the first method use Nook Study.  I have the regular Nook reading app, and went i just looked on the B&N site for Nook Study, they said it had been replaced with Yuzu.  

What does this mean for your directions?

03/19/2015 19:29:19

Just change a name, no doubt about it.
Download here:


03/20/2015 12:04:21

Downloaded Nook Study, downloaded trial version, added books after making sure I could read them on Nook Study.  Got stuck, used Method 2 to generate Nook key, tried it all again, still hanging....

So far, no good!  Any suggestions?

03/20/2015 18:51:01

Sorry for this inconvenience!
May be the key has some problem, please copy the files from this path, it contains the keys.

And send some DRM protected files to us for checking!


03/21/2015 12:11:24
Not finding .config in Roaming.  Replying to your email with files.
03/21/2015 12:37:43
Tried everything again, updated the Output file, everything went okay, looks like it worked, but there's nothing in the Output file.
03/21/2015 12:50:20
okay, started over, and everything works now!  Whew!
03/21/2015 08:20:28
I have "Epubor Ultimate" and when to update the program and it states that the version Epubor Ultimate v3.0.4.12 is the latest version.  So I then purchased the Epubor ALL DRM Removal to down load and remove the DRM from my B&N books.  Used method 2 to obtain the key.  I downloaded 1 book to try and remove DRM and it hangs up. Message I get is "Loading eBooks, please make sure you can read the eBook on your computer at first." I have no problem reading the eBook on my computer. Could use help as I do not want to loose over 700 books if B&N goes bankrupt.
Thank you for your help
04/8/2015 19:54:05
Please try to use the "Generate Nook Key" feature in "Tools" in software's menu.
04/4/2015 13:54:06

I have AllDRMRemoval for Mac v1.0.12.19 (also tried trial of NookDRMRemoval).
Did the procedure.  And my version of BNClientLog.txt is in my user path Library rather than system Library (possibly because I have multiple users?).  But in any case, when I do the "method 2" browse to locate and confirm I don't get the alert acknowledging the key was generated.  The method 1/method 2 entry window just goes away.
Then when I try to remove DRM I get the program hang with the "DRM is removing..." message.  Book reads fine in Nook Study program but won't generate non-DRM version.
Same result testing either AllDRMRemoval or NookDRMRemoval.

I am using Macbook Pro OSX 10.10.2

04/8/2015 19:54:37
Please try to use the "Generate Nook Key" feature in "Tools" in software's menu.
04/8/2015 22:23:58
That's what I did to get to the "Method 1"/"Method 2" screen.  Problem is still as described in my note above.
04/8/2015 23:08:19
Our customer service staff has sent you an email for further help, please check it.
04/9/2015 10:07:52
After being asked to backup then delete BNClientLog.txt and the downloaded copy of book, I re-downloaded and opened the book which then created a new (and much smaller) log file and now it all works with AllDRMRemoval.  Yea!  Thanks.
07/2/2015 12:41:19
I have managed to remove the DRM from my nook books and have located the DRM free books into the output folder, I am having issues getting the books to show up in my new kindle. Please Help
07/2/2015 18:39:31
Have you converted your Nook books format to Kindle supported? Such as Mobi, azw, azw3.
07/15/2015 13:42:57
Is there any way to select more than one book in NOOK Study? I have a lot of books and this will take some time, selecting each book individually. Thanks! So far, the system is working great, even Method 2!
07/15/2015 20:01:31


Of course you can. You can click "All books" under "Nook" to add all your books to the main window of the software.

07/15/2015 21:39:15
I'm sorry -- I wasn't clear. Within the Nook Study program, not epubor, is there a way to select several or all books at once? I can see how to do that in the DRM removal program epubor, but not Nook Study.
07/16/2015 02:43:54
It seems impossible. You can only select one book to download.
07/16/2015 14:14:12

Does anyone know of a different program for downloading Nook books that will work with Epubor?

