How to Update Kindle Paperwhite Firmware

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As one of the most popular eBook readers on the market, Kindle Paperwhite has gained a wide variety of users. From time to time, Amazon will update its Kindle firmware to make Kindle more stable and improve some user experience. As a Kindle Paperwhite user, you might have not connected your KPW to wifi for a long time, its firmware is still the old version. To obtain better experience on your Kindle, updating your Kindle Paperwhite is necessary. But how to update Kindle Paperwhite firmware? Today I'm exactly going to talk about this problem. If you need to update your KPW, please read further to learn the details.

If you are interested in updating Kindle fire, please read How to Update Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD/HDX.

To update Kindle Paperwhite, here we can use 2 kinds of ways: Update automatically with wifi connected and update manually. Before Kindle software update, we'd better determine our firmware information on KPW. Simply click Menu-->Settings-->Menu-->Device Info to check it.

Kindle Paperwhite firmware

The benefits to update Kindle Paperwhite firmware

Amazon official will regularly provide firmware updates, every time update will fix some bugs of old version firmware , improve
system stability and user experience for some newly added functions, etc. The firmware upgrade won't affect kindle warranty. So we suggest that once the firmware has new version, you'd better update it.

But if you have jailbroken your Kindle Paperwhite before, or taken any other "unusual" operations on it to get some extra functions, such as use more fonts, the update will back the Kindle to original official status. So if you want to keep some features such as jailbreak brings up, you'd better be cautious to update Kindle Paperwhite firmware.

How to update Kindle Paperwhite? Next, you will learn the details about 2 ways.

Kindle Paperwhite firmware update automatically

If your Kindle has been offline for a long time, once you connect it to WiFi and make it connected to Internet, it will automatically check the current version of your firmware. If it's in previous version, it will download and install the latest firmware version on your KPW when the eReader is asleep.

To update your Kindle once connected to WiFi:

  1. From the Home screen of your Kindle, select Menu icon, and choose Sync and Check for Items.
  2. how to update kindle paperwhite

  3. Plug your Kindle in, and leave your Kindle plugged in and connected to wifi overnight.

While asleep, the Kindle software update will download and install automatically. Your KPW may restart multiple times during the update process.

If you are not sure whether your firmware is the latest version, you can depend on the generation of your Kindle Paperwhite, click KPW1, KPW2, KPW3 and enter Amazon related pages to check your Kindle eReader firmware version.

Kindle Paperwhite firmware update manually

Before downloading and installing software updates, please check your firmware version first. You can follow the steps I have mentioned above to determine it.

  1. Download the latest firmware depends on your Kindle Paperwhite version.
  2. Download KPW1 software update

    Download KPW2 software update 5.7.3

    Download KPW3 software update

  3. Turn Kindle Paperwhite to airplane mode.
  4. Connect Kindle Paperwhite to computer with USB.
  5. Open your Kindle drive on computer and drag Kindle update file to the root directory of your Kindle.
  6. tranfer update file to kindle

  7. Eject Kindle device after file has been transferred successfully.
  8. Tap Menu icon from the Home screen and select Settings.
  9. Tap Menu icon again and choose Update Your Kindle. The option will be grayed out if your Kindle firmware is the latest version or the update has not been transferred successfully.
  10. update Kindle

  11. Click OK to confirm update. You will see Your Kindle software is updating.
  12. update Kindle paperwhite

Once the update process has finished, your Kindle Paperwhite will restart automatically.


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