How to Share Kobo eBooks with Friends

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You may have faced the question, like me, after purchasing an eBook from Kobo ebookstore, you do really like it and want to share it with your friends or your family as soon as possible, yes?

But as a matter of fact, unlike Kindle and Nook, Kobo ebookstore hasn't provided the "Lending out" functions.

So on earth what can we do to share kobo books with our friends?

Don't worry this is just what I want to write in this article. With the foundation of my several trial, here I introduce you 2 ways to share kobo ebooks with friends.

Method 1: Share Kobo account

Method 2: Remove DRM from Kobo books

Method 1: Share Kobo ebooks with friends by the same account

This is the easiest way to share kobo books I think. Just tell your friends your Kobo ID and password.

share kobo books by the same account Before he or she uses your account, he must sign out his own kobo account and then use the new account you have told him to sign in.

Don't worry you can also keep on reading your kobo books with your account. I have tried and I succeeded.

But before you choose this method, you must make sure that the people deserve your trust. Because your account contains a lot of your own information including your credit card or debit card number.

Method 2: Share Kobo ebooks with friends by removing Kobo DRM

To begin with please take some minutes to view the reasons for this method I recommended.share kobo books by removing drm

-Most Kobo eBooks do use DRM protection which limits us copy or transfer kobo books to other eReaders or other people.

-It's more safe than sharing your account with another persons.

-We can use the more beautiful and capable iBooks app to read kindle eBooks.

-With this method you can also share ebooks between Kobo and Sony, share kobo books with Kindle, Nook, and even between ipad.

-More and more...

Now follow this method step by step.

1Install Adobe DRM Removal

In fact Kobo books are protected with Adobe Degital Rights Management. Here is the best Adobe DRM Removal to help you strip the limitation.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download


2Install Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is the specific program to read Adobe Adept DRMed eBooks. It's a free software.

Once you download it and open it for the first time it will ask you to set up an account. Please use the same e-mail address as your Kobo account to authorize your Adobe ID. Don't forget it.

3Read Kobo books on ADE

Access to Kobo ebookstore with your kobo account. Then add your kobo ebooks to library. On the right side you will see "ADOBE EPUB DRM" in your library. Just click the icon then your kobo file ( .acsm file) will be downloaded to your computer.

Then open it with ADE. For detail guide:

4Remove DRM from Kobo books

Run the Adobe DRM Removal. You will see all your kobo books you selected and opened with ADE are listed at the right area. Just drag them to the left area to add books. It will remove the drm automatically very fast.

remove drm from kobo books to share with friends

As soon as you click "Remove DRM" button, you will get your DRM-free kobo books at the output folder.

Update: There are 2 more easier methods for you to remove Kobo drm, remove drm from Kobo KEPUB files with high quality.

5Transfer Kobo books to your friends

Now that we have remove DRM from Kobo books, we can transfer them to friends' computer, Kobo or Kindle e-Ink reader. Though we can directly transfer Kobo books to our friends via USB, here I still want to share a useful tool Kindle Transfer with you. It's an amazing program. With this tool, we can transfer Kobo books to Kindle, computer or another Kobo with ease. Even if you transfer your DRMed books from Kobo e-Ink reader to Kindle, this tool will automatically remove DRM from Kobo books and convert them to Kindle supported formats. Why not download it for free trial?

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

After we installed it on our computer, just connect your friends' Kobo, or Kindle to computer, select your eBook path on your computer, then tap "Transfer" to continue. All your books will be transferred soon.

transfer kobo books to kindle

Now the books have no limitations so you can share your kobo books with friends and family. What's more, both you and your friends can read these kobo books on any eReaders. For example, read kobo ebook on sony reader.


In my opinion, one of the great things about reading is finding that you love and sharing them with friends. You know with traditional printed books this is very easy, but, with eBooks most of people don't know how to share. So here I write all I know about it, and how I wish it can help you, my dears.



joined Epubor since 2011, loves everything about eBooks and eReaders. He seeks the methods to read eBooks more freely and wants to share all he has got with you.

03/13/2016 00:20:55
I downloaded the DRM program that you have as a link there. But it says I need a license code for it. :(
03/13/2016 23:20:17


The first time you launch the software, it may pop up a window which let you input your email to start the free trial, have you saw that?

You can use the software free for 30 days.

11/10/2016 03:08:17
Is it legal to lend my ereader with books on it to someone else?  This is a very easy way of sharing purchsed ebooks - you simply swap devices for long enough to read the books.  BUt I'm not sure if that is allowed in law.
05/16/2017 19:11:42

This sounds riciculous.

If I buy something it is mine and I own it.

If I own something then it is mine to do with as I wish.  

If I want to lend it to or share it with someone else then I will and that is noboby's business but my own and the person I am lending to or sharing with.

07/12/2017 04:15:35
I have many epub books that I would like to share/swop.
07/13/2017 17:06:43
There are many ways to share epub books with friends in this article. You can try our Epubor software: https://www.epubor.com/ultimate.html
07/28/2017 22:25:41
not really. you are not really buying the book content as such, but you are buying an individual right to read the book: not the same things.
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