Full Guide on How to Return Audible Books on Mobile & Desktop

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Have you ever bought an audiobook from Audible and found that you don't like it at all after listening to the first chapter? Whether you are unhappy with the narrator's voice or pace, or just the content itself, fortunately, you're allowed to return or exchange the book and get a refund. In this article, I'll explain how to return Audible books on mobile and desktop with detailed steps. Let's have a look!

1. Audible's Return Policy
2. Back up Audible Books Before Returning
3. A Guide to Return Audible Books on Desktop
4. A Guide to Return Audible Books on Mobile

How to return Audilbe books

Audible's Return Policy

Audible's return policy allows active members to take a chance on a new book without losing a credit or money. It's one of the best Audible tips that you can make good use of. However, you'd better review the following return requirements before starting the return process.

1You must return your Audible books within 365 days of the original purchase.

2 Members have unlimited book returns as long as the title is within 1 year of the purchase date. And non-members can return 2 book titles once every 6 months.

3 You’ll be refunded with the same way you purchased the book. That is to say, if you bought the book with a credit, you'll get a credit back. Whereas if you paid for the book, you'll get your money back.

4 Never try to game the system by abusing the return policy. Otherwise, you can no longer enjoy your book-returning privileges, or even worse, your Audible account will be banned.

Back up Audible Books Before Returning

You should know there exist risks in returning books on Audible since you may be considered to have abused the return policy if you returned too many books in a few days. In this case, Audible might ban your account and thus you can no longer access all your purchased Audible books.

In order to prevent this situation from happening, you ought to know how to back up your Audible books. Only in this way can you ensure that you can listen to them anytime you want. Are you considering that transferring Audible books to your computer is equal to backing up them correctly? If you have this thought in your mind, you are totally wrong because Audible aax/aa books are all protected with DRM (Digital Rights Management). If the DRM isn't removed successfully, the Audible books you have stored are completely useless.

Well, the right way to back up your books is to remove the DRM and convert aax/aa to mp3 or m4b so that you can play them with no barrier on any other music apps. Here Epubor Audible Converter is highly recommended to you, which can efficiently help you remove Audible DRM and convert Audible aax/aa audiobooks to mp3/m4b with 100% original quality preserved.


A Guide to Return Audible Books on Desktop

Step 1 Go to your Account Details page on the Audible desktop site.

accout details

Step 2 Click on Purchase History on the left side of the page.

Step 3Choose return next to the book you want to return.

purchase history

Step 4 Select the reason for returning your book and click on Return Title.

reason for returning audible book

A Guide to Return Audible Books on Mobile

Step 1 Open your browser and login to the Audible website on your mobile phone.

Step 2 Tap the Menu in the upper left and then My Account.

My pre-orders

Step 3 Click on Purchase History.

purchase history mobile

Step 4 Choose a book you want to return and click on Return.

full site on mobile

Notice Unlike on desktop site, you won't be able to see the button Return on your mobile browser. Well, Don't worry. You can continue exchanging Audible books on mobile. You just need to take an extra step. That is, go to the bottom of the page, find Full Site and click on it.

Step 5 Tap a reason for your return and click on the orange button Return to confirm the transaction. This step is exactly the same as step 4 above on desktop PC.

reason for returning audible book

Frequently Asked Questions
Q 1: I can't return an Audible book. Why?

A: If your book says "Not eligible for return", you can contact Audible Customer Service  to process the return.

Q 2: How many books can I return to Audible? Any risk in returning books?

A: Actually Audible haven't set a limit on the number of book-returning. But if you get caught misusing the return policy like making returns too frequently, you may be deprived of returning privileges or even your account.
In general, you can return approximately 10 books through clicking the automatic web button once a year if you are a member. However, that's not for everyone. Someone may be stripped of online automatic returning privileges with only 2 or 3 books returned. If you should encounter similar situations, you can ask customer service to make returns for you. I have never heard of customer service denying return requests when asked to do so. In this way your account won't be locked. And for non-members, they can return 2 books once every 6 months as long as the book was purchased within 365 days.
This is a bit of search I have done on Reddit to see other people have said about book returns on Audible.

how many books can I return

Q 3: Why does a returned audiobook reappear in the Cloud?

A: If a returned book still shows up in the library on your Kindle device, you can permanently delete your books by heading to the page Manage your device and content, select the Content tab and then choose the book you want to delete.
Please note: Once an Audible book is removed from your library, you'll no longer have access to it. If you want to listen to it again, you need to repurchase it.


That's it for making a return on Audible. It's pretty simple, right? So next time you buy an Audible book you don't like, return it. In addition, it's recommended that you back up your Audible books in time and use Audible Converter to convert them to mp3/m4b, in case your account is suspended or even banned by Audible someday in the future due to frequent book returns or something else.

Here you can watch the following video to learn how to decrypt Audible and convert aa/aax to mp3 with Epubor Audible Converter.

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