How to Update Kindle Books in 2022

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When the author or publisher creates a new version and Amazon approves it, you will get an update to this book. To enjoy the best version of the book you are reading, it is good to get your kindle books updated.  But how do you check to see if your books are fully updated? How to update your kindle books?  Here is how to update kindle books manually and automatically.

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Update kindle books automatically

Amazon allows you to update kindle books to the latest version automatically. Here is the detailed guide.   

Step 1 Go to https://www.amazon.com/ and sign in.

Step 2 Hover your cursor over “Your Account & list” and click “Content & Device” in the drop-down menu.

kindle content and device

Step 3 Click “Preferences” at the top menu.


Step 4 Scroll down to “Automatic Book Updates” option and turn it on.

automatic book updates

Please note: With automatic book updates ON you will receive the most up to date and fully featured version of the Books you own. In order to preserve your reading progress, bookmarks, notes, highlights and annotations across different versions of books, make sure that all of your Kindle devices and reading apps have “Annotations Backup” or “Whispersync for Books” turned on.

turn on kindle whispersync

Update kindle books manually

From time to time, you need to update your kindle books on your library even though the automatic update option is turned on. In this case, here is how to update kindle books manually.

Step 1 Log in Amazon account.

Step 2 Hover your cursor over “Your Account & list” and click “Content & Device” in the drop-down menu.

Step 3 Under Content menu, click “Books” to see all ebook in your Amazon library.

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Step 4 When the kindle book has a new version, there will be “Update Available” link besides the book.

update available

Step 5 Click the “Update Available” and then click “Update” in the prompted new window.

click update link

Wait a few second, and you’ll see  the successful notification.

successful notification

And the updated ebook should now appear in your kindle library. And the “Update available” will disappear.

Now with all your kindle books are fully updated, you can enjoy the best version of the book.


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10/16/2022 10:14:22
I updated an ebook but  I am still getting the old erosion even if I purchase it and I am not seeing update available when I go to device an Contevt
02/5/2024 12:52:46

I published an eBook and then updated that book using KDP. I was told that the book had been updated, but when I download the Kindle Unlimited version the updates were not there. I deleted that version and purchased the eBook.

I then followed the instruction to update manually...I selected the book in my collection and clicked More Actions. There was no option to update.

However, about the same time a friend downloaded the eBook and when she opened it all the changes were evident.

It appears that downloaded versions are not updated, even if deleted and re-downloaded.

02/7/2024 10:13:24
The methods introduced in this article can handle most of the kindle book updates issue. In your case, you can contact the Amazon customer support to get further assistance.
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