How to set password protection for Kindle Fire

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Electronics like cellphone and tablet have given us so much convenience and entertainment in daily life. But privacy and security problems come along at the same time we enjoy these gadgets. Your privacy may be exposed and the kids may approach some bad stuff like violence and eroticism. All these could happen, especially on tablet as kids love it. It's very necessary to set some protections. And in this article, I'll show you how to set password protection on the Kindle Fire. With appropriate protection, you can enjoy a safe and clean Kindle Fire with your friends and kids.

The Kindle Fire has two password protections: the screen lock and the parental controls. The former is used to lock the screen – just like the cellphone lock; the latter has more protection feature. It can block some functions of the Kindle Fire like the Silk browser or the Instant Video.

1 Screen Lock protection

This feature is easy to set and it just has a simple function. Tap the top of the screen on Kindle Fire and choose "More" to enter setting menu. Then choose "Security" – "Lock Screen Password" – "ON". You'll be asked to set a password. It must be at least 4 characters.



Confirm your password and tap "Finish" to complete setting. Now press the power button to lock the screen and press it again to active the screen. Slide the lock bar to the left and the screen won't unlock – you need to enter a password. Type the right password you just set and tap "OK". Then the screen will unlock.


The only way to remove the password is to reset Kindle Fire to factory defaults if you forget the password. So just remember the password you set. If you want to disable the screen lock, set the option to "OFF" and enter the password.

2 Parental Controls

Parental Controls is a very useful function for parents to protect their kids from using some function of the Kindle Fire. You can choose to block one or more function of the Kindle Fire. The blocked function will be disabled and there is no way to unlock unless you active it in the Parental Controls setting menu.

Go to setting menu and choose "Parental Controls". Tap "ON" and set a password.




Finish the password setting and you can see these options:



Set "Web Browser" to "Blocked" and navigate to the home screen. You can see that the "Web" category has turned gray and it can't respond to your tapping.


You can also block other content. Tap "Block and Unblock Content Types" and block the content you want. If you want to turn the blocked content to normal, just set it to "Unblocked".


Disabling the Internet connection is a very effective way to protect your kids from browsing some bad websites or purchasing unnecessary items in the store. Enable the "Password Protect Wi-Fi" option and turn off the Wi-Fi. Then next time you kids want to connect to Wi-Fi, they have to enter the Parental Controls password.



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