How to take screenshot on Kindle Fire

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Taking screenshot on Kindle Fire is very useful. You can record your activities on Kindle Fire and share them with your friends. For most Android devices and the Kindle Fire HD, taking screenshot is very easy – just press down the power button and volume down button together and you can take a screenshot. But this job seems to be impossible for the original Kindle Fire as it has no volume button.

In general we can take screenshot for all Android devices on computer with the Android SDK. But it's complicated and inconvenient. Is there a simple way of taking screenshot on Kindle Fire? Well, the app "Screenshot It" may help you. Just install the Screen It on your Kindle Fire and you can take screenshot at any time. And this article is just about how to use Screenshot It on Kindle Fire.

1 Root Kindle Fire

Rooting is needed for using Screenshot It on your Kindle Fire. We suggest you read these two articles to root your Kindle Fire.

1. How to root Kindle
2. Root Kindle Fire with one click

2 Install Screenshot It on Kindle Fire

Click here to download Screenshot It. Transfer and install it on your Kindle Fire by ES File Explorer. The first time you open Screenshot It you many meet a root permission request like this:


Click "Allow" to confirm and navigate to the main menu. Don't get confused of these various options. All you need to set are few. There are 3 methods of taking screenshot with Screenshot It:

1. Take screenshot by tapping the overlay screenshot button
2. Take screenshot by tapping the screenshot button on status bar
3. Shake to screenshot

These three methods can work together. They have no conflict. Method 1 and method 2 both need you to tap the overlay button. For method 3, you just need to shake the Kindle Fire.

3 Set screenshot options

Let's check out the method 1 first. Choose "Overlay screenshot button" then a small robot will float on your screen. Tap it and you can take a screenshot. You can edit the screenshot after recording. Click "save" to store the screenshot. The default screenshot will be stored at:/data/com.edwardkim.android.screenshotitfull/screenshots.




You can click "Save directory" to change the default storage directory. I suggest you create a new folder for a better management.


But the overlay button will disappear after you take a screenshot. So I suggest you choose method 2 – put the screenshot button on status bar. Select "Pin to status bar" and call out the dropdown status bar. You can find the "Take a screenshot" button. Click it to take screenshot.


If you don't want to tap to take screenshot, try method 3 – shake to screenshot. Select "Shake to screenshot" and choose "Shake strength" to adjust. Then just shake your Kindle Fire and the screenshot will be record down. It must point out that the screenshots in this method may have deformation.


From the above, I suggest you choose method 2 to take screenshot – Pin the screenshot button to status bar.


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