How to Turn Off Kindle Data Tracking

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You may have noticed that your kindle device may know your favorites. They always recommend the books according to your taste, right? That’s because your reading, your purchase and other activities on your kindle device is tracked by Amazon. They track your habits, preference, and online behaviors. They are monitoring every move. Although Amazon has claimed that they use these data to improve the kindle service and benefit their users, some user still feel unformattable as reading should be a sacred activity.

disable kindle data tracking

That’s today we are talking about: how to turn off kindle data tracking. 3 different ways to disable data tracking on kindle device is sharing in this article. Keep reading to learn the details.

Method 1 Turn on Kindle airplane mode

For a very long time, people choose to turn off wifi and sideload everything so that Amazon can’t track their data.

To turn Airplane mode on and off, tap Menu>>Setting>>Airplane Mode.

kindle air plane mode

When Airplane mode is enabled, a plane icon appears next to the battery charge indicator. This means you will no longer have Wi-Fi access while the plane icon is shown.

Method 2. Turn off data tracking on Kindle device directly

To turn off tracking on your Kindle go to All Settings >> Device Options >> Advanced Options >> Privacy >> Disable.

disable kindle data tracking

Method 3. Turn off kindle data tracking on Amazon.com

You can also disable tracking from the privacy section of the Manage Your Content and Devices page at Amazon.

1 Login in amazon.com with your account information and Click on the "Your Account" menu and then select "Content and Devices".

2 On the top navigation bar, go to Privacy Settings tab at the top navigation row.

kindle privacy settings

3 Click “Manage Settings” button on the “Amazon Devices Privacy” box.

amazon device settings

4 Select the device you want to control.

select kindle device

5 Switch the orange button under “Device Usage Data.”

disable data tracking

6 Click “Turn off” button at the bottom of the dialog box.

disable data tracking

All done! Now you have disabled the data tracking for your kindle device.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: what happens when turning off data tracking on your Kindle?

A: "If you turn this setting off, we will stop processing this device usage data for the purposes of serving you customized marketing offers and improving our products and features."--This is the Amazon official answer. Disabling this option only disable the data related to maketing and features usage tracjing for product improve purposes, not all data tracking. That means you can't get rid of ads on your kindle. You will still seem them but with less relevance to your interests.


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