How to View Kindle Highlights & Notes

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Kindle e-readers and apps have become popular choices for book lovers, offering a convenient way to carry an extensive library in a compact device. One of the attractive features of Kindle is the ability to highlight and annotate passages, making it easy to revisit your favorite quotes or important information. But how do you view Kindle highlights? Furthermore, how do you edit your Kindle highlights? In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps on how to view Kindle highlights, how to delete kindle highlights, and how to edit kindle highlights.

How to Highlight on Kindle?

Make sure you've already highlighted some text in your Kindle book. If you still don't know how to highlight on Kindle, follow the instructions below.

Highlight on Kindle: To highlight text on your Kindle, simply press and hold the initial word of the desired text until it becomes underlined. Proceed by dragging your finger across to the last word. You'll be seamlessly returned to the book with the selected passage now highlighted.

Undo highlight: If you want to undo the Kindle highlights, you can simply tap "undo" in the toolbar that appears.

undo kindle highlights onkindle

Delete highlights: For earlier highlights, if you want to delete them, you need to tap the highlighted text and then tap "delete" in the pop-up.

delete kindle highlights

Add notes: If you want to add annotations to Kindle highlights, you can tap "Note" in the prompt toolbar and add a note using the on-screen keyboard and the note card that appears.

add note to kindle

For more ways to add kindle highlights, please read How to Highlight on Kindle eReader, Kindle Fire, Kindle App.

How to View Kindle Highlights Online?

View kindle highlights online

Do you know all your kindle highlights and notes will be stored on your kindle cloud. Your Kindle books, highlights, and notes are now available online in one place. At there, you can view all your kindle highlights and notes.

1 Go to https://read.amazon.com/notebook. Then log in to it with your Amazon credentials.

2 Here, you will find all the notes and highlights you make in your Kindle books. Simply click on the book cover listed on the left side, and the highlights and notes will be displayed in the right column.

view kindle highlights online

Edit kindle highlights online

Can you edit your Kindle highlights online? It seems you cannot, but you can delete kindle highlights here.

Find the kindle highlights you want to delete, click "Option" button next to the highlights, and then select "Delete highlight".

delete kindle highlights online

It will pop up a new window reminding you that "Once you delete this highlightm it will be removed from all of your devices." You can click on the yellow "Delete highlight" button to delete this kindle highlight.

delete kindle highlights

How to View Kindle Highlights on Kindle?

View Kindle highlights on Kindle

Besides the kindle notebook in Kindle cloud, you can also view kindle highlights on kindle device.

1 Open the book that you want to view the highlights, just tap the top area of kindle to display more options.

tap kindle top area

2 Tap the notebook icon, and all the highlights and notes you made on this book will be displayed. Now, you can view all the Kindle highlights and note on your kindle paperwhite or other kindle eReader.

display kindle notebook

Edit/delet Kindle highlights on Kindle

After finding the Kindle notebooks, simply tap the three dots icon to reveal more available actions. Then, tap 'Delete,' and in the prompt new window, tap 'Delete' to delete this Kindle highlight.

delete kindle highlights on kindle

A Much Easier Way to View Kindle Highlights and Edit Kindle Highlights

Actually, the kindle offers different ways to view kindle highlights online or on your kindle devices. It only allows you to view or delete the kindle highlights, but there is never a valid way to edit your highlights, right? In this part, I will teach you the easiest way to view, delete and edit kindle highlights. To do this, Epubor Kclippings is the best tool. It can import kindle highlights and notes from kindle devices or kindle cloud, and then export it to pdf, epub, azw3, markdown, doc. Even more, it also can export kindle highlights to notion and evernote.

Download Epubor Kclippings for free:


1 Import Kindle highlights to Kclippings.

To view Kindle highlights and notes, you need to import Kindle notes first. Simply click the "Import" icon on the left side (see the picture below). Then select "Kindle Cloud". In the prompted window, sign in to your Amazon account. All your Kindle highlights and notes will be imported to Epubor Kclipping automatically.

link amazon to kindle

Follow this detailed guide on importing and exporting Kindle highlights.

2 View Kindle highlights.

After the Kindle highlights and notes have been imported, click the book title to view all the highlights and notes you made.

view all kindle highlights on kclippings

3 Edit or delete Kindle highlights.

You can also click the 'Pen' icon to edit the Kindle highlights or notes. Alternatively, if you just want to delete them, click the 'Trash can' icon.

edit kindle highlights kclippings

FAQs on Viewing Kindle Highlights

Q: How to view kindle popular highlights?

A: You can open the book you want to view the kindle popular highlights first. Then tap the top area of your kindle, and then tap "Go to" icon(see picture below).

view kindle popular highlights

Then tap "Popular Highlights" tab in the prompted window to view the Kindle popular highlights of this book.

view kindle popular highlights

Q: How to find kindle highlights?

A: You can find your Kindle highlights either online from the Kindle Cloud Notebook or on the Kindle device you are using. Additionally, you can access your Kindle highlights on the Kindle app, such as Kindle for PC/Mac/iOS/Android.

Wrapping up

Kindle highlights and annotations add a layer of interactivity to the reading experience. Whether you want to revisit memorable quotes, study key points, or share insights with others, knowing how to view and manage your highlights enhances the overall utility of your Kindle books.

Download Epubor Kclippings for free:

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