How to Use KOReader on E-ink Devices

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KOReader is a rewrite of kindle pdf viewer. The name KOReader stands for Kindle/Kobo Open Reader, the devices for which KOReader originally was written. It is then ported to Android and several dedicated devices, such as PocketBook and ReMarkable. Supported document formats include PDF, EPUB, DOC, MOBI, DjVu, XPS, CBZ, FB2, PDB, TXT, HTML, RTF, CHM, and ZIP files. It is a very powerful free document viewer for E-ink devices. This guide is about its main features as well as how to use it.

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1. KOReader's Main Features

KOReader is one of the most versatile reading apps in the world. The following are some of KOReader's features.

  1. 1. Supports Multi-format Documents:

    --Supports fixed page formats (PDF, DjVu, CBT, CBZ),

    --Support reflowable e-book formats (EPUB, FB2, Mobi, DOC, CHM, TXT),

    --Scanned PDF/DjVu documents can also be reflowed with the built-in K2pdfopt library.

  2. 2. Compatible: runs on multiple devices (Kindle, Kobo, PocketBook, reMarkable, Cervantes,), Android and Linux computers.

  3. 3. Faster Respond Speed: less page-turn delay even on some older devices.

  4. 4. Full-featured Reading: multi-lingual UI with a highly customizable reader view and many typesetting options.

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  6. 5. Integrated with calibre, Wikipedia, Google Translate and other content providers.

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  8. 6. And Much More: add your own online OPDS catalogs and RSS feeds, cloud storage (Dropbox, FTP) and synchronization, saving and exporting notes to files or Evernote…

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2. How to Run KOReader on E-ink Devices

First-time users need to setup KOReader based on the device brand. Let's take PocketBook Reader as an example. Pocketbooks run a Linux-based operating system, so they can’t install Android apps, but they can install a few apps that work alongside the built-in reading software, including KOReader.

Step 1Download a Pocketbook version of KOReader from KOReader latest releases page here. Make sure to download a version labeled koreader-pocketbook.

koreader package

Step 2Plug the Pocketbook ereader into a computer with the USB cable and select PC Link mode on the Pocketbook.

Step 3Unzip the KoReader archive on your computer. There will be two directories in the unzipped directory, namely applications and system.

unzip koreader pocketbook

Then transfer the applications directory to the applications folder to your PocketBook's USB storage.

If you want to associate KOReader with all PDF, EPUB, DJVU, FB2, CBZ documents, you need to copy and merge the system directory from the unzipped content to your PocketBook's USB storage as well. (This step is optional.)

Step 4Safely eject the Pocketbook from your computer and restart the device. Now you can access KOReader from the app section on the Pocketbook.

Bonus TipsIf you want to run KoReader on Kindle, Kobo, ReMarkable or Desktop Linux, Android, Cervantes, or ChromeOS, please follow the model specific steps on one of the following pages: AndroidCervantesChromeOSKindleKoboPocketbookReMarkable or Desktop Linux.

Here's a tutorial guide about how to install KOReader on your Kobo or other eReaders.

FIYAs long as you get rid of DRM protection, you can read your files with KOReader on any compatible device. And Epubor Ulitmate is the most professional tool to help you remove DRM from your purchased Kindle/Kobo/Google Play/Nook books.

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07/18/2023 07:39:32
I have a kobo device. Unfortunately, it can no longer transfer via usb. So I have to download the books from the internet. Unfortunately, when I connect it to the computer, it does not see the computer. Can you tell me how to send a book to kobo online?
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