07/29/2015 21:59:07
Nook Study won't let me log in at all to start the process. It just gives me an error message "Internal Error: Failed to retrieve adobe account" and I can't get any farther. However, the Nook - Books, Magazines, Newspapers app available on the windows store does let me log in and I can download my Nook book epub files in that one. But the Ultimate Converter tool cannot use the log file that that app generates. Any advice?
08/5/2015 12:31:50
I have the same problem. Installed it just fine a few months ago on a Vista machine. Just got a 8.1 computer, installed Nook Study, and when I open it and put in my B&N id and password, I receive the same error message. Why is it talking about adobe?
08/5/2015 18:46:07
Maybe you can try to install Nook for PC/Mac, and login with your Nook account.
08/6/2015 02:34:41

Sorry for the late reply.

There must be something wrong with Nook study.I have the same problem.

In fact, download Nook books via Nook for PC can also generate the key to remove Nook drm. You can try to  find the file by yourself.

The default path:
Windows: C:/Users/Administrator/AppData/Roaming/Local/Temp/BNClientLog.txt

08/20/2015 14:41:54

I have tried and tried and tried to do this on any/all of my 170+ Nook Books, using the Ultimate Converter and the All DRM Removal. I have not managed to remove the DRM from a single nook book. Disappointed doesn't even begin to cover it! I certainly will not be buying any of your software, if it can't do as advertised.

Problems and What I Did:
1. Installed Nook Study: installed Nook Study, and was unable to log into my B&N account. I kept getting an error message that the account could not be verified. Same username and password works on all other apps, devices, etc. for B&N login.
2. Installed Nook for PC from your website link: installed Nook for PC, was able to log into my B&N account and sync to my computer, with the exception of 4 - 6 ebooks which I received an error for.
3. Ran both epubor programs mentioned above: Ran the program. Added files. Entered billing name and card number. Got an error that Nook DRM Removal failed. Browsed key by hand. Method 1 fails, can't find BNClientLog.txt Do method 2, browse to BNClientLog.txt file and click confirm, get error that says a Nook key cannot be generated with this file.
4. Follow instructions that popup on website. Move/Delete log file and re-sync books. New log file appears. Repeat everything, and the same thing happens.
5. Open Calibre, download plugin from epubor site. Install plugin from file. When I attempt to customize the plugin, I get an error code. Can't customize, so unable to enter account information. My plugin says "DeDRM" instead of "Ignoble" as shown in above example. Don't know why that is.

Have tried all of the above on 2 different laptops and a desktop running Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10. Exact same results on all 3 computers.

08/20/2015 19:59:10


Sorry for the trouble.

There is something wrong with Nook Study. Many users can not register it successfully. Currently Nook for PC cannot generate the key file to remove Nook DRM. What’s the error code when you click customize plugin.


09/30/2015 09:16:37

Trying to remove a nook drm - downloaded MAC DRM removal tool - have a window "DRM is removing, please make sure you can read the ebook on your computer at first"

Window is sitting there with no activity - does this process take a long time or is the application hanging?

Thanks for your help


10/25/2015 17:04:01

Nook Study has been replaced by another service - Yazu....apparently NS has been deactivated, so it's not possible to sign in.

i've tried to follow directions for nook de-drm provided by Ultimate - to no avail...does not work.  can't find the file BNClientLog.txt anywhere...BN must have changed protocol again.  

suggestions?  i've just purchased Ultimate...but it doesn't work...not good

12/25/2015 16:29:39
Confirmed the experiences above. Nook Study won't login. Nook for PC generates a log file that Ultimate says it cannot use to generate a key (and credit card + name doesn't work). Can anyone confirm whether there is a way to strip DRM successfully from Nookbooks these days?
12/25/2015 20:29:26

The latest method is install Nook Study and login.
Then run Epubor software.

But you can't login, so, we can't help you!

