6 Methods to Share Kindle Books with Friends and Family

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Most of eBook lovers choose to purchase eBooks from the world's largest online eBook retailer--Amazon. Once you have finished some interesting book, do you want to share them with your family or friends immediately. However, it is easy to lose your enthusiasm if you do not have any clue on how to share Kindle books. 6 methods for sharing Kindle books with friends will be introduced so that you can easily and freely share your Kindle eBooks whenever you want.

1. Share Kindle Account

Amazon enables you to access your Kindle library on up to 6 devices, including Kindle e-ink devices, Kindle desktop, Kindle Tablets, Kindle for Android/iOS. Thanks for this policy, if you want to share Kindle books, you can send your Kindle account information to your friends or family members so that they can register with your account on their Kindle devices or Reading app for reading the Kindle books you want to share.

Sharing kindle account is not the best option for many reasons. One reason is that you may have already registered your Kindle account on up to 6 devices or apps. The other reason is that Amazon account information is personal privacy. Once someone has logged in your Amazon account, he can see all your purchase history and all purchased eBooks, not only the one you wants to share. Even more, if you have set up the 1 click payment, the people can see your credit card information which is really uncomfortable for those who concern the personal privacy.

Limitations of sharing kindle account.

1. The Kindle account can registered up to 6 devices or apps.

2. Your Amazon account information will be unveiled to others, including purchase history and payment information.

2. Lend & Borrow Books

Can i share my kindle books with another kindle user? Lending Kindle books to your friends is also a way of sharing kindle books between two kindle users. But I want to clarify all these lending & borrowing limitations before you make any further action.

Limitations for Lending & borrow Kindle books.

1. You can lend a Kindle book to another person for up to 14 days.
2. The borrower does not need to own a Fire tablet or Kindle e-reader to read the Kindle books, but can read the book after downloading a free Kindle reading app.
3. A book can only be loaned one time.
4. Magazines and newspapers are currently not available for lending.
5. You are not able to read the book you loaned in the loaning period.
6. Not all Kindle books can be loaned. It depends on the publisher.
7. This "Loan" option is only available in USA so far.

If you still want to try this method after knowing the limitations of loaning kindle books, please follow the below detailed steps.

Steps for lending Kindle books

Step 1. To loan a book, visit "Manage your Content and Devices" at Amazon.com.

Step 2.  In the action menu before each book title, select “Loan this title”. Note*: If “ loan this title” is not an option, lending is not available for that title.

loan Kindle books

 Then “Loan this book” page will pop up and enter your friend’s email address to “Recipient E-mail address”. The click on” Send now” to send out the notification.

enter receipient email address

Note: The recipient email address should be your friends email address, not their "send to Kindle" email address.

Steps for borrowing Kindle books

If someone has loaned you a Kindle book, you will received a notification via email.

Step 1. Open the email message “A loaned book for you”. Then click on “Get your loaned book now” button, the web browser will launch to Amazon so that you can accept the loan.

loan Kindle book notification

Step 2. Sign in Amazon Account and then select which device you want to deliver this loan book to. Then click on “Accept loaned book” button.

accept loaned book

If you do not have any Kindle device or Kindle apps, please follow the screen guide to download the reading app to read this loan book.

Step 3. Log in your Kindle apps or Kindle device, you will see the book you borrowed from your friends is in your library now. You can click the book title to download it for reading.

download borrowed books

Guess now you have loaned kindle books to your friend successfully.

3. Kindle Family Library Sharing

How to share kindle books with family? Amazon kindle family sharing is a good option for you. Another standout feature of Amazon is that it allows you to create a six-person household family library that lets you share your audiobooks, ebooks and apps easily with your family members. You can link your account with another adult and up to four children. In the following part, I will show you how to share Kindle books with families via Kindle family library.

Limitations of sharing Kindle Books via Kindle Family library.

1. The Kindle family library only can contains two adult account and up to 4 children account.

2. You can only share Kindle books to the one who is joined to your Kindle family library.

Step 1. Log in your Amazon account and then click on "Settings" under "Manage Your Content and Devices" tab.

Step 2.Go to "HouseHolds and Family library" option and then click on "Invite an Adult" button. A new page will pop up, you can fill in the name and the email address of the one you want to invite. Then click on "Continue" button to go to next step.


Step 3.You will be asked if you agree to share your wallet. Click on "Agree and continue" button.

agree to shar your wallet

Step 4.Then choose what you'd like to share with your family or friends, Check the option according to your own requirement.

family library sharing items

Step 5. A new page will prompt for sending out your invitation.

send out the invitation

Step 6. Your family or friend will received the invitation notification as below. Just click on " Get started" button to join in the family library.

family library invitation

Step 7.A new page will prompt up, just click on "Continue" button to go to next step.

invitation accepted

Step 8. Your family or friend also have to agree to share the wallet. Click on "Agree and continue".

agree to share wallet

Step 9. The one you invited also needs to select which item he/she wants to share with you. Then click on "Continue".

share ebooks

Then go "Manage Your content and device", you will see all books in your family library as below picture.

family library

As Amazon has a full list of device and apps that can access the shared content, you can easily read and download the shared books.

One thing to be mentioned is that the Family library sharing is off by default for the Kindle reading apps. You need to enable it by going to the "Your device" tab under "Manage your content and devices". Then click action menu ("..." icon) before the reading app, and then check the "Show xx's content".

enable kindle reading app sharing function

Restart your Kindle reading apps, and you will see all the books in the Family library.

4. Lend Kindle eReader to Others

You can also use the Kindle eReader as a read book and lend your Kindle eReader to your friends so they can read the book you want to share. But the biggest drawback of this method is that you can not access any of your Kindle books until your friend return your Kindle device to you.

