How to Remove Password Protection from PDF Files

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I have a bunch of PDF eBooks with copy protection on my pc. It’s inconvenient for me to print or edit. I ever met a PDF document which could be opened or copied, but there were a couple of pages that I could't open. I could see them on the bookmark toolbar and click them, but it won't show up the pages. So I will share how to remove PDF password security restrictions on printing, editing, and copying a PDF file with readers.

Difference between user password and owner password

The user password is known as a document open password. Users must type in the password you specify to open the PDF for viewing, editing, printing, etc.

Enter User Password

The owner password is known as a master password or permissions password. Recipients don’t need a password to open the document. But they must type the permissions password to set or change the restricted features. For an instance, when you convert password protected PDF files to EPUB format, the Calibre will alert a window to forbid you to change files type as follow.

Convert Password Protection PDF to EPUB

Remove password protection on PDF files

Epubor PDF Password Remover, remove PDF password and restrictions with user password or owner password. No quality loss on the original files. It helps you to crack PDF password to access previously PDF without restriction.

Remove Password Protection from PDF

There are two cases worthy of us to introduce how to fulfill break PDF password step by step.

Case 1: PDF files have both user password and owner password

Case 2: PDF files have an owner password only

If PDF files have both user password and owner password, users should input the right user password. Then all locks and restrictions will be removed.

1 Run PDF password Remover

Download Epubor PDF Password Remover above, install and launch it.

Download the tool for free:

2 Add PDF files

Click “Add Files” button to import PDF files in the explorer or drag files into the program interface. It’s a locked PDF file as the icon displays in the below.

Import PDF Files

3 Crack PDF password

Click “Start” button and it will pop up a window to prompt you to enter a user password in order to remove all password restriction. Make sure you enter the correct user password for pushing “OK” button.

Input User Password

Then click “Start” button again and it decrypts the PDF files successfully. Select “Open” next to the “Start” button in the bottom. It will navigate you to find the PDF files. Next time you can open PDF files and edit it without entering passwords any more. It simplifies boring procedures to open PDF for reading. Now try to edit or print a password protected PDF file with this easy-to-use PDF cracker.

Crack PDF Password

Epubor software supports decrypting PDF password in batch. And the protection removal process won't hurt the original file's quality at all.

Download the tool for free:

If PDF files have an owner password only, Epubor PDF Password Remover is able to remove the restrictions without inputting any password. The process of unlocking secured PDF files is similar to the first case above except for entering the user password.



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03/6/2020 00:29:44
This method really works. I use Pasprog Forgotten PDF Password  to recover PDF passwords in combination with this program. Sometimes you have to use several programs to recover complex passwords. https://pasprog.com/forgotten-pdf-password.php
08/31/2022 01:08:59
Forbed my pdf may fall
08/31/2022 01:09:00
Forbed my pdf may fall
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