12/26/2015 07:53:16
Does Study log in for anyone anymore? Or does everyone get the Adobe error on login attempt?
01/1/2016 02:03:11

As much as I wanted this to work, none of these suggested methods did a thing.  I tried Epubor's Nook DRM Removal and All DRM Removal software using the outlined methods, with no luck.  I tried using Nook for PC and Nook Study to generate keys.  The .txt file from Nook for PC would not generate a key in the Epubor software, and Nook Study does not allow you to sign in, as many have noted.  The Calibre method also does not work, as the plugin linked seems to be missing pieces (when trying to customize in Calibre, an error message says there is no config widget, or something similar).  I even tried filing a ticket with Epubor support, but they just told me to download Nook Study, which again, does not work.  

However, for everyone who has gone through all of these methods, and been unsuccessful; for the people like me who were ready to pay for Epubor's software but were just unable to make it work, I've found a MUCH simpler way.  The developer who created the original DeDRM plugin for Calibre has now created a standalone application.  All you have to do is download the zip file from the GitHub page below, extract it, and install the version for your operating system.  Configure the app for Nook and enter your Nook email and password, then choose your DRMed books (Downloaded using Nook4PC) from within the app.  It spits them out on your desktop DRM-free.  I just tested it myself, and in less time than it took to read through this comment section in search of a solution to my Epubor issues, I've already removed DRM from all of my books.  Save yourself the trouble.

Apprentice Alf (developer's) home page: apprenticealf(dot)wordpress(dot)com/2012/09/10/drm-removal-tools-for-ebooks/
GitHub: github(dot)com/apprenticeharper/DeDRM_tools/releases/tag/v6.3.4a

01/5/2016 23:00:37

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for the idea. I am not super-computer savvy, but seem to have done what Apprentice Alf wants, and gotten to the set-up DeDRM preferences. I tried to configure the Barnes and Noble Key File, but didn't really know what I was looking for. Couldn't find anything called "bnepubkey.b64"

Ok, then found these instructions (the-digital-reader(dot)com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/DeDRM_Barnes-and-Noble-Key_Help.) but when I open the .txt file it has error messages and nothing like what they said I should expect. I know you are just a guy who figured out a workaround and this is not your product, I was just wondering if you had any more info.

Thanks so much!!!!

01/6/2016 02:05:03
We are updating our software to make it support the latest Nook DRM. Please wait for days then download our new version software to easily handle Nook DRM.
01/7/2016 12:47:40

Hello all,

I have also had some problems with the Ultimate DRM, and with moderate help from ePubCor got it fixed. I thought I would *attempt* to explain what I did so that others could try it.

Firstly, I had downloaded Nook for PC and done Method One, both versions of getting to the key (as explained above). Neither worked. I had glanced at the actual contents of BNClientLog.txt and noticed the word "error" within the text. If that is happening to you, this may help.

What I ended up doing was:
1) Download Nook for PC. Use it to get all my nook books onto my computer (in the Barnes & Noble folder). (Link in above directions) As noted, although I could login and read the books, the BNClientLog.txt was errored and could not be used to make key.
2) Download Nook Study. Attempt to log-in. It failed. However, it must have generated the key despite NOT being able to log-in at all due to adobe error. (  customer-care(dot)s3(dot)amazonaws(dot)com/nook-study-install/NOOKstudy_Setup.exe)
3)Use ePubcor software, method 2, to go to the Nook Study key instead of the Nook for PC Key. (Path: C:/Users/(Your Username)/AppData/Roaming/Barnes & Noble/NOOKstudy/logs/BNClientLog.txt)
4) It worked! Proceed to unlock Nook files.

Hope the helps! Mira

01/7/2016 19:13:52


Now we just have updated our software, it can handle Nook DRM. No need to install Nook Study, just install Nook for PC/Mac, sync your Nook books via it.

Then download the latest version of our software, drag your Nook books to the program, next it will let you input your Nook account and password, simply enter your correct account information, then the books will be decrypted soon.

