How to Tell Kindle Fire Generations

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Whether you want to buy appropriate accessories or root Kindle Fire, you definitely need to know the device model or generation. But Kindle Fire tablets were published by Amazon yearly. You may be confused by so many Kindle Fire versions and their similar names. So a question jumped out. What generation is my Kindle Fire? Read the below methods. And you will know how to tell Kindle Fire Generations easily. If you want to identify your Kindle eReader models, please read How to Tell Which Kindle I have?

Method 1: Check Kindle Fire Generations on Device

Yes, from your Kindle Fire device, you can easily check the Kindle Fire detailed information. I use a Kindle Fire HDX to write this tutorial.

Follow the step-by-step guide to check Kindle Fire generations:

Unlock Kindle Fire. Slide down from the top of the Kindle Fire screen. Tap the "Settings" option.

tap kindle fire settings

From the "Settings" menu, tap "Device Options" >> "Device Model". You will find the Kindle Fire generation.

kindle fire hdx settings device options

Method 2: Identify Kindle Fire Generations from List of Kindle Fire Models

From the below table, you can easily find out the Kindle Fire generations. Of course, it does not only include Kindle Fire generations but Kindle Fire serial number, release year and other specific information. You can synthesize that information to determine the Kindle Fire model. And you can also use it to compare Kindle Fire models and determine which one you want to buy.

If you don't know where you can find the Kindle Serial Number, you can read the full guide on How to Easily Find the Kindle Serial Number.

Release Year
Kindle Fire Generation
Serial no. prefix
November 2011
Kindle Fire (1st Generation)
7"; 8GB; Wi-Fi; Kindle logo on the back; No Camera; No Volume Buttons; No Bluetooth;
September 2012
Kindle Fire (2nd Generation)
7"; 8GB; Wi-Fi; Kindle logo on the back; No?Camera, No Volume Buttons; No Bluetooth;
September 2012
Kindle Fire HD 7" (2nd Generation)
D025, D059
16GB/32GB; Wi-Fi; Power?and volume buttons on the sides; Front-facing HD camera; Dolby audio;
November 2012
Kindle Fire HD 8.9" (2nd Generation)
16GB/32GB/64GB; Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi+4G LTE; Power and volume buttons on the sides; Front-facing HD camera; Dolby audio;
September 2013
Kindle Fire HD (3rd Generation)
00D2, 00D3
7"; 8GB/16GB; WI-FI; Power and volume buttons on the back, No Camera, No HDMI output
September 2013
Kindle Fire HDX 7" (3rd Generation)
D0FB, 00FB, 00FC, 0072, 00FD, 00FE, 0073, 006C, 006D, 006E
16GB/32GB/64GB; Wi-Fi/4G LTE + Wi-Fi; Power and volume buttons on the back. Front-facing High Definition camera; GPS (4G);
November 2013
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" (3rd Generation)
0018, 0057, 005E, 00F3, 0019, 0058, 007D, 007E, 007F
16GB/32GB/64GB; Wi-Fi/4G LTE + Wi-Fi; Power and volume buttons on the back; Front- and 8MP rear-facing HD cameras; GPS (4G); Live on-device tech support via “Mayday” button
October 2014
Fire HD 6 (4th Generation)
00DA, 0088, 00A4, 00A5, 00A6, 00AD, 00A9, 00AE, 00B4, 00B6
6"; 8GB/16GB; Wi-Fi; Power and volume buttons on the side; Front- and 2MP rear-facing cameras
October 2014
Fire HD 7 (4th Generation)
0092, 0093, 0063, 006B, 00DE, 00AA, 00DF, 00AB, 00B0, 00B2
7"; 8GB/16GB; Wi-Fi; Fire OS 5; Power and volume buttons on the side, VGA front-facing camera, Rear-facing HD camera
November 2014
Fire HDX 8.9 (4th Generation)
16/32/64GB; Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi+4G LTE; Power and volume buttons on the back, GPS (4G); 8 MP rear-facing camera and front-facing 720p HD camera;Live on-device tech support via “Mayday” button; Dolby Audio
September 2015
Fire (5th Generation)
G0K0, A000
7"; 8GB/16GB; WI-FI; microSD slot for up to 200 GB; Power and volume buttons on the side; Alexa Enabled; VGA front-facing camera; 2 MP rear-facing HD camera
September 2015
Fire HD 8 (5th Generation)
8"; 8GB/16GB; WI-FI; microSD card for up to 200 GB, Rear-facing 5 MP camera and front-facing HD camera
September 2015
Fire HD 10 (5th Generation)
10.1"; 16GB/32GB/64GB; WI-FI; microSD card for up to 200 GB; Alexa Enabled; Power and volume buttons on the side; Rear-facing 5 MP camera and 720p front-facing HD camera; Dolby Audio;
September 2016
Fire HD 8 (6th Generation)
8"; 16GB/32GB; WI-FI; microSD slot for up to 200 GB, VGA front-facing camera. 2 MP rear-facing HD camera;
June 2017
Fire HD 8 (7th Generation)
8"; 16GB/32GB; WI-FI; microSD card for up to 256 GB; Alexa Enabled; Dolby Audio, Dual stereo speaker,
built-in microphone; VGA Front-facing Camera. 2.0 MP rear-facing HD camera;
June 2017
Fire (7th Generation)
7"; 8GB/16GB; WI-FI; microSD card for up to 256 GB, Alexa Enabled; Mono speaker,
built-in microphone; VGA Front-facing Camera. 2.0 MP rear-facing HD camera;

From the above methods, I believe you can tell Kindle Fire generations now. If you have any suggestion or problem, leave a comment below.

