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Have you ever come across the following situations as I did?

1. I need to download the Kindle firmware update, but I don’t know what kindle I have.
2. I want to purchase the case or accessories for my kindle, but I cannot tell what Kindle I have. Will the case suit my Kindle model?
3. I have both kindle paperwhite 3 and 4, but I cannot distinguish the two different generations of Kindle Paperwhites.

It is really difficult to remember the kindle models because there are such a wide range of kindle models have been produced since Amazon released the first Kindle on 2007. It is very common that you cannot tell what kindle model do you have. Hereby, I have collected four different ways to help you identify you Kindle model. After finishing the article, you can easily tell what Kindle generation you have. Want to know Kindle fire generations? Please read How to Tell Kindle Fire Generations.

1. Search Kindle Model No. on the Internet

The easiest way to tell which kindle device you have is to search the Kindle model NO. on the Google search engine. Look at the back of your Kindle device, at the bottom of your Kindle device, you will see some words like " MODEL NO. XXX" as below picture.

kindle model number at the back

Then go to the Google search engine, and fill in "KINLDE MODEL NO. XXX" in the search box, there are many search results of this Model No. as below. Browse the search results, you will get the general information of this Kindle device. Actually, you only have to browse the first page of the search results, you will know what kindle device you have.

search kindle generation at google

But if your kindle device is very old, the Model No. information will not be so clear. If it is very difficult for you to recognize them, you can follow other methods to identify your Kindle model.

2. Identify Kindle Model by Checking Kindle Packing Box

The easiest way to identify kindle model is to check Kindle device information on the packing box. At the packing box, the Kindle model information and the distinguish features of this model will be printed on the box. According these information, you can tell which kindle you have.

identify kindle model kindle packaging box

3. Identify Kindle Model via Kindle Serial No.

The most exact way to find out what kindle you have is Kindle serial number. You can find the kindle serial number on the back of packing box, or home screen, or Amazon website. Please follow the detailed guide on three ways to find Kindle Serial No. to get your Kindle Serial Number.

kindle serial number

Once you know your kindle Serial Number, you can check data in the table below to see what Kindle or kindle generation you have according to the prefix of Kindle Serial Number.

Kindle model Prefix Short Name Kindle Generation Year
Kindle 1 B001, B101 K1 1st Generation 2007
Kindle 2 B002, B003 K2, K2I 2nd Generation 2009
Kindle DX B004, B005, B009 DX, DXI, DXG 2nd Generation 2010
Kindle 3(kindle keyboard) B008,B006, B00A K3 3rd Generation 2010
Kindle 4 B00E, B023, 9023 K4, K4S, K4B 4th Generation 2011
Kindle Touch B00F, B011, B010 K5, KT 4th Generation 2012
Kindle 5 B012 K5 5th Generation 2012
Kindle paperwhite B024, B01B, B020, B01C, B01D, B01F PW 5th Generation 2012
Kindle paperwhite 2 B0D4, 90D4, B05A, 905A, B0D5, 90D5, B0D6, 90D6, B0D7, 90D7, B0D8, 90D8, B0F2, 90F2, B017, 9017, B060, 9060, B062, 9062, B05F, 905F, B061, 9061 PW2 6th Generation 2013
Kindle Basic (Kindle 7) B0C6, 90C6, B0DD, 90DD KT2, BASIC 7th Generation 2014
Kindle Voyage B013, 9013, B054, 9054, B053, 9053, B02A, B052, 9052 KV 7th Generation 2014
Kindle paperwhite 3 G090G2, G090G4, G090G5, G090G6, G090G7, G090KB, G090KC, G090KE, G090KF, G090LK, G090LL PW3 7th Generation 2015
Kindle Oasis G0B0GC ,G0B0GD, G0B0GR, G0B0GU, G0B0GT KOA 8th Generation 2016
Kindle Basic 2 (Kindle 8)

G000K9, G000KA

KT3 8th Generation 2016
Kindle Oasis 2 G000P8, G000S1, G000SA, G000S2 KOA2 9th Generation 2017
Kindle paperwhite 4 G000PP, G000T6, G000T1, G000T2, G00102, G000t3 PW4 10th Generation 2018
Kindle Basic 3 (Kindle 9) G0910L, G0910WH KT4 10th Generation 2019
Kindle Oasis 3 G0011L, G000WQ, G000WM, G000WL KOA3 10th Generation 2019

4. Identify Kindle via Kindle Appearance or Distinguished Features

Besides the Kindle Serial Number, you can also identify Kindle model via the appearance or distinguished features.

Model: Kindle Oasis 1, 2, 3

From the appearance, it is easy to tell apart Kindle Oasis 1 and 2 because the screen of Kindle Oasis 2 is much bigger. When it comes to the Kindle Oasis 2 and 3, they look exactly the same. However, one distinguished feature of Kindle Oasis 3 is it has warmth light, but Kindle Oasis 2 doesn't have.

Kindle Oasis model

Model: Kindle Voyage

This is the thinnest Kindle until now, at 7.6mm thin. It also includes two the soft-touch buttons for page turning. It is easy to know recognize Kindle voyage according to its appearance.

kindle voyage

Model: kindle paperwhite generations

Since there are 4 different Kindle paperwhite, how to tell your Kindle paperwhite generation by appearance? Although they are almost the same as each other, you can tell kindle paperwhite generations apart with their logos.

kindle paperwhite models

1. Kindle paperwhite 1: It has a big “Kindle” logo on the back while other three models are with "Amazon" logo on the back.

2. Kindle paperwhite 2: Although Kindle Paperwhite 2, 3 and 4 say “Amazon” on the back, only the "Amazon" logo on the Kindle Paperwhite 2 has added black color.

3. Kindle Paperwhite 3: The “Kindle” logo on the front of the 3rd generation Paperwhite is blacked out while other three models are all light color.

4. Kindle Paperwhite 4: Kindle Paperwhite 4 has a light "Kindle" logo on the front and the indented "Amazon" logo on the back.

Model: Kindle Basic 1, 2, 3( Kindle 7, 8, 9)

Besides above mentioned Kindle models, Amazon also produced three models of Kindle Basic. How to identify Kindle Basic devices? Let's see the picture.

kindle basic models

It seems we cannot tell the difference from the front part. But when you look at the back of these three eReaders, you will know which Kindle model you have.

Kindle Basic 1(Kindle 7): It has sloping edges which you see mostly on Kindle fire HD or HDX. Also, it has "Amazon“ logo on its back.

Kindle Basic 2 (Kindle 8): Compared with Kindle Basic 1, its edges is not so sharp and also has "Amazon" logo on the back.

Kindle Basic 3 (Kindle 9): It is easily to tell which one is Kindle Basic 3 because it only has Curved arrows on the back with no "Amazon" logo.

Other Models

Besides the above mentioned models, there are also many older models which are not for sale any more. Here I have collect the picture for your reference.

kindle old models

After finishing this article, you can easily tell which kindle device you have. If you think this article is useful, please share it. If you have any doubt about identifying Kindle models, please leave your comments below.

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Hello, my Kindle Is G090 G105 7484 04RR.
What modelo Is?
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Kindle paperwhite 7th generation
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