03/30/2016 16:26:38
Now that I removed the DRM from my Nook Books, what is the best way to load them on a device? I have over 1000 books!
03/30/2016 18:37:25
Wow, so many books. I feel the easiest way is to connect your device to computer and transfer it via USB.
06/10/2016 01:44:48


I'm attempting to follow the instructions to complete the process of removing the drm for my nook books. I have the nook for mac app. When I load it, it will display my library in the back ground and then tries to sync to my online account. This wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that it keeps telling me I'm not entering the correct password when I am positive that I am. I even checked and logged into the B&N website just in case. I'm not sure how to progress further in reclaiming my nook library if I can't login to the app. I also have the apps for my Ipad and Iphone. Any way to download the epub files on those devices? I can login to those fine. Thanks,


06/17/2016 17:11:45
As of today - 6/17/2016 - your DRM removal tool doesn't work. I click remove DRM and it crashes the program. Running on a MacBook Pro OSX 10.11.5
08/4/2016 03:05:24

About your problem I will recommend you directly contact our support team(support@epubor.com) to report your problem and tell us more.

We need to check details.

07/11/2016 17:18:07

Question.  I have several Nook books that I'm trying to just get into Calibre that I've purchased over the past 10 years of so, probably under different schemes.  Can I use the latest DeDRM module for them all?  Or do I need to load older versions to remove the DRM from older files?  

What I've done so far is use V6.0.8 to create a key with my name and current credit card.  This key seems to work for new books that I've bought recently, I think.

I used V6.4.something (latest version) to create keys with my name and B&N account password.  This key I'm not sure if it's working or not.  I was unable to deDRM anything with this version, but the key is still loaded.

I've gone back and used V6.0.8 to create keys for all my old credit cards that were used to purchase some of the books, but nothing I've purchased before this year seems to want to decode.  I've also created separate keys using my email address and B&N user name.  I have some books that were purchased many years ago, but nothing seems to DeDRM them.

Any ideas?  Is there a set format for user name?

07/12/2016 15:17:24
After I posted this, not sure exactly what changed... maybe I restarted Calibre, but several older books started decrypting with the keys I put in.  Forgot to mention I'm using Calibre and the plugin.  Still have a few that won't decrypt, but maybe I have an error somewhere.  
08/4/2016 03:12:32

About your problem, I will recommend you firstly uninstall your Nook for PC/Mac/Study, then download the latest version of Nook app, and log in with your own Nook account.

Then, all books you bought(though 10 years ago) will be synced in the app. Click those books to download them to your computer again.

Using Epubor Ultimate or Nook DRM Removal product to help you remove Nook DRM. Successfully drm removing only demands your Nook account info.

08/6/2016 11:08:47
I just downloaded Nook for Mac and I cannot sign in.  I am getting a message about time servers and firewall settings.
09/2/2016 10:00:09
I am still having this issue, can somebody please respond and advise me on how to continue?
08/26/2016 06:19:48
I purchased o copy of this software in order to re-format books purchased in Nook format so that they would be readable by Kindle software. The app successfully converted some books but was unable to remove the DMR from others and consequently could not perform the conversion. The box informing me of the failure offered an opportunity to discuss the problem but this feature doesn't seem to work. All the books that were converted open well in Kindle. Please advise
05/25/2017 07:08:55
It is not working.  I clicked the lock button... put in my info... it says its unlocking but when I go back the DRM is still there.  It does not say "decrypted"
05/26/2017 12:05:41

Our software can handle Nook books. Please click the b&n DRM again and fill in the account information. This time the DRM will be removed.

If you are still failed, please contact the customer service about this issue. Please screeshot to show the details and send the screenshot to support@epubor.com.

04/14/2018 09:26:09

Right, I ripped open (in software) the applicable things in both of the methods. Nothing seems shady, but with the Calibre one, my card provider put a hold on my account because someone tried to make multiple $40,000 purchases and I'm currently trying to figure out how I'm supposed to explain to law enforcement what happened.

That said, both are ineffective. The first one does nothing at all and the plugin method basically says that it cannot remove DRM because the files have DRM.

04/23/2018 11:42:08
Hi there, You can contact our customer service about your issue. Here is the contact: support@epubor.com
Please explain your problem clearly and they will give you a reply within 24 hours.
06/7/2018 10:51:15
Here is the download link
for Nook Study: http://download.epubor.com/sold/nookstudy_setup.exe
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