How to Transfer EPUB Books to Kobo: The Definitive Guide

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When talking about how to transfer ePub to Kobo, the most common method given by those Q&A sites and forums is to copy ePub files to Kobo.

But actually the answer is too simple to fix the problem. And this is also what I want to share with you in today's article. I will tell you the easiest way to transfer ePub to Kobo. And what you need to do is just to make sure where your downloaded epub file come from.

Tip: The following methods also work for transferring PDF files to Kobo.

Case 1. Transfer Kobo ePub Books to Kobo with Kobo Desktop Reading App

If you have purchased a book from Kobo store, the book will be automatically synced to your Kobo eReader via wifi. All you need to do is to sign in to your Kobo eReader with your Kobo account.

If your eReader can't connect to internet or you have lots of books and it's too slow to sync via wifi, you can connect eReader to your computer and transfer books via Kobo Desktop Reading App - Kobo for PC/Mac App.

Step 1: Connect Kobo to Your Computer via USB

When Kobo is connected to computer, Kobo eReader will ask if you want to connect to your computer to manage files. After select "Connect", Kobo device will appear "Connected and charged", and Windows can detect the new connected device.

Step 2: Open Kobo Desktop Reading App on Your Computer

After opening your Kobo for PC or Mac reading app, you will find navigation bar "EREADER" is available, then click "LIBRARY", all your existing books will show up, including books currently on your eReader or computer.

existing books on kobo

Step 3: Adding Books to Your Kobo eReader

Click the cover of books which you want to transfer, then hit "ADD TO EREADER".

transfer epub and pdf to kobo

The selected books will be transferred to your Kobo eReader soon. When all the books are transferred, eject your Kobo. Click "Library" in your Kobo eReader "Home"page. You will find books you have just added.

Case 2. Transfer Kobo ePub Books Between Two Kobo eReaders

In fact, you can't transfer Kobo ePub Books to another Kobo eReader directly, since the book is Kepub file and protected by DRM. Fortunately, there is a useful tool Kindle Transfer, which can help you make it. With Kindle Transfer, you can transfer ePub books between two Kobo eReaders. You can also use this tool to transfer books from Kobo to computer or from computer to Kobo eReader.

It is easy to use. Just connect the two eReaders to your computer with USB cable, select eBooks which you want to transfer, and choose the target Kobo device, then click "Transfer" button. Within a few seconds, books will be transferred to another eReader.

Download Kindle Transfer for Free

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download


Note: Some Kobo devices released these 2 years may not recognized by Kindle Transfer. If your Kobo device is not recognized as a device in Kindle Transfer, please follow this guide: How to Transfer Kobo Books to Anther Device or Another Account?

Case 3. Copy DRM-Free ePub Books to Kobo via USB

If you have downloaded some DRM-free ebooks from the internet, such as torrent site or free ebook giveaway website, the easiest way to transfer them to your Kobo is to copy them to Kobo with USB.

Step 1: Connect Kobo eReader to computer using USB. Tap "Connect" in your Kobo device.

Step 2: Open "Computer" in your desktop. Double-click "KOBOeReader". Then it will show the contents of your eReader.

kobo ereader content

Step 3: Open another folder which stores your ePub books or PDF files. Then just drag books which you want to transfer to your Kobo eReader contents folder.

transfer books to kobo

Note: For the books purchased from Kobo Store, the folder is hidden on your computer by default, you need to change the folder option to make the hidden files and folders visible.

For ACSM files, you have to convert acsm to ePub at first, then transfer them to your Kobo via USB. (Kobo must be authorized with the same Adobe account).

Case 4: Transfer ePub Books from Adobe Digital Editions to Kobo

If your ePub books are purchased from Google Play books, Kobo and Sony website, or other online ebook stores, you can use Adobe Digital Editions to add ePub books to Kobo, especially for Adobe DRM-protected books.

1Transfer ePub Books to Kobo from Adobe Digital Editions

Step 1: Install Adobe Digital Editions, and then authorize with an Adobe ID (the same email address as your kobo account).

Step 2:Connect Kobo eReader to your computer. ADE will detect your device automatically.

transfer epub to kobo using ade

Step 3: You can click "File"-->"Add to Library" at the upper left corner to add books you want to transfer. Or just drag your EPUB books to the main interface of ADE.

Note: If you find an ebook with .acsm extension, it would be protected by Adobe DRM. You need to convert acsm to epub at first.

