How to Transfer Kindle Books to iBooks

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When I got my iPad not long ago, I was quite excited and thought I could read any ebooks freely on my iPad. But things were not that easy. After purchasing my ebooks from Amazon, I started to transfer kindle books to ibooks. But I failed, let alone to read them in ibooks. I got depressed. Later, I came to know that Amazon kindle books are protected from its unique DRM and the file formats are mainly kfx, mobi, azw and azw3 which are not supported by ibooks. Should I give up those Amazon kindle books? Of course not. I had paid for it . Besides, unfortunatelly I found the same books I wanted were not available in ibookstores after searching.

In order to read Amazon kindle books in ibooks successfully, I was told that I need a software which not only can remove the Amazon kindle DRM but also can convert the file formats. And I find that the Epubor Ultimate is a good choice because it can help decrypt and convert ebooks purchased from kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo and Google online eBook stores in batch within seconds. Now follow me to move your kindle books to ibooks with this software step by step.

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Firstly, Convert Kindle Books to iBooks

After purchasing your ebooks on Amazon, you should install Kindle for PC and then register it with your Amazon account. Once you open kindle for PC, the purchased ebooks will be synced to it automatically.

ebooks synchronized to kindle for PC

Click on the ebooks to download them. After finishing this, you can read them on kindle for PC freely. But how can we move those kindle books to ibooks? As I have mentioned above, the Epubor Ultimate Converter will help you to settle it. Now follow me to convert your kindle books to iBooks within ten minutes.

1Import kindle books

Install Epubor Ultimate and then follow the message prompt to load the ebooks or just drag those kindle ebooks into the right main window. And you will get the ebooks with free DRM (decrypted).

import kindle ebooks

Can't find the downloaded kindle titles?
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2Convert kindle books to ibooks

You can choose the output format either it's supported by apple devices or the epub format suitable for common ebooks on the bottom left corner. Then click the "Convert" button on the bottom right corner to start the conversion. The converted ebooks will show the state of "succeeded". Completing this step, you will get the ebooks prepared for copying to your ibooks.

convert kindle books to format supported by ibooks

Then, Transfer Decrypted Kindle Books to iBooks

1Before transferring decrypted kindle books to ibooks, make sure you have installed iTunes because it is indispensable for moving files to apple devices. If you have got one, launch it and click "file" in the menu bar and choose "Add file to library". Then add your decrypted kindle books and they will appear on the category "Books" on iTunes.

add kindle books to iTunes before transfering kindle books to ibooks

2Use the USB cable to plug your iPad to your computer and your device will be displayed on the upper right corner of iTunes. At the same time, you can see the "sync" button on the bottom right corner. Click it and your books will be snychronized to the iBooks of your iPad. The left you should do is just to open your iBooks on iPad. If you need more detailed information, read this article Transfer Books to iPad.

Transfer kindle app books to ibooks

If you have got your kindle app books in your iPad or in other devices, then how can you move them to your ibooks? You can also try above methods. First sync them to your computer, and then use the Epubor Ultimate to remove kindle DRM and convert the format. Next is to drag them into your iBooks.

Download the tool for free:

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12/7/2014 09:19:33
Why can't I transfer the books I I bought on my kindle to my i-pad please hel p
12/9/2014 00:57:44
Can you provide more details of the problem?
05/22/2015 14:41:51
Very pleased. Easy process to convert kindle books to ibooks.  Works as advertised.
01/30/2016 14:21:19
It didn't mention a 30-day trial. But it worked great! Moved 3 books from Mac Kindle to iBooks!
11/12/2016 21:07:37
After having a major dispute with AMAZON my account was closed by them. As a result i cannot get my kindle books on my iPad Pro or my MacbookPro. I still have 300 Kindle books on my iPad Air. Someone please advise how i can convert these books for use to my iPad Pro and my Mac. Thank you so much!
08/29/2017 03:25:48
What if all you have is an iPad?
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