How to Transfer Kobo Books to Another Account or Another Device

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"I have a fair amount of Kobo books purchased on my old Kobo Forma. Now I'm getting a new Kobo Sage and create a new Kobo account. I'd like to transfer my purchases to the new Kobo device. Would I be able to transfer those books to this new account from my old account?"

If you often purchase books from Kobo Store, you must know the Kobo books are linked with your Kobo account. You can transfer a Kobo device to someone else at any time, but you cannot transfer your Kobo books easily. If you are a regular visitor of our site, you will know we will always find a way to help you solve all kinds of ebook reading problems, of course including the methods of transferring Kobo books from one account to another, and from one device to another.

transfer kobo books to another account

Part 1. How to Transfer Kobo Books to a New Kobo Device?

If your books were purchased from Kobo Store under one Kobo account, you don't need to download and then transfer to read them on another Kobo eReader or app, since they will automatically appear in your library as long as your two Kobo devices are logged in with the same account.

What to do: Log in to your new Kobo device with your account and then just sync your Kobo device to see all your purchases.

If your books were purchased from different accounts, please refer to Part 2. How to Transfer Kobo Books to Another Account?

Part 2. How to Transfer Kobo Books to Another Account?

At this time, there is no official way to transfer your Kobo books to another account. The books in your Kobo library are linked to your Kobo account and password, and almost all of them are protected by DRM encryption.

So what if you have two Kobo accounts, and want to move your books from one account to another to manage them in a place? What if you want to share your books in your own Kobo account with another person?

Although Kobo doesn't provide official ways to transfer books to another account, there exists a method we've worked out that is proved to be effective. Below are the detailed steps.

Step 1 Download Kobo books to your computer.

At the first step, you need to get the Kobo books in your previous account downloaded. There are two different ways to download Kobo ebooks to computer. You can either use the Kobo for PC/Mac desktop app, or download books from the Kobo website and then use the Adobe Digital Editions.

You can read the article How to Download Kobo Books for a detailed guide.

Step 2 Remove DRM encryption from Kobo books.

As what's mentioned above, almost all Kobo books ar protected by DRM encryption. That's the real reason why you cannot transfer your Kobo books to another account. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, what you have to do is to just remove the DRM encryption from your Kobo books. Here the best Kobo DRM Removal is shared with you which is called Epubor Ultimate.

Download Epubor Ultimate for a Free Trial

Download and run Epubor Ultimate. If your kobo ebooks are downloaded from Kobo for PC/Mac desktop, they will show under the "Kobo" tab at the left column of the software. If they are downloaded from the Kobo website and opened with Adobe Digital Editions, you will find them under the "Adobe" tab. Just drag the books from the left panel to the right column. Your Kobo books will be decrypted automatically.

decrypt kobo ebooks

Step 3 Transfer the DRM-free Kobo ebooks to your another account.

As of now, your Kobo books that are in your previous account are DRM-free. You can transfer them to your another account. Just connect the Kobo device which is logged with your second Kobo account to your computer via USB cable, and on your computer, look for a drive named 'KOBOeReader'. Next just drag the decrypted PDF or ePub files into the 'Kobo eReader' drive.

copy pdf epub to kobo ereader

Part 3. How to Transfer Kobo Books to a Non-Kobo Device?

If you want to transfer your Kobo books a non-kobo device like Kindle, ReMarkable, Sony, Nook, Onyx Boox or other eReaders which don't accept Kobo books, you will also need to remove Kobo DRM first as what you do in Part 2. Most of the eReaders support EPUB/PDF format, except Kindle devices.

For those eReaders accept EPUB or PDF format, you only need to copy the decrypted files to your device. But if you want to transfer your Kobo books to a Kindle device, you have to take a further step, that is to convert the Kobo format a Kindle supported format like Mobi or AZW3. At the bottom of the Epubor Ultimate, choose AZW3 (or Mobi) as the output format, and click the Convert button. The Kobo eBooks will be converted to Kindle format in a few seconds.

Detailed Guide How to Transfer Kobo Books to Kindle.

convert Kobo books to Kindle azw3 format

When you got your Kobo books in Kindle format (AZW3/Mobi), connect your Kindle device to your computer with the USB cable and then move the converted Kobo AZW3 files to the "documents" folder under your Kindle drive.

move kobo books to kindle documents folder

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