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04/16/2019 21:55:27
Finally Success!!
04/30/2019 03:34:55
Based on your chart, I have a Kindle Fire HD 7" (2nd Generation).  How do I determine if it is 16gb or 32gb?  Cannot locate this info anywhere!
06/4/2019 02:07:23
I was told by Amazon that all Kindle Fire 10s are generation 8s.
08/27/2021 04:04:25
My 10 inch is a 7 generation accordr to the box it came in as well well as I check my my settings..I think they go up to 10 genr but all about the same with alexa..Mine is almost 3 years old.on an off amd camera position is different on 8 th and up.
08/13/2019 12:06:47
Thank you for this valuable resource. I have an old Kindle Fire and I needed this information to order a replacement cover.
08/16/2019 08:31:35
Thank you for your feedback. Glad to know this article can help you.
09/21/2019 13:45:41
I am not a robot!
09/23/2019 06:18:20

thanks for posting this useful information!

Unfortunately, for someone with a dead kindle, it's not going to yield an answer :)

The back of the Kindle Fire HD 8 is (unethically) difficult to read, and it's not clear if it actually has the model number.

THe red box the Kindle Fire HD 8 comes in has a plethora of numbers , including 3 bar codes: UPC, DSN, and (unlabelled, sigh, Amazon, shame on you),
as well as a "lot code".

10/21/2019 04:48:45
i cracked my amazon fire screen a while ago and cant find what model it is for a replacement i have twice ordered the wrong model, (and someone threw away my original) is there any way you can find your serial number if you cant get to the settings?
10/21/2019 08:35:20
You can just read this article : https://www.epubor.com/identify-kindle-model.html to identify your Kindle model!
11/22/2019 06:21:01
If you registered your Kindle to your Amazon account, log into your account, hover your mouse over Account & Lists, then click on Your Content & Devices.  Near the top of the screen, click on Devices and then click on the button with the ellipse (3 dots) to the left of your Kindle Fire.  The popup will list your device name, type, registration date and serial number.
10/24/2019 18:07:15
I'm on my third Kindle fire HDX third generation. I feel it is the best. The problem is that the charging area breaks every time. Nearly impossible to fix. So each time I've had to buy a new one. Great until it breaks again and can't be charged. I've tried the 10. It is way poorer quality then the HDX. Very sad
11/22/2019 06:24:16
Thank you for this!  Amazon's instructions don't work for 1st gen Fire's, had to use the serial number.
12/12/2019 10:17:34
Hi, i was able to determine I have a 2012 second generation the serial number starts with D025, thank you. One question, on your first option you say to tap settings. Mine settings is under +more and your next step was to tap device options. I don't have a device options, just device which gives the s/n not the generation. So, do I still have the right generation based solely on the first 4 digits of the s/n?
01/20/2020 03:07:20
Thanks for this.. Trying to find a new cover for what I now know is a generation 1 kindle fire. Still going strong!
02/15/2020 06:19:41
I have either a 1st or second gen fire. Its totally dead. Any suggestions on how to tell which battery to order. Wife just handed it to me to late to check in settings.
01/12/2021 15:06:18
I did change batteries using eBay generic batteries on third and fourth generation.  Ones that come with tools.  Was about $30 then. These batteries do not have the endurance of the originals.  The inside is tight and delicate. OEM batteries you might as well buy anew Kindle.
The only advantage of older ones is they did not get the last update. It seems to me the new update is both clumsiness than what I am used to.and slower on older tablets it does install on.  
On the other hand I have the latest HD8 and HD10 and am very happy with improvements except operating system.  Not sure about gen 1 or 2 but I think some of my old ones would boot on power. Are you sure charger is good? Or cord.  I wear out a lot of cords.
I go.to longer cords than need a better charger. Like the new USB C
01/12/2021 15:42:25
If you have prime go to Amazon account,  digital,
devices.  Should list your Kindle info.  
04/8/2020 00:04:21
How and where do I find the release info on my kindle fire hd8 7th generation  purchased 7/21/18 ?
02/15/2021 03:29:17
Very comprehensive, looked at probably ten other sites which just had genreal but, not detailed information; good job
03/4/2021 00:09:33
This is really helpful.  Thank you very much. I couldn't work out what generation etc my Kindle was and this is brilliant.
03/4/2021 09:17:19
Thank you for your comments and feedback. We are glad to know that this article can help you.
04/17/2021 14:07:05
Good information.  I am trying to locate a new case for my wife's Kindle.  Thanks to your research I now know it is a 2nd Generation Kindle Fire with a D026 prefix.  What would be helpful would be listing the exterior dimensions of the different Kindle's.  Amazon sells replacement cases but would a replacement case for a 1st Gen fit just as well for a 2nd Gen?  And would a 2nd Gen HD case fit either the 1st Gen or 2nd Gen earlier model?  Thanks again for the good work.
05/13/2021 23:53:32
Hi I have a 2nd gen fire HD and would like to know if the current case/covers are compatible with it.
07/12/2021 09:23:16
I have a Kindle Fire that came with Wi-Fi already on it....I cannot find my Serial # listed on ANY "Identify Your Kindle" List!!!! My # is D014....Every list starts at D01E, then goes to D025...I am so frustrated!!! Please help....What Kindle DO I HAVE???? Thank You Very Much!!!!!
03/24/2023 22:13:44

Trying to find new case/cover for my 7 inch kindle fire (2nd generation), but can't locate one. Amazon always shows Fire HD.  Will a 7" tablet cover fit my 7" kindle fire??  

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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