How to Transfer Kindle Books to Google Play

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Amazon Kindle is the biggest eBooks store in the world, and Google Play Books is the first choice to read books on your android device. So, many people may ask, is there any way to transfer books from Amazon Kindle to Google Play Books APP? Because nobody wants to have too many apps to read ebooks, it's very inconvenient. They would rather have all books in one place, in one APP.

But normally, it's not easy to accomplish this goal, since Amazon and Google are two giant companies, they both want to lock customers to buy books from their own stores, so they set some restrictions to limit readers reading books and transfer ebooks to each other freely. But don't worry, this guide will teach you how to transfer Kindle books to Google Play Books step-by-step.

Google Play Books APP

It has three steps, and if your are familiar with this process later, it will only take your less than 10 minutes to do it.

  1. Download Kindle Books to Your Computer.
  2. Remove Kindle Books DRM Protection and Convert Format.
  3. Upload Kindle Books to Google Play Books APP.

Step 1: Download Kindle Books to Your Computer

Although Amazon limit us to read kindle books on its own devices or with its own apps, we still have other choices. But first, we need to download Kindle books to your computer.

Go to Amazon website, download Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac app, this app is used to download and read Kindle books on your computer, no matter you have a Kindle device or not, through this app, you can sync all your Kindle books to computer, such as books from Kindle eReader, Kindle fire or Kindle for android/iPhone/iPad app, Amazon Kindle store.

Download Kindle for PC Download Kindle for Mac

After downloaded and installed Kindle for PC or Mac app, please open it on your computer. If this is the first time you run it, it will ask you to sign in, just type your amazon account in the window.

Register Kindle for PC

And then, you will see your Kindle library. Click sync and check for new items, all you books will show on the interface, double click the title which you want to read, the app will begin to download book from Amazon clouds. After all your books have been downloaded to your computer, we can move to the next step.

Kindle for PC eBooks

Still failed to download the Kindle title? Look at these 7 solutions when Kindle books won't download.

Step 2: Remove Kindle Books DRM Protection and Convert Format

Kindle books are protected by Kindle DRM. With this Kindle DRM protection, you don't really own the book that your purchased from Kindle store. They are just saved in Amazon Kindle Clouds, so if amazon shut down (believe it or not), maybe all your books will disappear. So if you want to backup your Kindle books, you'd better remove the DRM from kindle books. You can read this post to know more about removing Kindle DRM.

Download Ultimate eBook Converter First.
And in order to transfer Kindle books to Google Play, we need to srtip the DRM as well. First download Ultimate eBook Converter. It 's a powerful tool to strip all kinds of ebook DRM and convert eBooks formats. I think every eBook lover should have such tool in hand.

100% Free and Clean Download


Drag and drop those Kindle books into the Ultimate Converter main interface.
Open Ultimate eBook Converter, it will detect all your Kindle books on computer, the next step is very easy, just simply drag and drop those Kindle books into the Ultimate Converter main interface, and the DRM of Kindle books will be decrypted automatically. There is one thing I need to emphasize, make sure all you Kindle books are synced through Kindle for pc/mac app lower than version 1.25. If your kindle desktop application is version 1.25 or later, please downgrade kindle for PC/MAC.

Choose ePub format as the Output Format, and click "Convert" button.
Then we need to convert Kindle books to ePub or PDF format, since Kindle books format are azw or mobi, and Google Play Books only support ePub and PDF. Choose ePub format as the Output Format, and click "Convert to epub" button. Wait a seconds, a new ePub books will be created. and now we can upload it to Google Play Books APP.

Read Kindle Books on Google Play

Note:If you want to transfer books from Amazon Kindle for Android app to Google Play Books directly, you can refer to this post "remove Kindle DRM from Kindle for Android app".

Update: If you have a Kindle eReader, for example, Kindle paperwhite or Kindle Voyage, you can simply connect the eReader to your computer, Ultimate eBook Converter will detect books in your ereader automatically, and you can remove DRM and convert format directly, don't need to download books to your computer any more.

Step 3: Upload Kindle Books to Google Play Books APP

There are three ways to upload books to Google Play Books, from computer's web browser, from your android device, from iPhone or iPad. Here I take upload books from computer as example (this way is also suggested by Google).

Fisrt, go to Google Play Books, on the top right side, there is a "Upload files" button, Click it. A window will pop up, you can upload the converted ePub books from your computer now. Notice google also supports uploading books from Google Drive.

Upload Books to Google Play

Once finished, you can go to "My Books" page, click the book's cover to read it via web browser.

And when open Google Play Books app on your Android device, the uploaded book will be synced automatically. Click download button, you can read the Kindle book on Google Play Books app now.

Read Google Play Books

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11/5/2016 01:27:33
Really helpful, thanks a lot
11/27/2016 23:09:35
Super helpful and easy.
11/18/2017 04:58:50
Would have been nice to know up front that the converter is NOT FREE, it will only convert 2 full books.
11/24/2017 15:26:54
The trial version is free.
01/8/2018 17:50:47
Works perfectally! Thanks.
10/19/2019 02:10:27
Can't do comics. Am able to convert to epub format but get a server rejected when trying to upload to Google books.   Any ideas?
10/19/2019 10:00:48
Epubor software only helps you remove drm and convert ebook format. As for uploading ebooks to google books, it is beyond our expertise. Thank you for your understanding.
12/26/2020 01:24:41
Really crapy conversion
12/29/2020 15:44:54
Thank you for using our software and we are sincerely sorry to hear that.
Is there any issue with the conversion? Can you please describe your problem clearly so that we can help  you fix it.
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