Limitations of sharing Kindle Books via lending eReader to others.

1. You can not access your any of Kindle books any more unless you get your eReader back.

5. "Buy for Others" Function

Recently, Amazon has released a new feature--buying Kindle books for others. If you want to share Kindle books with your friend, just purchase a copy for him.

Go to Kindle books's product detail page on Amazon as below. You will see "Buy for others" section at the right corner as below picture.

buy for others

Select the quantity you want to buy for others and provide your order details, then click "place your order" button to finish the order. If you only buy single copy, Amazon will email the book to the recipient on your behalf. If you purchase multiple copies, you send redemption links to your recipients. This is definitely a workaround to share Kindle books with your friends and family, but it costs too much.

Limitations of sharing Kindle Books via buying for others.

1. It will cost your extra money to purchase a new book.

6. Sharing Kindle Books Without Limitations

I have introduced 5 different methods to share Kindle books and hope you've already picked at least one way to share your kindle books. However, I have to admint that every method listed above has its own drawbacks. Is there anyway to share Kindle books without any limitation? The answer is definitely yes. Keep reading to get the easiest way for sharing kindle books with anyone.

It is universal known that the Kindle books are protected by DRM. This is why we can not share Kindle books with others freely. If we can break the DRM restriction, sharing Kindle bookswith your friends will be a piece of cake. To strip the DRM, you only need one tool--Epubor Ultimate which is the best eBook DRM Removal as well the eBook converter. It can easily remove the DRM from eBooks purchased from Kindle, Google Play and Kobo. What's more, Epubor Ultimate can also convert books to any other formats.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free


Launch Epubor Ultimate, and the Kindle books you downloaded to your computer will be listed at the left column under "Kindle" tab. Just drag it from left to the right, and all DRM will be removed. Or you can just open the fold stored the Kindle books, drag and drop the Kindle books to the main interface of Epubor Ultimate, the DRM will be removed automatically.

convert KFX ebooks

Click the“Decrypted" at the end of each book, you can open the folder stored the DRM-free Kindle books. Now you get the DRM-free Kindle books and you can share your Kindle books with your friend or family without any limitations by removing Kindle DRM.

After the comparison of the6 methods listed above, I strongly recommend you selecting the method 6 which can save your time and money. With the assistance of Epubor Ultimate, sharing your Kindle books can never be so easy. If you have any other good idea on sharing Kindle books, please leave the comments below so that we can update the article to benefit more users.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Almost all my books are purchased from Amazon, but I have yet to see one which has the lend option. I live in UK.

A: This lending option is only available in USA so far. If you are living in UK, please try other method. I recommend you remove Kindle DRM with Epubor Ultimate and share kindle books with your family.

Q: How can I check whether a book can be loaned before purchasing it?

A: At the product page, go to the product details and check the lending option. If the lending option is "Enabled", this book can be loaned.

Q: How to return a loaned book?

A: Go to Manage Your Content and Devices page at Amazon and select Actions next to the book in question. Choose Delete from Library and confirm the deletion, the book will be returned.

Q: How can my friend read my Kindle books on his Kobo?

A: Then you need to use method 6, to remove Kindle DRM and then convert Kindle books to Kobo with Epubor Ultimate.

Q: Are purchased kindle books automatically shared between two adult accounts in the family library? For some books, I don't want to share them with my friend or family.

A: If one of you have purchased any book or audiobook, it will be shared automatically. Both of you can read or listen to it. Of course, you can pick up which book you want to share with others or not. Just go to "Manage my Kindle Content and device". Click on three dots before your purchased book, and then click on " Manage Family Library" and then click on "Add to Library". Your picked Kindle books will be shared with your family.

share picked books

But you can stop sharing audiobooks, ebook or apps at a time on Amazon website.

stop sharing kindle books

Download Epubor Ultimate for free

joined Epubor since 2017. She always wants to share everything related to ebook reading and improve your reading journey.

01/29/2019 00:46:15
I have an Amazon Fire and a Kindel reader. Is there a way I can set them up so the share my books.
01/29/2019 14:31:34

Method 1: Use the same Kindle account to sync your books and download them.

Method 2: Remove DRM from your Kindle books, and then transfer those drm-free files to your other Kindle. This is also a good method to back up your Kindle contents.

04/15/2019 22:18:48

I would like to lend someone my kindle-ebook (not the book, the hardware) and have access to just one or two books out of my complete collection. He should not be able to see all my other books or access to them, just the few selected books. Is that possible?

My idea was to create a family-account and this person should get either the second adult account or a child account. But after that, can I, the from my main adult-account select singular books this person should have access to?

Thanks a lot,

04/16/2019 09:37:26
I think you can creator a child account and share the selected books with this new account. Then register your software with this new account. The one borrowed your hardware only can see the book you want to share with the child account.
12/27/2019 07:01:10
One step to add before step 6. Each Amazon account allows up to 6 devices to be registered. By signing into your own Amazon account using friend's ereader tablet or computer. This option gives primary user to send selected books to friends or family member without exhange of sharing wallets or limits to lending. Surprisingly, only on Guardian website, in the UK thinks breaking bank laws on Amazon is questionable for family sharing. It does seem intrusive and not clear why the options are not simpler. Such as, when lending in a public library. They do not ruin the book after one lend, but that is what happens with Amazon's lending. After one lend, your book is useless. So if you wish for a parent & sibling to check out a specific book. Only one person can look at it. One of them will have to find a copy or sample elsewhere. For me, it's like destroying your copy after one lend. Which library in the world does that?
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