Step 4: Select your epub files and drag them to the Kobo eReader bookshelf (listed on the left side under Bookshelves).

2Transfer DRM-protected ePub books to Kobo

DRM protection limits you to use the same Adobe ID within your accounts. So if you think it's annoying, you can search the Internet and find a good tool that can help you remove Adobe DRM.

You can use Calibre DRM Removal plugin, if you are an professional computer user. Or some other more easy-to-use tools with better user-friendly interface.

Of course there are many software that can work. Here I would recommend Epubor Ultimate to you. It's the best eBook DRM Removal and the best eBook Converter.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

Just drag and drop the EPUB books to the main interface of Epubor Ultimate, choose the output format as PDF or EPUB format.

Tip: If you have opened your EPUB books with ADE, Epubor Ultimate will automatically detect and display them on the left side under the "Adobe" tab.

best epub to mobi pdf converter

With Epubor Ultimate you can transfer DRM-protected ePub books to Kobo. It's the easiest way and the best way because you don't have to check whether your ePub books are DRM free or DRM protected.

Case 5: Transfer ePub Books from Other eReaders to Kobo.

1. Transfer Kindle books to Kobo eReader.

Kindle Books are protected by Kindle DRM in Kindle format, so you can't transfer them to Kobo normally. But there is a way to do it.

Here is the detail guide:Transfer Kindle Books to Kobo.

2. Transfer Nook books to Kobo eReader.

If you want to read Nook eBooks on Kobo eReader, you need to remove Nook DRM protections at first, then add the DRM free books to Kobo. You can use Epubor Nook DRM Removal to remove Nook DRM.

Here is the detail guide:How to Read Nook Books on Kobo .

If you have any feedback or suggestions on the above issues, please feel free to share with us in the comments below.


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06/26/2014 17:47:12
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02/11/2016 11:20:44
I have a large collection of books on my Kobo Aura.  I've noticed, though, that all the books I buy at the Kobo store put two copies on my reader; one is a Kobo ePub edition, the other is just epub.  Is there a way I can clean this up so I only have one copy on my reader?
04/23/2017 20:59:13
I have many books from a subscription site i want to read on my Kobe reader. I can read them on my Android and see them in my Kobe Android reader app. How to get the books to appear on the reader. I have uploaded them to the Android Kobe reader app library.
05/1/2017 23:30:33
I expect it works fine as long as ADE knows that your reader is connected.  I haven't had that experience yet.  
10/5/2017 01:01:19
Não consigo passar para o meu KOBO o livro que acabo de adquirir e que paguei por PayPal: A Primeira Aldeia Global.
Agradeço a vossa ajuda.
O Vosso telefone para assistência técnica 08000474933 não funciona.
01/3/2018 11:52:12
ADE works fine, the library books are there, when I transfer them to the Kobo, the window shows up, but the bar does not turn green, and the book never shows up in my Kobo.  This is happening for all library books, for the past 6 weeks.  I have re-installed ADE (3) already, as the newer version caused worse problems when I tried it earlier this year.  Been using 3 without any trouble until this happened.  The books are ones I have previously read on the Kobo, so I know they are authorized.
04/26/2021 01:08:36
I am considering using Kindle Transfer to transfer a public library Epub file from my new Kobo reader to my wife's older Kobo. Is it possible?  Thanks.
04/26/2021 09:15:12
Thank you for asking. We are sincerely sorry to inform you that our software doesn't support the rented books(library books). Therefor, kindle transfer cannot help you.
12/16/2021 21:27:45
When I connect my Kobo readers to my computers, they no longer show up on the desktop or in Finder. I'm running OS Catalina as well as High Sierra on another macbook. Now I can no longer drag and drop ePub files like before. Any solution?
09/17/2022 07:31:13
I want to transfer files from a Mac. I connect the Kobo reader to the Mac via USB. The Kobo "disk" icon shows up on the desk top but every time I go to open it, the disk is ejected and I get a scolding about properly ejecting disks. What am I doing wrong? PS works fine on a Window machine.
09/26/2022 21:11:11
I want to thank you for the guide as it answers alot of questions.  I've been bumbling around for weeks trying to learn how to translate purchased Kindle books to ePubs for loading into my Kobo.  Loading private ePubs into Kobo has been an exercise in frustration, much of which you have addressed.  So thank you.  I plan to try your tools and will purchase if good.
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