How to Upload Books to Google Play Books App

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Google has recently added the feature of uploading local ebooks to Google Play Books app, for both iOS, Android, and web reading platform.

After we reported this information on our G+, many people said that they can't find an access to upload downloaded books into Google Play Books. So today I am introducing how to upload local downloaded book to Google Play Books app.

1 Get books ready

At this moment, Google allows you to upload no DRM protected ePub and PDF books, so if your books are just protected by Adobe or Nook DRM. Please use this tool to decrypt them all at first, it's pretty easy-to-use, one click you can finish the job.

    2 Upload books to Google Play Books

First you need to visit this page: https://play.google.com/books/uploads. And you have two ways to upload a book, from computer or Google Drive (an online file storage service provided by Google).

google books upload process

Choose the way you like, find the book, then click upload, you can see the upload process bar as the image above shows.

Then you will see this book displayed in your Google Play Books library, with your purchased books.

uploaded books in library

3 Now you can read them on web, Android, and iOS devices

On the web page, just go to "My Books" page, then click on the book's cover you will be able to read it via web browser.

And on your Google Play Books app on Nexus 7, iPad and all the Android and iOS devices. Once you run the app, the uploaded book will be synced automatically.

google play books on nexus 7

Bonus Tips: If you want to make the full use of Google Play books, you should never miss Google Play 101: Up to 16 Golden Tips and Tricks You Must Know


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12/19/2013 19:50:29

Import rejects book more than 50 mo.

Exist there any solutions?

08/4/2014 15:49:57
you know their a limit to how many drm free ebooks you can upload to google play ebooks, so if you have a big epub drm free library over 2000 dont think you can add all your ebooks under one account
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